Jewellery and Crafting Charms

Spellbinding, intention and protection necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

My journey with jewellery making and crafting started seven years ago when market trading in South Oxhey. I ran a store selling stock picked up on ebay and items left over from working in construction as an electrician. My gp medically retired me from electrical work because of spinal injury…so I tried to sing, hoping to do it professionally and once a week set up a market stall.

Hobby wise, I had a keen interest in geology, crystals and recycling; and I started making little pieces and pieces to sell on the store. A sewing machine was purchased and via youtube I learnt how to use it, I went from rewiring homes and heavy tools to cushion covers, from earthing to singing in bling.

At the time I had an aversion to wearing any metal other than gold and silver, but couldn’t afford gold and silver so I wore leather necklaces with stones and charms I’d recycled from older items and people asked if they were for sale.

Over a two year period my store changed from electrical items and tech for phones to crafted items and jewellery. Embracing the change, I left electrical behind and enrolled myself on a silversmith course which I attended, gaining some knowledge, however I became brutally aware of my physical limitations.

But, the seed was sown. When my illness stopped me working totally I stored what I had but looked out for good stones and snapped up any cheap, used silver I came across on ebay. During those years my TMJ stopped me singing. I found myself researching and using crystals for comfort, reading my tarot for self guidance and starting unextraordinarybint.

I began the process of learning to manage my illnesses and afflictions myself and stopped believing the doctors could help me, slowly becoming stable.

I’m fascinated, as were our ancestors, by the perceived healing and definite growing action of crystals. I say perceived because their healing is seen as magic rather than science. But magic works.

Crystals grow in a specific, fantastic manner. They grow methodically and in a way which can be quantified in science, mathematically. A crystal, if damaged and placed in the correct environment, will heal it’s damaged part before building and new growth.

I started to feel the need to make myself feel well. I have a polypropylene implant (TVT mesh) which helpful surgeons placed and this cannot be fixed but I wanted to try and see if I could manage it along with my Ehlers Danlos, my COPD and mental health better than the doctors were.

There isn’t much worse than getting sicker and feeling impotent.

Medically I was placed on palliative care which means not having any argument requesting pain relief. This was a good thing, scary but over all I came out okay. I tried them all, every opiate in the arsenal. I got sicker with worsening symptoms with many of them, a rash with others, but found fentanyl could be relied on to some degree.

My pain relief managed left my other symptoms, cough, sore throat, tight chest, poor digestion, bladder weakness, constipation, anxiousness, paranoia, fatique and cold sweats to be dealt with to gain some control.

My faith, at the time, in pharma. I was at an all time low and continued to diminish daily. I needed something not invasive, with little or no side effects, something that I believed would protect me from further illness.

I was asking a lot and it took time. I tried many nasty green, brown leaves before finding suitable teas and learning to blend for taste!

Once I was stable and hadn’t been admitted to hospital for two years my thoughts turned to protection. I’d found teas and supplements helped with my immune system but it wasn’t enough and I was still getting painful boils. My confidence was still low and I wasn’t going out or talking with friends.

What if someone was sending me bad juju?

I’m unluckier than most so…

Eventually, out of pure desperation, looked at my old stock from the store and with nothing to lose, I put my knowledge into action for me; I made myself a protection and dispell necklace from black onyx with a tiny silver tag. I wore it once and then placed it, like a protective charm around more talismen and I also stopped cleansing – believing my own energy needed to build up not be cleansed away.

What did it feel like to wearing an intention necklace?

For me, wearing a necklace that was made especially for me, to protect me, felt special. I knew it held purpose, and I could feel it.

Made with feeling and heavy with intent as well as it’s own properties; the necklace’s cold black beads instantly made my hot flushed neck feel cool, literally absorbing my heat, pushing their hard, smooth coldness against me.

Simply put, I felt better, manifesting by me leaving the house and attending a social event. Being super long the necklace looked great over the large dress I wear for comfort, swinging as I moved. Walking outside, with my cane, in beautiful green forest I could still feel the intentional heaviness and started feeling like I was fighting back.

As I craft a necklace I’m conscious that every stone, rock and crystal has matter (and antimatter). Each crystal has properties. These properties are not arbitrary; they’ve been observed, quantified and used for thousands of years. Often they’ve helped medical and engineering projects with their magic.

When combined with purpose and carried or worn, crystals help us remember our connection to the universe, our earthiness and it’s power to help. A jewellery item built for a purpose as well as it’s beauty and attraction is said to be built with intention.

There’s thousands of crystal types and plenty of precious metals. Each has its meaning and essence. This essence can be harnessed and enhanced by other environment factors such as intent, numerology, astrological position and location worn on or about the chakra points of our bodies.

Most of us know inherently know a little ancient knowledge. For example, you probably know that gold makes you happy (go figure) and silver is associated with the moon and wisdom.

With all this in mind I decided to make myself a necklace to help me in every area of my life. As I made each one I thought about what I was going to do whilst wearing it. I thought about how the properties of the stones I was using would work together to help me harness my own powers.

I’m ready to share what I’ve learnt by making intention jewellery for you but each will be as different as each of you are.

Jewellery can be purchased after a private e-consultation (this can be done over the phone if you prefer). This is where I ask the time scale (rarely will rush orders be considered), your needs and measurements. Supplied in custom padded, wooden box with a certificate of authenticity, list of the stones used, their properties and relevance, my jewellery is designed to be handed down, building and growing in intention as it ages.

To commission a piece of jewellery, please contact me at briefly outlining your requirements and your contact details.