Painful Ways but Happy Days

Grandchildren are a blessing. They’re one of life’s happy distractions. I’m exceptionally lucky to live close enough see my favourite grandchildren at least once or twice a week. My lovely grandson loves walking through the woods and has just turned three years old.

Well, I say lovely…reality is he is a proper handful. He can run very fast. He runs faster than his Nan, is super strong and holds a grudge. How did I find this out?

Arriving on Tuesday afternoon to sit with him whilst his mum went to collect his older sister I was begged, by him, to take him out. After explaining I couldn’t do the park but I could walk with him through the forest, I agreed.

We got him ready and crept through the back fence into the forest – it’s the only way, honest.

I love a walk in the forest. .

I let him run ahead and ambled gently behind him. It wasn’t long before we were spotting squirrels scurrying away from us and finding abandoned dens. Walking on, we searched for early spring flowers and continued until I started seeing cars through trees.

Sensing danger, I shouted for him to stop running and wait for me, but he had other ideas.

Loudly I shouted again for him to stop and wait. But, gobsmacked and utterly dismayed I saw his little legs go faster and heard him chuckle as he totally ignored me again.

Luckily, I’d seen the cars in plenty of time. I threw down my walking stick and awkwardly caught the little monster before he got within reach of the road and it felt, if not looked, miraculous.

“I said, ‘stop’.” I said firmly to him.

Having never used my ‘sergeant majors’ voice at him before he wasn’t amused. Holding my hand tightly he stayed silent all the way home.

It was lovely, but obvious he was annoyed with me. He wouldn’t engage with me at all.

Upon reaching home he ran to his mother, grumpy but no tears;

“Nanny.” He said, pointing a finger at me with a dirty look.

Obviously, a drink, an explanation and a few moments later I was forgiven.

Children get older every day as life takes them towards adulthood, this makes each moment special, even the grumpy ones make fantastic memories.

Thank for reading.

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