I look forward to walking away

To surviving, not just staying alive

Repetitive twenty four hour challenge to anchor courage


Why does anyone get up with nowhere to go?

The future knows enjoyable

Long walks through lush green forests pull me forward

To see happy dogs chase squirrels and sniff tracks

Witness scents of seasons

Bluebells and daffs

Snow will hit my nose

The sounds of the frozen ground’s “pop” as children run on top

Plumes of warm breath will escape before them

We’ll be pushing up muddy hills

Gloved hands reaching for help

Pulling on trees

Slipping and sliding on our knees

I’ll be laughing, getting cold and wet

Listening for sounds of

Are we going home yet?

Days of freedom lie in front of me

This I continue to believe

25th August 2022

copyright samantha harris british poet