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How Long Is A Piece of TVT Mesh?

To a removal surgeon, this is a pertinent question. They must remove the fragmented, migrated mesh from internal organs, nerves and tissues its adhered to.

For the surgeon’s patients the question is measured in years of pain and misery.

They wait patiently trying not to upset the removal surgeon. The rare surgeons who have the ability to remove TVT meshes are overworked and working against what must be a huge backlog of patients injured by this defunked medical device.

Whilst the implanting surgeons are generally doing a shaggy…It wasn’t me.

Mr H who works out of St Albans and Watford in Herts implanted my TVT. Unable to accept that anything could possibly go wrong with his handiwork, this charming surgeon led me a merry dance for decades before admitting it probably was the TVT mesh.

Now I wait, along with many others, to have the TVT removed at a special clinic set up by an apologetic government.

It is a hard wait. As well as extremely physically painful, the communication has been awkward.

The clinic was opened in July 2021 and although I was waiting since 2018 they didn’t accept me until May 2022 as a patient and since May it’s been slow to say the least!

It’s now October 2022 and I’ve yet to have a face to face meeting, examination or clinical assessment but I’ve had two scans. There appears to be no priority and without my calling and emailing weekly, between bouts of vomiting, over the last year, I’m sure my case wouldn’t have moved forward at all.

So, how long is a piece of TVT mesh? The answer is that no one knows until they try to remove it from the pelvic cavity it was placed into.

The TVT mesh could be shorter as polypropylene shrivels over time, moisture leaches from it’s plastics into the surrounding tissue. But, there was no requirement for the implant surgeon to record how much mesh they’d ‘cut to length‘ to use as a TVT so it leaves a puzzle for the removal surgeon.

A time consuming puzzle when in an operating theatre.

It is hard writing publicly, it’s hard being a victim. Most days it’s too hard to put pen to paper in any mindful fashion. Anger is probably my overriding emotion, mixed with worry.

The TVT mesh is an invention that was NEVER needed. The colpulspension was a successful operation for bladder control.

The cost to the individual, their families and the state cannot be underestimated. The cost to the medical profession of another scandal they were slow to act upon can also not be underestimated.

How long is a piece of TVT mesh? May as well ask how long is a piece of string.

How long before the TVT mesh is removed from my intimate organs? Same question really.

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