What a Trick.


I have to commend Pharmaceutical companies. They’ve managed to secure billions of dollars and pounds via funding but cured nothing. Not only have they cured nothing but every disease has risen, there are hundreds of new diseases and our chances of dying from them have gone up too.

Yearly, pharmaceutical companies use a major part of their budgets to hire Personal Relations firms and sales staff to convince governments and society that prevention is better than the cure. They secure funding for prevention without actually delivering prevention. They pay writers to rose tint data to convince readers their medications work.

The magician’s hand is fast but pharma’s hand is quicker.

Magicians will plant an advocate within the audience, they’ll pay for information on a mark and they’ll show subliminal messages where they can be seen to help sway thoughts of those who see them. Pharmaceutical firms do the same, using well placed media stories, personal dramas and ‘paid for’ medical research papers to woo the watcher.

So, while politicians attempt to scramble the information given to them by experts, the experts become questionable.

Some experts have an agenda. They don’t care too much for ethics, they care about money and share holders.

Covid19 killed hundreds of thousands of people in the UK but how can a rarely fatal illness do that exactly?

Firstly, pharma weakened the population by ‘inadvertently’ giving them a flu vaccine which didn’t work and decreased immunity to rhino and corona viruses. The H3N2 influenza strain led to a severe flu problem in the UK, with around 20,000 deaths and 40,000 hospital admissions in 2018 although most had been vaccinated against it.

Then, when a dangerous respiratory illness was finally ‘accepted’ by the authorities, the UK was already infected, the hospitals and doctors were already on catch up but rather than treatment, patients were ‘randomly’ enrolled onto unethical drug recovery trials and that is probably why so many died here.

Experts’ Got the Rules Changed and PR companies caused panic buying of paracetamol and aspirin.

Every patient was to made to attend hospital alone. Vulnerable patients were not allowed family members/carers with them and Do Not Resuscitate Orders were forced into place. Parents, carers and sick people complained but were made to feel these were unavoidable measures and no one was exempt.

Looking back, these rules were nothing short of barbaric. Now known is the parliamentary parties that continued during the lockdown and that the huge and untimely BLM protests didn’t lead to more cases – showing that infection by gathering or social contact wasn’t that dangerous after all.

But if you were ill and taken into hospital with a temperature, life was never to be the same.

The English NHS system is not a joined up system and no one hospital or person has all of a patient’s medical notes. Every patient arrives unknown at A&E, so drug/material/food allergies or previous medical history is not available to attending doctors. Only information ambulance staff knew and what the patient was/is capable of saying/remembering would be known.

Vulnerable and elderly patients are especially at risk of medical mistakes without their carers or partners giving essential information. Masks made it impossible for those with hearing or learning difficulties to understand.

Unethical Drug Trial Randomized Participation rather than well known, workable treatments.

NHS doctors pumped patients full of known drugs, usually used for other treatment purposes i.e. not usually used for respiratory disease, at high dosages to see what would happen. As the drugs were already licenced working data was needed for a ‘change of usage’ to have them be recommended for covid19 treatment. Obviously a few drugs were in the running and the NHS wards were the battlefield.

Consultants didn’t check for other known diseases such as flu, tuberculosis or even bronchitis. They used NHS patients as Guinea pigs for the biggest drugs trial ever done in history. Thousands of humans participated when they were ill and there was no control group of healthy people tested.

Meanwhile PR caused panic and laws were changed to facilitate the mass experiments leaving relatives defenceless.

They watched through windows and on phone screens as loved ones died at a distance, alone and cared for by masked professionals. Believing everything they were being told by the authorities, medical professionals and media because the alternative was and is horrific.

Then came the vaccine development where people kindly offered up their arms in the total belief that by-passing their own immunity they’d remain healthy and were fed with conspiracy theories so farfetched that the PR companies ensured only pharma sanctioned news would be listened to.

Those same kind people ignored the ‘breakthrough infections’ and dutifully had a second and third ‘booster’ VACCINE – I type that in upper case because a vaccine should work first time and be only needed once.

Now it’s 2022 and the new PR hype…Flu disappeared and came back deadlier.

In our so called ‘woke’ society the magician waves his hand and the audience remains dazed and disoriented.

Thanks for reading today’s rant!


Richard Smith’s extremely important article.


VACCINE a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.