Almost Christmas Again

Christmas is almost here and soon after, a New Year. I’ve got plenty to be thankful for, and plenty to moan about.

Today I saw my grandchildren. At five years old my granddaughter is energetic, inquisitive, hungry, and wise. My grandson, who is three, is brave, strong, thoughtful, emotional, oh and also hungry. They are both obviously gorgeously scrumptious.

For her, after pulling off her wellies she ran straight to the pens and paper. Gel pens! Within moments she’s sat, at the table, drawing a picture (for me) of a girl with finger nails painted the same as hers. Gleaming, she shows me her bright red and gold ‘especially for Christmas’ nails on her small hands.

My grandson goes to the cupboard in the front room. That is where the board games live. Everything from Twister to Backgammon is kept, crammed inside. He had a small problem getting the tied xmas wreath off the handles but he set it down gently on the floor, out the way and continued.

Backgammon was his first choice. This is the case for the last few visits. He carries it over and watches as I set up the counters, itching to throw his dice. I allow him to go first…of course, I’m not a monster. He throws, and in turn, throws three lots of double fives and I help him move his counters before boredom sets in and we put it away.

Thankfully, as with those dice he’d fleece me!

Then ‘The Operation’ game comes out. His sister is temporarily distracted from her drawing to play along for a while. They managed around two rounds before, again, boredom kicks in. I reckon they just love the buzzing nose – who doesn’t?

Thankfully playdough was the next call so sister returns to creating her artwork and I watch as her little bro uses a plastic bottle as a rolling pin to flatten the blue dough. Carefully he then presses in the star shaped cookie cutter and makes a perfect star, followed by a heart, a mermaid and then another star.

I shower praise on both of them. My beautiful grandchildren. I put the kettle on and make myself a cuppa and the moment my arse hits the sofa, he says, in the cutest ever voice (he is a late talker because of lockdown),


It’s only 11.20am. The restaurant is still serving the breakfast menu. Both their little faces drop when they realise this means they can’t order chicken nuggets, chips and juice yet. This led to them sifting through my kitchen cupboards to see what I’ve got which could hold their stomachs until lunch time arrived.

I won’t pretend they had healthy snacks but it could’ve have been worse than crisps for her and pitta bread for him, they could have spotted the chocolates!

My granddaughter and I then have a lovely conversation about my Christmas tree and the World Cup. She tells me Argentina won, that she watched all the games on TV and my tree is lovely. Smaller than their tree but still lovely.

The rest of my afternoon was spent being entertained and entertaining these charming children. They loved their nuggets and chips. We played snap, twister (I flicked the arrow), warrior knights (swords and shields referee), singing, and watched them play connect4 together for ages but then it was time for them to go home.

Their closeness and patience with each other is heart warming and I’m looking forward to seeing them on Christmas Day. I’ll be spoiling them rotten as that is what Christmas is about. It’s lovely being Grandmother as I get invited for dinner rather than expected to make it.

I’m going through a rubbish time with the TVT mesh so I am truly grateful to be able to focus on what I have that is a positive influence on my life – a wonderful daughter, two beautiful grandchildren, a supportive friend and the freedom to express myself. I value these things more than anyone will ever know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful time!