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Chapter 2. Revenge is Best Served Cold. Long Read.

*Caution – contains scenes of adult sexual violence. CHAPTER 2 – THE OTHER JOB Ted was his usual happy self. They asked after each other politely as he put the car into gear and asked for the first address. Sarah showed him her phone screen. After putting it in his ‘google maps’ app, he started […]

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Revenge is Best Served Cold – Long Read

CHAPTER 1 – LIFE BEFORE It didn’t matter how fast she ran; there was no escaping the truth. The freezing December rain hit her thighs making them red above the knee where the black lycra stopped. Her black hoody wet darker at the front and across the shoulders. Running against the wind and rain regenerated […]

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How Art Thou? – Poem.

How art thou? How are we all feeling? Reeling? Still believing what we’re all seeing? Maybe half of what you’re hearing? Happy New Year, my Dears. I’m glad we’re all still here I celebrated with plenty of cheer With family and friends near Watching fireworks all around Throwing colours Floating down Like worms breaking through […]

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Queen Elizabeth

Did you know that Henry VIII resided over three million citizens? Let’s put that in perspective. Queen Elizabeth II, who is our current and longest reigning queen, resides over at least sixty three million people… …and she does it without chopping off anyone’s head. Queen Elizabeth II, your majesty, you rock!!! I’m suggesting that our […]

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TVT Mesh Ongoing Saga – journal entry

My backstory: I had a TVT mesh implant in 2005, during an hysterectomy because of Endometriosis of the womb through NHS England, in United Kingdom. A TVT mesh implant is polypropylene. Polypropylene is a plastic. Since being implanted I’ve had continual pain in the area (the groin) and blood in my urine. I have undergone […]

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The Game – poem

Are you a nun or a whore?Did life promise more?Fantasy of black and whiteKnights in shining armour, bright?Keep me fed, warm and secureSteel cuddles in the night You need to get back inWhere do I begin?The world will fall apart,but then so is my art.How can I concentrate in all this din?Just start at the […]

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Make Your Child’s Next School Holiday or Half-Term a Memorable One

The British education system realizes the importance of time with family and allots kids multiple breaks throughout the school year. While kids may have plans to camp out in front of the TV on video games or spend time with their friends, you should make the time for family and create memories that’ll last a […]

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Contentment Amid Chaos – Walk Along School Lane. Journal entry/differently abled article.

Today, 20th October 2021.   My fear and insecurity has been attacked by a severe bout of fear of missing out, forcing me into action. Last night I managed an hour at my local Pump House open mic night and still managed to attend this morning’s dentist appointment. Another tooth must be removed but I’m […]

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Pull the Other One, it has Bells On! – Short Poem

Both Bing and Google are broken. The internet spews up facts that are not. People stare into a screen abyss forgetting their ability to recall. Pathways are now built with feelings and walls. If this is the new normal then I’m having none. Falling out of love with the internet has begun. End. Samantha “unextraordinarybint” […]

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Mosquito Plea – poem

Mosquito Plea – poem Oh, mossie bite on my left knee, Would you please resist itching me? A world of pain I did land when, I lost the battle with my hand. The challenge exquisite. My skin I need to quit. End. By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

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UK Funeral Director blows whistle on Care Homes Covid deaths — Watford London Herts News UK

In a shocking video interview, a man claiming to be a Funeral Services Director of 15yrs tells his experience of what really happened. He was called every Monday from January 2020 by a Govt Pandemic coordinator who asked about numbers of covid deaths. 127 more words UK Funeral Director blows whistle on Care Homes Covid deaths […]

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California’s Sunset Studios Expanding To UK’s Hertfordshire With $1B Film & TV Facility — Deadline

Institutional investment firm Blackstone and real estate outfit Hudson Pacific Properties are planning a $1B film and TV studio development in the UK’s Hertfordshire. The project is an expansion of the companies’ existing facility, California’s Sunset Studios, which has housed shoots including La La Land and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The partners have purchased […] […]

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After Israeli snipers killed 40 Palestinians in 3 months, army chief said, ‘This is not right, relax’ — Mondoweiss

A pro-Israel group held a discussion three days ago that showcased its utter indifference to Palestinian lives. Israeli reporter Ohad Hemo told the Israel Policy Forum, an American Israel lobby organization, that after Israeli soldiers “easily” killed more than 40 Palestinians in the West Bank in two months, the army chief said, “This is not… After […]

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Pretty Is – poem

encourage me beautifulthen rip apartshame me for your desiresnot for my heart by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

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Pagan Freedom – Poem

Christian, Muslim, Hindi, Jew Do I need protection from you? In trade and morals I am ‘fair game’ This thought is slightly profane Like white man’s drug prices and black man dues It has no place in an equal race. I feel persecuted, neglected and used And, it’s all because of you! Religious folks speak […]

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Today – A Poem

{Observational ramblings of a sick mind} How much is a reaction worth? To get those tears to fall down to Earth? Today I feel back in tune. The sun shines, I feel renewed. But, I’d even by judged by your spirit As I lived my life for love, innit? I am a different breed. One […]