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After Israeli snipers killed 40 Palestinians in 3 months, army chief said, ‘This is not right, relax’ — Mondoweiss

A pro-Israel group held a discussion three days ago that showcased its utter indifference to Palestinian lives. Israeli reporter Ohad Hemo told the Israel Policy Forum, an American Israel lobby organization, that after Israeli soldiers “easily” killed more than 40 Palestinians in the West Bank in two months, the army chief said, “This is not… After […]

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How Easy Would Be Easy to Make a Killer Vaccine to Target Ethnicity?

I’m concerned about what we are not talking about. Peter Duffy blew the whistle on how foreign doctors are taking advantage of our NHS and hurting patients. He got fired and the media will not cover his story. He named four doctors they are all still practising (three of them without restriction) and having read […]

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Watch “Physics of Maglev Trains (EMS & EDS)” on YouTube

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Watch “AEROSCRAFT World’s Most Advanced AIRSHIP First Flight Commercial CARJAM TV 2014” on YouTube

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The Crews See Fiction – Poem

The Crews See Fiction is about human’s innate ability to prophetise its own demise…and it’s drive to do so. The Crews See Fiction AI and Robots are everywhere Not that the eye can see People say; “Why do you care? I’ve nothing to hide, me’”. Is privacy a privilege? I suspect it is. It seems […]

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Combined Military Services Museum (review)

There aren’t many places that I fancy visiting. When I pulled up outside the Combined Military Services Museum I instantly knew it had been worth dragging myself out for the day. So much so, when a coach pulled up behind me I hurried in and paid my entrance fee super fast, to avoid waiting behind […]

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Should I Have Confidence in a Doctor if They Believe the World is Flat…?

I’m very proud to be British. Cut me and I’d bleed British blood out onto our beautiful land and rise again and again until there was no more red to run. To be British means staying calm, regardless of the circumstances which surround you. Most Brits are able to do this for years, our patience […]

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Army Brats

Having the amount of different schools attended as you did is a kind of badge of honour but you can’t remember more than two teachers names, what school they taught you in or what year!