Johnson, Johnson And Johnson.

The above article may be two years old but this is the same firm, Johnson & Johnson, our Government, led by Boris Johnson, has trusted to make the covid19 vaccine. The firm which tricked doctors and patients into accepting plastic polymer implants has been awarded more money.

You could not make it up. Johnson & Johnson are a well known pharma company. They have a good name. They made it through marketing and advertising. My consultant, and others within the NHS, got monetary kickbacks from them for using their products.

The products were unsafe and many, myself included, are waiting for the complicated removal of their products to start. My surgery is continually and frustratingly postponed for one reason or another, time and time again. My recovery will take a long time once it actually starts.

The mesh, made from polypropylene, was not checked for engineering coefficients with the human body. It still hasn’t been. Yet, the medical profession are still using it to fix hernias. The current restrictions on pelvic implantation do not go far enough and the NHS decided against an outright ban.

Many mesh injury stories are not covered in the media. Thousands of men and women have been injured by this device first designed and marketed by Johnson & Johnson. Docs are using other mesh polymers like sticking plasters and ignoring the side effects. It’s a ticking time bomb.

The Government’s in bed with two of the biggest players on our globe. Pharma and Oil.

However, fossil fuel companies don’t want you looking at this 2.8 billion dollar plastic medical market in a bad light, it’s bad for investment. So, in a smoke and mirrors move, they fund the ‘clean the ocean of plastic’ campaign and use the media to attack drinking straws to tire you of the subject of plastic altogether. It works, I’m fed up of plastic talk.

TV and media is saturated with news stories of climate change and recycling written by paid PR.

The United Kingdom of the British Isles banned plastic drinking straws in England in April 2019. Yes, it is actually now illegal to buy or sell them here. I break the law regularly by asking people to bring some back with them when they go abroad…sshh.

It should be noted that no one has died as a direct result of an altercation with a plastic straw nor has any injury or damage been inflicted by one.

Zero straw companies have been taken to court for damages.

The same cannot be said for medical mesh.

The same cannot be said for Johnson & Johnson.

As a woman I’ve never felt so imprisoned. I was in medical lockdown for four years before the rest of the world was with covid19! Imprisoned by mesh and what it has done to my mobility and health.

Thanks to covid19; I am one among billions, locked safely in our homes, waiting with baited breath for news from doctors, from pharma companies and our governments.

Now my jailer’s are Johnson, Johnson & Johnson.

Obviously, with a J&J’s polymer device festering, painfully inside my abdomen I’m not going to feel great but what a slap in the face it was to hear that J & J received funding to make a covid19 vaccine after what they done to me.

Earlier this year Matt Hancock stood in front of cameras and apologised to me. He said the NHS and the government owe mesh victims a massive apology. And, then that was that. Forgive me, but that is not enough. No where near it. The fucking audacity of the man. I want this plastic shit out of me. I don’t think its too much to ask. I’ve been very patient.

“Money over morality.” That should really be the medical professions moto, or perhaps the more truthful, “Please be wary of us, we do harm” should be signposted outside every NHS Trust.

Before Johnson and Johnson are allowed to create more victims with these trials and tests on NHS patients for covid19 vaccines, surely some priority should be given to quantify and try to rectify the damage done to those of us already here through their other products?

How can a multinational company be allowed to operate against humanity and the planet’s environmental interests in the UK without any restriction? And how can they be given government funding after it’s be proven that they have done harm to patients by putting profits before safety?

Lots of questions and no answers for me. I just see all the greed and fully expect their gluttony will overcome them before any scruples will.

Ah, the drinking straws. Our gov banned them outright in such a short time regardless of the call from the disabled. It’s amazing what a so called democratic society’s government can do if they want.

They don’t want to look at plastics in medicine…it’s worth too much money. Banning the straws was a token gesture against plastic. Giving the money to J&J for the covid19 vaccine proves that NHS patients will continue to be the guinae pigs they have been for years.

What a shit show.

Thanks for reading…

A 40-y record reveals gradual Antarctic sea ice increases followed by decreases at rates far exceeding the rates seen in the Arctic | PNAS

Ice is decreasing in the north and increasing in the south.

Climate change is just Earth doing its thing. Pollution is another matter.

I want climate change protesters to tell the whole truth of the matter.

News is just scaremongering rather than news!

I’m The Problem? Poem.

I throw away plastic but am unable to make it

I wear synthetic clothes that I am unable to weave

I eat food that comes in plastic packing as I cannot farm

I heat myself with a source of power that I do not produce

I’m told that plastic is bad, constantly by media

And I believe it…I have it within my body and hate it.

So, how about stop making it?

Only the fossil fuel industry can.

Why lecture me to throw away less plastics?

I will. As soon as there is a new plan.


By Samantha Unextraordinarybint Harris

How Easy Would Be Easy to Make a Killer Vaccine to Target Ethnicity?

I’m concerned about what we are not talking about.

Peter Duffy blew the whistle on how foreign doctors are taking advantage of our NHS and hurting patients. He got fired and the media will not cover his story. He named four doctors they are all still practising (three of them without restriction) and having read his book ‘Whistle in the Wind’ I’m disgusted by it all and worried as an NHS patient who has suffered racism from a foreign doctor.

So, I am asking the question. Is England being targeted by bad doctors looking to defraud the NHS? When a company like Johnson and Johnson is in the mix anything is possible. If white people in Britain are perceived as spoilt, rich and undeserving why not experiment on them? These companies have shown their complete disregard for patient safety over and over again.

How come coronavirus nineteen has killed so many in western countries but not affected others so badly when they have (apparently) more poverty and closer communities?

I’m concerned that obvious problems with the current flu vaccine such as these pointed out in 2012 study which state beyond doubt that the flu vaccine affected the children’s immunity to retro and corona type viruses making it more likely for them to become seriously ill in the following years, are coming to haunt us and no one is saying anything because of the money involved.

This is the absolute proof that the flu vaccine damaged children. Then it was rolled out to younger children free on the national health system in the United Kingdom of The British Isles.

Why? How bizarre is this? Surely this is unethical?

Then there is the news a few years later that the flu vaccine works well in those with Africa heritage but not so well in others, especially European descent. I suspect this may be removed if it gets too much traffic as it’s proof that the researchers have the data.

Bizarre Race Politics is Making Us All Look Another Way.

This guardian article basically says that although black and minority ethnic people are more likely to be admitted they are not more likely to die from covid19.

Could it be because of the fraudulent claims of the media that bame persons were more likely to die when there was zero evidence to support it? Nigeria has had just over a thousand deaths from covid19 when England has had tens of thousands.

There is the completely ignored correlation between the uptake of the flu vaccine and the deaths from corona virus nineteen. And then you should see this.

won’t be up for long, I suspect
interesting take from a Doctor

In Africa the corona virus vaccine programs are seen as dangerous and not allowed to be trialled on black people because they are too precious…? At least they were paid! Brits aren’t they are shamed into doing with with public opinion.

So there are zero clinical trials going on in South Africa. None.

Just saying. So, what do we read from that?

Choice means choice.

Promised to ‘reduce the risk’ of getting flu…less chance of dying from it. How wrong could they have been??? What studies is he referring to? The pharma companies predicted a bad flu season but yet the hospitals were unprepared for it when covid19 weren’t they?

I’m not an anti vaxer and believe that children should be vaccinated against things like measles, polio and typhoid but flu is a ever changing, different animal altogether.

I think that the medical profession is targeting it’s populations with untrialled, ineffective and probably dangerous drug trials during a media storm of their own making in order to speed up and cut the costs of normal drug trials.

My title is to get attention as the science does seem to suggest that there as a possibility and it’s time for more laws and greater scrutiny of their practises.

Perhaps we should all wake up?

Should we really allow a vaccine which has different affects on different races? what about mixed descent people? Where are the safety permeameters?

Thank you for reading.

Regarding corona virus outbreaks it is no surprise to me that these are on the rise as the flu vaccine has been given out for the last couple of weeks and now the affects of that along with a new strain of corona virus remaining UNTREATED in our communities has led to people being ill.

It should be said again that people tested positive for covid19 are isolated but not treated for seven days and then told to go about their daily business… of course if they become super ill then they are allowed to call the doctor and might get a chance to talk to one on the phone…

Refused Aid During Pandemic

South Africa is worrying me.

The situation is becoming worse and worse and is being ignored by our international press.

Elderly man refused food aid because he is white.

Racist reporter attempting to make this man feel bad because he lives with white people.

Refused Aid by South African Government because they are white people.

Watch “NHS Going Going Almost Gone: David Halpin at UKIP SW -High Res” on YouTube

Caught In The Net – Poem

Caught in the Net – Polypropylene Mesh

My anger today will not go away
It is so hard to live
Every movement a reminder of what they did

People assume choice

They only listen to their same voice

Paint me with the colours that they know

Advice to look outside

Oh, that wondrous place,

The one I would reside?

Have you ever considered it’s not my wish to hide?

In my mind I glide across the countryside

My feet barely touching meadows grass

As I breathe in deep of green and wooded forests

I jump the trickling streams,

Wandering in leafy, brambled, brackened dreams

I miss

That I can see but no longer touch

The things that I love so much

I close my eyes to remember the smells,

The feeling of air on my skin

The prickle of sweaty regret begins…

The anger wells inside, that stupid trust

On which I had relied…

Taken from the forest of extremes

Where humans do good things.

Yes, they took from me.

They’re crooks who take liberty.

From Thalidomide to HIV

Between the Witz family and the Public Health Authority

They maime us

They kill us

With impunity

In perpetuity

Because victims you will not see

The End

20th August 2020 by Samantha Harris (unextraordinarybint)

The Fisherman and his Wife – A Folk Tale (A medium sized story)

The Fisherman and his Wife – A Folk Tale

There was once a fisherman who lived with his wife in a ditch, close by the sea-side. The fisherman used to go out all day long a-fishing and one day, as he sat on the shore with his rod, looking at the shining water and watching his line, all on a sudden his float was dragged away deep under the sea; and in drawing it up he pulled a great fish out of the water. The fish said to him, “Pray let me live: I am not a real fish; I am an enchanted prince, put me in the water again, and let me go.” “Oh!” said the man, “you need not make so many words about the matter; I wish to have nothing to do with a fish that can talk; so swim away as soon as you please.” Then he put him back into the water, and the fish darted straight down to the bottom and left a long streak of blood behind him.

When the fisherman went home to his wife in the ditch, he told her how he had caught a great fish, and how it told him that is was an enchanted prince, and that on hearing it speak he had let it go again. “Did you not ask it for anything?” said the wife. “No,” said the man; “what should I ask for?” “Ah! said the wife, “we live very wretchedly here in this nasty sticking ditch, do go back, and tell the fish we want a little cottage.” The fisherman did not much like the business, however, he went to the sea, and when he came there the water looked all yellow and green. And he stood at the water’s edge, and said:

“O man of the sea!

Come listen to me,

For Alice my wife,

The plague of my life,

Hath sent me to beg a boon of thee!”

Then the fish came swimming to him, and said, “Well, what does she want?” “Ah!” answered the fisherman, “my wife says that when I had caught you, I ought to have asked you for something before I let you go again, she does not like living any longer in the ditch, and wants a little cottage.” “Go home then,” said the fish’ “she is in the cottage already.” So the man went home, and saw his wife standing at the door of a cottage. “Come in come in,” said she’ “is not this much better than the ditch?” And there was a parlour, and a bed-chamber, and a kitchen; and behind the cottage there was a little garden with all sorts of flowers and fruits, and a courtyard full of ducks and chickens. “Ah! said the fisherman, “how happily we shall live!” “We will try to do so at least,” said his wife.

Everything went right for a week or two, and then Dame Alice said, “Husband, there is not room enough in this cottage, the courtyard and the garden are a great deal too small; I should like to have a large stone castle to live in so go to the fish again and tell him to give us a castle.” “Wife, said the fisherman, “I don’t like to go to him again, for perhaps he will be angry; we ought to be content with the cottage.” “Nonsense!” said the wife; “he will do it very willingly; go along and try.” The fisherman went; but his heart was very heavy: and when he came to the sea it looked blue and gloomy, though it was quite calm, and he went close to it, and said:

“O man of the sea!

Come listen to me,

For Alice my wife,

The plague of my life,

Hath sent me to beg a boon of thee!”

“Well, what does she want now? said the fish. “Ah!” said the man very sorrowfully, “my wife wants to live in a stone castle.” “Go home, then,” said the fish; “she is standing at the door of it already.” So away went the fisherman, and found his wife standing before a great castle. “See,” said she, “is not this grand?” With that they went into the castle together, and found a great many servants there, and the rooms all richly furnished and full of golden chairs and tables; and behind the castle was a garden, and a wood half a mile long, full of sheep, and goats , and hares, and deer; and in the courtyard were stables and cowhouses. “Well!” said the man, “now will we live contented and happy in the beautiful castle for the rest of our lives.” “Perhaps we may,” said the wife “but let us consider and sleep upon it before we make up our minds:” so they went to bed.

The next morning, when Dame Alice awoke, it was broad daylight, and she jogged the fisherman with her elbow, and said, “Get up, husband and bestir yourself, for we must be king of all the land.” “Wife, wife,” said the man, “why should we wish to be king? I will not be king.” “Then I will,” said Alice. “But, wife” answered the fisherman, “how can you be king? the fish cannot make you a king.” “Husband,” said she, “say no more about it, but go and try: I will be king!” So the man went away, quite sorrowful to think that his wife should want to be king. The sea looked a dark-grey colour, and was covered with foam as he cried out:

“O man of the sea!

Come listen to me,

For Alice my wife,

The plague of my life,

Hath sent me to beg a boon of thee!”

“Well, what would she have now?” said the fish. “Alas!” said the man, “my wife wants to be king.” “Go home,” said the fish; “she is king already.” Then the fisherman went home; and as he came close to the palace, he saw a troop of soldiers, and heard the sound of drums and trumpets; and when he entered in, he saw his wife sitting on a high throne of gold and diamonds, with a golden crown upon her head: and on each side of her stood six beautiful maidens, each a head taller than the other. “Well, wife,” said the fisherman, “are you king?” “Yes,” said she, “I am king.”

And when he looked at her for a long time, he said, “Ah, wife! what a fine thing it is to be king! now we shall never have anything more to wish for.” “I don’t know how that may be,” said she; “never is a long time. I am king, ’tis true, but I begin to be tired of it, and I think I should like to be emperor.” “Alas, wife! why should you wish to be emperor?” “Husband, “said she, “go to the fish; I say I will be emperor.” “Ah, wife!” replied the fisherman, “the fish cannot make an emperor, and I should not like to ask for such a thing.” “I am king,” said Alice, “and you are my slave, so go directly!”

So the fisherman was obliged to go; and he muttered as he went along, “This will come to no good, it is too much to ask, the fish will be tired at last, and then we shall repent of what we have done.” He soon arrived at the sea, and the water was quite black and muddy, and a mighty whirlwind blew over it; but he went to the shore, and said:

“O man of the sea!

Come listen to me,

For Alice my wife,

The plague of my life,

Hath sent me to beg a boon of thee!”

“What would she have now? said the fish. “Ah!” said the fisherman, “she wants to be emperor.” “Go home,” said the fish; “she is emperor already.” So he went home again; and as he came near he saw his wife sitting on a very lofty throne made of solid gold , with a great crown on her head full two yards high, and on each side of her stood her guards and attendants in a row, each one smaller than the other, from the tallest giant down to a little dwarf no bigger than my finger. And before her stood princes, and dukes, and earls: and the fisherman went up to her and said, “Wife are you emperor?” “Yes,” said she, “I am emperor.”

“Ah!” said the man as he gazed upon her, “what a fine thing it is to be emperor!” “Husband,” said she, “why should we stay at being emperor? I will be pope next.” “O wife, wife!” said he, “how can you be pope? there is but one pope at a time in Christendom.” “Husband,” said she, “I will be pope this very day.” “But,” replied the husband, “the fish cannot make you pope.” “What nonsense!” said she; “if he can make an emperor, he can make a pope, go try him.”

So the fisherman went. But when he came to the shore the wind was raging, and the sea was tossed up and down like boiling water, and the ships were in the greatest distress and danced upon the waves most fearfully; in the middle of the sky there was a little blue, but towards the south it was all red, as if a dreadful storm was rising. At this the fisherman was terribly frightened, and trembled, so that his knees knocked together; but he went to the shore and said:

“O man of the sea!

Come listen to me,

For Alice my wife,

The plague of my life,

Hath sent me to beg a boon of thee!”

“What does she want now?” said the fish. “Ah!” said the fisherman. “my wife wants to be pope.” “Go home,” said the fish, “she is pope already.” Then the fisherman went home, and found his wife sitting on a throne that was two miles high, and she had three great crowns on her head, and around her stood all the pomp and power of the church; and on each side were two rows of burning lights, of all sizes, the greatest as large as the highest and biggest tower in the world, and the least no larger than a small rushlight. “Wife,” said the fisherman, as he looked at all this grandeur, “are you pope?” “Yes,” said she, “I am pope.”

“Well wife,” replied he, “it is a grand thing to be pope; and now you must be content, for you can be nothing greater!” “I will consider of that,” said the wife. Then they went to bed: but Dame Alice could not sleep all night for thinking what she should be next. At last morning came, and the sun rose. “Ah!” thought she as she looked at it through the window, “cannot I prevent the sun rising?” At this she was very angry, and wakened her husband, and said, “Husband, go to the fish and tell him I want to be lord of the sun and moon.” The fisherman was half asleep, but the thought frightened him so much, that he started and fell out of bed. “Alas wife!” said he, “cannot you be content to be pope?” “No,” said she, “I am very uneasy, and cannot bear to see the sun and moon rise without my leave. Go to the fish directly.”

Then the man went trembling for fear; and as he was going down to the shore a dreadful storm arose, so that the trees and the rocks shook; and the heavens became black, and the lightning played, and the thunder rolled; and you might have seen in the sea great black waves like mountains with a white crown of foam upon them; and the fisherman said:

“O man of the sea!

Come listen to me,

For Alice my wife,

The plague of my life,

Hath sent me to beg a boon of thee!”

“What does she want now?” said the fish. “Ah!” said he, “she wants to be lord of the sun and moon.” “Go home,” said the fish, “to your ditch again!” And there they live to this very day.


The End.



What a great yarn. Funny. This is a Grimms folk tale so it’s public access and not my own story.

It’s public access because it’s a traditional folk tale.


Wiki says,

‘Collected by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 The brothers were German academics who collected and published European, mainly German folklore. The tale is of Aarne-Thompson type 555, about dissatisfaction and greed.’

You may want to stop here, as these are purely my thoughts about this story of ‘dissactisfaction and greed’.

The Aarne-Thompson is an index of folklore. There is now a TV program based, loosely, upon the stories. I hope that they keep the extremely dry humour. This woman wasn’t just a plague she would have happily ruined the world for her wish to control it!

Stories are important learning tools for all of us. We can learn from the subtle, maybe not so subtle, lessons within them. This one containing a repeating rhyme is especially interesting to children as it’s simple and easy for them to grasp. There are also many topics for non-forced learning within the story and mentions of interesting points for discussion including giants, dwarfs, gold and diamonds.

It’s funny as no one can imagine many things about this story. The magical talking fish, the ungratefulness of the wife and the undying patience and loyalty of the husband. One may be tempted to think of this story of only one meaning, the “The Spoilt Wife” story, but it’s more.

That is the top story. The first layer of the yarn as it weaves across the tapestry. The deeper meaning of the story is “Earth’s Ownership”.  The gradually more troubled waters each time the fisherman came to ask another favour and each time what he wanted was given, without question, but the seas got darker and the transport of ships harder.

It tells us that anything can be bought. That is, apart from the sun and moon, as this would mess with, and possibly make our planet untraversable. The fish symbolism is fairly interesting to argue but essentially, in English society, we do still say ‘He’s a big fish in a little pond’ so perhaps it’s someone important the fisherman came across but there is also the obvious Christian connection to take into account with the fish being it’s well known symbol since 300 AD and of course the pisces symbolism too with fish swimming in both directions.

This story tells us it was a big fish…perhaps it was a whale? They are seen as a symbol of earths great wonders and have many stories written about them including of course Moby Dick but he was standing upon the shore fishing and it is unlikely to have been a whale, unless it was a stranded whale then it would have needed help back into the water. Perhaps it is a carp, again, a significant fish. Other versions of the story may give us more but there may not be more to it.

It is odd that the story doesn’t choose to call her a Queen rather than a king. Europe did have several Queens by the time this story was circulating, according to history. Is there anything to be made of that? Perhaps a little sexist propaganda? The twelve maidens stood near her could offer a clue. And candles as tall as a tower besides the pope imagery and a two yard high crown on the king is thought provoking too…so much detail. Could these things mean anything other than embellishment?

I love folk tales and as I read them with older eyes, they mean more than they initially did. The art of a great story is to stand the test of time and this one does. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did bringing it to you.













Dandelion Wishes – Poem

Dandelion Wishes by Samantha Harris


In you drifted

Eyed upon the kitchen top

Decided a wish I’d drop

I held you gently

Wished out loud

Outside I put you

Swiftly back in you flew

A second chance

For less selfish a wish

I hold you gently

Relocate thee

Place you out

My wish I did shout

Instantly I wished you returned

For pride in me still burned

I could have wished for more

You float away…

I’d wished for me

I wish for family

Dandelion if you could repeat

There is one wish left to complete

Please keep safe all that be

As well as my family and me.


The end.


Written 9th August 2020

Watford, Hertfordshire.

England, United Kingdom of the British Isles

Humans Write Words – Poem

Jesus said,
To the blind man
“Look and you will see.”

Look to the sky,
Where are the words
You live by?

Look to the ground,
Where are the words
You’ve found?

Our souls are home
Your gods took
Earth from me

Keep false idols as memories
You need history to see
The journey from there to thee

Let the Truth be known
Mother Nature
Sits on the throne

You will find
Are genuinely kind

The End
23rd June 2020


As always, thanks for reading.

This is my comment on bad education.

The photo is from a book called The Handbook of Country Crafts. It is a library book available to school children and adults.

As you can see it tells a dirty great lie about ‘Phrygians’ – gypsies to most of us.

When you are educated into disgust that is called state manipulation or brain washing.

There is currently, 23rd June 2020, NO EVIDENCE SHOWING ritualistic CANNABALISM, in the whole world. Did you know that????



The Crews See Fiction – Poem

The Crews See Fiction is about human’s innate ability to prophetise it’s own demise…and perhaps it’s drive to do so.

The Crews See Fiction

Ai and Robots are everywhere

Not that the eye can see

People say, ‘why do you care?’

I’ve nothing to hide, me’.

Is privacy a privilege?

I suspect it is.

It seems to me

It is written

So, it must be

Five Alive had a heart

But robots do not

AI will survive

To ensure humans stay alive

To serve them in part.

Algorithms can’t be taught to care

Softly stroke our hair

Understand a human need

And respond accordingly.

We have Ai and robots in our hospitals

Driving vehicles on our roads

In laboratories, measuring chemicals

Other places that I do not know.

Designed for the battlefield by the military

Re-purposed it then found another way

Robots should be used for areas that humans dare to tread

Not dealing with suffering patients in sick beds.

Exploratory on gaseous poisoned planets

Or through caves that no human could dwell

On fields where landmines have been laid

Or perhaps just chuck them all down a well.

Because humans have all we need.

Robots and AI scare me

They use up Earth’s resources through mineral extraction

And deliver nothing but robot interaction.

Let’s send them back to the land of fantasy

For a scarier future I can see

Let’s educate our children, grow our intellect

And concentrate on humanity

We’ve got to get there yet.


The end.

Copyright @unextraordinarybint Samantha Harris 2020

Don’t Be Messing With Me – Short Article and Song

For those interested I spend my time attempting to write books. I have it all planned out in my head and in numerous places around the house etc. Three books are planned which form a series. This is the plan which helps me look to the future.

To be fair, it’s hard to focus and I’m easily distracted as a change of scene helps deal with physical issues so I tend to go with the flow. Recently I have had a breast cancer scare and although thankfully nothing sinister is going on, the whole affair made me realise I’m always living life on the edge in an emotionally sense.

Often I am reading about climate change and how it is about to end the world (which could be happening) alongside rubbish like the gas we breathe out (CO2) is bad for the environment (which is stupid).

I wonder if these two are somehow related. Reading about some religious folk telling me how fantastic their religion is and I read about the awful things their religion does…related because religious folk also talk about the end of the world, and how they will be saved from the destruction.

Generally these religions lie when they say they are peaceful…they are peaceful in the location they are collecting monies in but further field a certain doctrine is used until fear takes over in rational minds and are people are subdued.

I’m told having a scientific mind and not believing in god is evil. Laugh my fucking butt off and roll it across the carpet. Perhaps it is because I have faith in humans I can live with myself.

My belief is that religion is a cult of heathens tied to our distance past who just wont let go of ancient ways because of money. I’m profiled by religious doctors and by a society which can not handle the truth about itself. Or worse, paints it’s fellow man with the same desires and ambitions.

From my home I can see the Seventh Day Evangelists headquarters, a Islamic mosque, the Mirror Print facility and a skip yard. I often wonder which ones spills out the most rubbish in a day.? The skip yard is filthy…but you can see the dirt. It becomes recycled material which has some use to our society.

The Mirror Print facility not only prints my favourite paper, The Mirror, but also all the other major newspapers, such as the Telegraph, Independent, The Sun and The Guardian as it is expensive to do print runs and it is the largest facility left.

Life is full of hypocrisy and bullshit. Five words kept drilling me over and over so in the end I grabbed my guitar. This song came about from the ether. My current coping mechanism appears to be writing simple songs which are a joy to play perhaps not so on the ear but a joy to play and sing none the less!!!

video of song is at the end


Don’t Go Messing With Me

Song D Am Am G

Intro D


Don’t go messing with me now, don’t go messing with me

Don’t go messing with me now, don’t go messing with me

I long to be free, I long to be me

Don’t be messing with me now don’t be messing with me

I wanna know, where flowers grow

The bird and bees, and bunches of trees

I wanna know, where do you go?

When you are not being thee, where do you be?


I may look weak, turn the other cheek

It’s not apathy. I drink lots of tea

I stay calm and carry on

Cos you ain’t getting to me, don’t be messing with me


Repeat chorus to fade.

Thanks for reading/listening. Comments always welcome.

Who Really Wastes Electricity? Article.

Today’s rant will be about electricity. These energy companies are just taking the biscuit.

Once upon a time Britain had a green, sustainable power supply. The industrious 1800’s were a time when manufacturers built their mills next to a river and used the power of the water to do the work which was needed via watermills. People and trades made use of the winds too, as there were plenty of windmills…some people lived and worked in these buildings.

from Construction of Transmission and Distribution lines Berlin 2010
from Construction of Transmission and Distribution lines Berlin 2010

Nowadays our electric supply is more complicated and less in our control. Last week, I received a letter from my electric supply company asking me again to get a smart metre fitted so I could see how much electric I was wasting.

Now hang on a frigging minute. I believe the constant nagging at end users of energy is both highly hypocritical and fast becoming demoralising.

Ohms Law dictates that V = I R 

Voltage is equal to the current multiplied by the resistance 

We are constantly bombarded with energy cutting ideas because ‘energy supply’ costs have gone up, or so my supplier tells me. Yet the energy lost by delivering via overhead cables which are not sheaved is far worse than you or I could waste in a year, one could argue, a life time.

Cables which are not sheaved have more resistance, as there is more air for them to react with. Power lost through that reaction along the cable is proportional to the distance of the length of the cable it’s travelling along.

The electric supply companies produce 32,000 volts to deliver 240 volts to our homes.

Let me put this into a perspective you can relate to:

Imagine that your water company is supplying 32,000 litres through leaky pipes for your home which needs 240 litres. 

Now I’d call this waste, there is no need (nowadays) to produce so much electricity to begin because it could be delivered more efficiently – this is in the company’s control.

We are all taught at school that pylons are dangerous and not to fly kites near them etc. The reason being is that the electric is running along the wires without any protection – it isn’t ‘sheaved’. As the wires are beyond the reach of most of us, it is deemed safe to be located above domestic homes and in our streets.

When I say the cable is not sheaved, I’m saying it has no protection. It doesn’t have the same rubber or plastic casing on that you would see on your wires at home. The casing which we see in all our wires stops the electric escaping so it’s safe for us to touch. 

When you plug in your TV, 240 volts travels from the street supply to your house supply to your TV through the wire. The plastic sheaving on your wires stops any electricity from leaking away from the metal conductor inside. There is no loss of electric. Electric is moved from one place to another by conductors. This is usually copper in your household cable wires protected by a type of poly plastic. 

As electric travels from one place to another very easily it is only necessary to provide it with means to travel. Anyone who has had an electric shock or even felt a static charge from an object, or a person will tell you that there was no effort involved. Electric is quite capable of jumping across air too…see lightening strikes.

The current wires between the pylons that we have running across United Kingdom are known dangers because they have conducting cable that is not sheaved. It is not the same cable which is fitted for underground high voltage cable. Underground high voltage cable has many protective cases as it should.

diagram of sheaving on high voltage underground cable
diagram of sheaving on high voltage underground cable

In other words, the current pylons that we have running across UK leak electric because they have no protection but as they are high it’s a managed risk. People are not going to get electrocuted. However, no one discusses the amount of electric wasted or lost through these open cables.

The electric companies send such a vast amount of electric down the wires purely because of the amount being lost due to the uninsulated cables. This is a fact. Not all the electric ‘disappears’ (via heat dissipation) and the huge amount that remains is transformed down up and down to supply industry and then on to supply homes.

In order to step down the supply to deliver a safe amount to the street, massive transformers are used to bring it to the standard 230-240 volts for homes. Now, this is the point where all the electric left which hasn’t been lost during the journey is essentially transformed down into an electric supply we can use. The amount of that energy which is lost is proportional to the distance it has travelled.

Graphic of different types of Heavy Voltage transformers used to step electric up and down.
Graphic of different types of Heavy Voltage transformers used to step electric up and down.

After electric gets supplied to my home my supply company then wants to know how I use it. I’d like them to explain to me why they are happy with 24,760 volts that they lose when supplying 240 volts to my home.

Sheaving these cables would really help all of us as it would mean not having to produce such huge amounts of electric to begin with. This would in turn help the renewable energies meet the supply and stop energy companies switching back to very bad energy sources such as nuclear power.

national grid
simple graphic stolen from google which shows how the nation grid works in United Kingdom – it is different for other countries

Thanks for reading. Any comments always welcome.

Peace Pipe Shepherding Poetry


Native American people culturally liked a smoke

It seems to me, that a little peace and calm

Really wouldn’t do the world any harm

To have taken something so simple as smoke

And alleviated it to its current dominion, is somewhat short of a joke.

The smoke (and mirrors) we now do see

Are nothing short of mediocrity

Of the world that was

Could be again, should we decide to love our men

And respect our women and our land

Surely, that should be the plan?

But yet, here we are again

Some fighting to be herd

Some fighting to be led, controlled by something we do not know

Fighting against the written realities as real as John Snow

So easy to draw a line for access to the divine

So, smokers far and wide

Bear in mind that true joy is yours to find

Give, with each toke, do not thee frown

Think sweet, peaceful thoughts as you exhale

Breathe out peace to all around

Each little atom will carry your message to the world

And be found.


The End.

By Samantha Harris. 1st October 2019. After reading the amount of health benefits to natural tobacco that hasn’t been grown with pesticides and then stuffed with preservatives. Earth heals us, give it a chance to.

The Rush is a Poem

The Rush

How fast do they rush

To own a piece of Earths crust?

A pretend bid to save the rust

Sitting in ice

Researching the very device

Seeing what we know as life

Schrodinger was right

But in their might

Blinded by their plight

They just might

Start the fight.


By Samantha *unextraordinarybint” Harris

Regarding the news that environmental sciences are again sat in ice measuring changes…which they obviously feel that they do not contribute to.

Change should surely start locally with all of us demanding the right things? On going research without change or implementation seems pointless.