White Magic is Everywhere – Song.

White magic goes unseen

White magic is in the green

It’s in the trees, in the grass, in the bees

White magic is in the breeze

White magic is everywhere

White magic, I don’t care

White magic floats between

It goes, unseen

White magic lady

White magic, ain’t shady

White magic is everywhere

It floats on every atom on the bright blue air

White magic is where it’s at

White magic, so get on back

White magic is everywhere

It floats on every atom that is in our air

White magic, you don’t have a clue

White magic, what we do

White magic, we spread it everywhere

And it lives in every atom upon our air

White magic is the key

White magic, for you and me

White magic, let’s get on down

And we’ll take down from the air, down to the ground

White magic is everywhere

White magic is in the air

Written today 9th June 2021.

Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Europe.

Ancestors Race – Poem

Ancestors tell me

In voices clear

Be close, but not near.

For centuries they took us

Never seen again

Ancient bones remain hidden

Under greed, envy and pain.

Wrath settles in dust.

Waken state they wake

Soldiers shoulders wide

Enemies show their scales

Poking the bear on the line.

Snakes rattle and spit

Ancestors remind me of it

Pirates of Barbary

Fair freedoms fought

Hold children safe

Whilst history is untaught

As we move into darkness

I hold to brotherly faith

I remember the contest but

Never the race.

The end.

By Samantha Harris

Three Tears of Pain – craft poem

Three tears of pain

I give to gain

The power of three

I give them of my own accord

To help with history’s discord

A golden apple seed

The tears belonged to me

Disperse the atoms of hurt

From those who pain want to see

Understand this land

Remains protected

By Natures’s charm

I invoke the power of three

Protect and bring harmony

Gained in tears already paid

Upon this land

With love laid

Thank you for all that I can visilize

And for the beautiful land beyond my eyes

Blessed be the power of three.

The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris

Fam – poem

Are you fam?

Would you know?

Who I am?

DNA will say.

We are in an age

When all alliances

Will go astray.

To find commonality

In humanity

I need to tell you


Is distraction man

Love is

Bringing up the rear

No priority

Re-arranged here.


By Samantha Harris

Ugly Beauty – poem

Ugly is interesting

Staring is inclined

Just as beauty draws

It shows equality defined

Ugly shows a character

You’ve not witnessed before

Surrounding yourself with beauty

Can’t keep ugly from your door

Ugliness can teach you

Ugliness shows

Ugliness is not a choice

It, like beauty, grows

Ugly is a part of life

Becoming a decomposition of holes

Without it, you know nothing real

As, one side of life shows

Appreciate the ugly

We have it within

Knowing we all slide

Slowly, regretfully towards aging.


By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris .

How Easy Would Be Easy to Make a Killer Vaccine to Target Ethnicity?

I’m concerned about what we are not talking about.

Peter Duffy blew the whistle on how foreign doctors are taking advantage of our NHS and hurting patients. He got fired and the media will not cover his story. He named four doctors they are all still practising (three of them without restriction) and having read his book ‘Whistle in the Wind’ I’m disgusted by it all and worried as an NHS patient who has suffered racism from a foreign doctor.

So, I am asking the question. Is England being targeted by bad doctors looking to defraud the NHS? When a company like Johnson and Johnson is in the mix anything is possible. If white people in Britain are perceived as spoilt, rich and undeserving why not experiment on them? These companies have shown their complete disregard for patient safety over and over again.

How come coronavirus nineteen has killed so many in western countries but not affected others so badly when they have (apparently) more poverty and closer communities?

I’m concerned that obvious problems with the current flu vaccine such as these pointed out in 2012 study which state beyond doubt that the flu vaccine affected the children’s immunity to retro and corona type viruses making it more likely for them to become seriously ill in the following years, are coming to haunt us and no one is saying anything because of the money involved.

This is the absolute proof that the flu vaccine damaged children. Then it was rolled out to younger children free on the national health system in the United Kingdom of The British Isles.

Why? How bizarre is this? Surely this is unethical?

Then there is the news a few years later that the flu vaccine works well in those with Africa heritage but not so well in others, especially European descent. I suspect this may be removed if it gets too much traffic as it’s proof that the researchers have the data.

Bizarre Race Politics is Making Us All Look Another Way.


This guardian article basically says that although black and minority ethnic people are more likely to be admitted they are not more likely to die from covid19.

Could it be because of the fraudulent claims of the media that bame persons were more likely to die when there was zero evidence to support it? Nigeria has had just over a thousand deaths from covid19 when England has had tens of thousands.

There is the completely ignored correlation between the uptake of the flu vaccine and the deaths from corona virus nineteen. And then you should see this.

won’t be up for long, I suspect
interesting take from a Doctor

In Africa the corona virus vaccine programs are seen as dangerous and not allowed to be trialled on black people because they are too precious…? At least they were paid! Brits aren’t they are shamed into doing with with public opinion.

So there are zero clinical trials going on in South Africa. None.

Just saying. So, what do we read from that?

Choice means choice.

Promised to ‘reduce the risk’ of getting flu…less chance of dying from it. How wrong could they have been??? What studies is he referring to? The pharma companies predicted a bad flu season but yet the hospitals were unprepared for it when covid19 weren’t they?

I’m not an anti vaxer and believe that children should be vaccinated against things like measles, polio and typhoid but flu is a ever changing, different animal altogether.

I think that the medical profession is targeting it’s populations with untrialled, ineffective and probably dangerous drug trials during a media storm of their own making in order to speed up and cut the costs of normal drug trials.

My title is to get attention as the science does seem to suggest that there as a possibility and it’s time for more laws and greater scrutiny of their practises.

Perhaps we should all wake up?

Should we really allow a vaccine which has different affects on different races? what about mixed descent people? Where are the safety permeameters?

Thank you for reading.


Regarding corona virus outbreaks it is no surprise to me that these are on the rise as the flu vaccine has been given out for the last couple of weeks and now the affects of that along with a new strain of corona virus remaining UNTREATED in our communities has led to people being ill.

It should be said again that people tested positive for covid19 are isolated but not treated for seven days and then told to go about their daily business… of course if they become super ill then they are allowed to call the doctor and might get a chance to talk to one on the phone…

Let’s Sing a Spell for Happiness – Song

Let’s sing a spell for happiness

Let’s sing a song of love

Let’s toll the bells for all that’s well

Let’s shout it from above

I realise not everything is how it ought to be

Let’s not forget we have a voice

And lots of us believe


Let’s sing a song for happiness

Let’s cast a spell for love

There is no other worthy cause

That we’ve been dreaming of

Let’s sing a spell for happiness

Let’s cast a song for free

Remembering the love we have

For all humanity

Let’s sing a spell for happiness

Then, you never know

Let’s sing a song of harmony and

Watch the comfort grow


Let’s heal the wounds of everyone

Make everyone complete

Let’s push away the darkness and

Give hungry ones relief

Let’s sing a spell for happiness

Let’s cast a spell for joy

Let’s send it in direction

Of every girl and every boy


Let’s sing a spell for happiness

Let’s sing a song of love

Let’s toll the bells for all that’s well

Let’s shout it from above

I realise not everything is how it ought to be

Let’s not forget we have a voice

And what we can achieve


Twice at least to gain real affect.

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris.




Thank you guys.


A Viral Plead – Poem

A Viral Plead – Poem written April/May 2020 England.


Please don’t take my sight from me!

This beautiful world I’d long for

All this wonder and depravity

The green canopy

Horizons of misty blue hue

Occassional days of misty grey

The three valleys garden floor

Lines of brown roofs and doors

Green crowns and temple mounds

Huge white cubes blast through

Straight roads

Straight rows

Cars file endlessly along

Occasional rebels look front on

Dominating the space they belong

In each little window

One can imagine you sit

I’d fight with you all,

Just to see it.

Seagulls guard my town

Circling in thermals, up and down

Bullying the Kytes

They chase and play around our skies

A freedom unknown to you and I.

We know where they go, not what they see

How reliant those birds are

Tweeting on the cables near the school yards

I see the flies, yep they see me

Buzzing high above the world

Listening to the noises from the ground unfurl

Flying erratically,

However, easy to herd

Back to safety

Back out into the world.

I understand now what darkness is

The spaces between

Darkness is not being blind.

Blind can walk in a light that’s bright

One we cannot perceive

The lack of sun

Already begun.

We are neither from Venus or Mars

That earthy we are, in every way

Otoliths hold us, to our dying day.

We can feel the mud between our toes

Sense that nature’s tides grow

Though I cannot like the lessons learnt

I fear and understand them.

Gulls flutter like ribbons

Crows squawk loudly

Their defence mechanisms

Proud to show their tribes heroism.

In tune to ways I never knew

Historical cyclops

Coming through.


By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris


This poem is fairly self explanatory so I’ll keep it short today:

I got a virus in my eyes in March and then again in April this year. It took a little of my sight but without antiviral treatment it would have taken more.

I was lucky and I feel proper grateful to modern medicine that I didn’t have to make a poultice of garlic or anything else antiviral I may have had lying about in the kitchen. Shoving that on my eyes and hoping for the best would have been the ‘go to’ for medieval wenches.

I didn’t end up as cyclops, but I scribbled this poem when I was fearful of losing my sight and feeling quite poorly. Recently found whilst I was clearing up my piles of paperwork; along with the drawing, I tend to draw when I can’t write or do much else.

Docs told me, over the phone, it was shingles…those pesky viruses eh?

If it’s not one virus out to get you it’s another! Watch yourself and stay safe from covid19 or any other virus which is around.

As usual, thank you for reading.


Begum Bucket – Poem

There is a woman like a bulldog but meaner

She is so ugly no one could see her

Travelling far, against the law of place, disgraced

She went and married an Islamic believer.

Now, this believer was an achiever

Realising she was so displeasing on the eye

He blew himself up in order to leave her

The proud widow then married a train of men

One after the other the husbands came

Her legs were bandy from the game

They too sacrificed themselves to the god in the sky

Rather than look her daily by ‘n’ by

Three blessed children died one by one

Starved by her or her many husbands

No remorse does she feel

God told her not to feed them

Many know her as Shamina Begum.


By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris

Regarding the brown british (unfortunately) terrorist islamic fighter Shamina Begum who will be facing trial soon I hope but not in my country. She should go back to Bangladesh – she is not a Brit.

Too many stabbings and attacks on white folk in my country to allow this any more, sorry.

I’m in a stinking mood. It’s almost out of my system.

Dandelion Wishes – Poem

Dandelion Wishes by Samantha Harris


In you drifted

Eyed upon the kitchen top

Decided a wish I’d drop

I held you gently

Wished out loud

Outside I put you

Swiftly back in you flew

A second chance

For less selfish a wish

I hold you gently

Relocate thee

Place you out

My wish I did shout

Instantly I wished you returned

For pride in me still burned

I could have wished for more

You float away…

I’d wished for me

I wish for family

Dandelion if you could repeat

There is one wish left to complete

Please keep safe all that be

As well as my family and me.


The end.


Written 9th August 2020

Watford, Hertfordshire.

England, United Kingdom of the British Isles

Scarborough Fayre / Fair & Canticle – The REAL Full Version – Song and Article.

I looked, I honestly did, but couldn’t find the full version absolutely anywhere which led me to do the song myself, however, as soon as someone records a better version, let me know so I can remove my croaky offering, cheers. My version is okay and I noticed my Devonshire accent escaping occasionally over my London drone.

This is for my old maths and music teacher – Mr Roberts, sadly killed in a ferry accident in the 1980’s. He taught at Derby Middle School in West Germany where myself and many other happy children attended a combined forces education facility. There were problems but generally it was a great school with fantastic teachers. He was an amazing teacher but I could not get the canticle part of this song…it bugs me. I digress…

All ten verses are here, original as I can find them. You will notice some changes from the successful version made by Simon and Garfunkel in the 1970’s popular music scene but I reckon you’ll love the original. Please let me know what you think in the comments or by contact. I did a video with the words so one can sing along underneath,

Scarborough Fayre

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Remember me to one who lives there

For once she was a true lover of mine


Tell her to make me a cambric shirt

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Without a seam or needlework

Then she shall be a true lover of mine


Tell her to wash it in yonder well

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Where never spring water or rain ever fell

Then she shall be a true lover of mine


Tell her to dry it on yonder thorn

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Which never bore blossom since Adam was born

Then she shall be a true lover of mine


Now he has asked me questions three

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

I hope he’ll answer as many for me

Before he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to buy me an acre of land

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Between the salt water and the sea sand

Then he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to plough it with a ram’s horn

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

And sow it all over with one pepper corn

And he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to sheer’t with a sickle of leather

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

And bind it up with a peacock feather

And he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to thrash it on yonder wall

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

And never let one corn of it fall

Then he shall be a true lover of mine


When he has done and finished his work

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Oh tell him to come and he’ll have his shirt

And he shall be a true lover of mine.


**then repeat the last line or just finish….


Below is how it sounds being sung by me…it’s copyright free. Paul Simon took this song and made it his but he does not own the copyright. No one owns copyright on Traditional British Songs…they are our culture. Anyone can perform them.


Enjoy…me singing the Scarborough Fayre song…without the canticle.

As you can see it is not about two lovers…it is an unsuccessful attempt.

There is a canticle to this song too…it slides in on certain lines FOR A REASON…I’m unable to sing the canticle at the same time of the main song as they occupy the same space in time but I’m looking at some software which would allow me to do this at home – even more reason for someone with sweeter vocals to take the reigns…

The canticle is written like this…

On the side of a hill in the deep forest green

Tracing a sparrow on snow crested ground

Blankets and bedclothes the child of the mountains

Sleeps unaware of the clarion call.

On the side of a hill a sprinkling of leaves

Washes the graves with silvery tears ( I feel there is a word or two missing from this line…)

A soldier cleans and polishes a gun (these next four lines are dubious and don’t fit the flow, I cannot find original yet)

War bellows, blazing in scarlet battalions

Generals order their soldiers to kill

And to fight for a cause they will long ago have forgotten (- this line feels right, but doesn’t flow from the previous)

*****************here is their version for your remembering

So, I feel the canticle was extended by Simon and Garfunkel. I could be wrong but the first six lines of the canticle say it all, without the following four…I think they just wanted to make ten lines to attempt to make an enchanting song over an already spellbinding song that they butchered and lost the meaning to.

Simon and Garfunkel even missed the chance to remedy the situation in the extended version of Scarborough Fair, at over ten minutes long, but they did not include all ten original verses and changed words and lines. However, without them actually performing the song it may have been forgotten to time, who knows? So, I thank them.

As you can see there are a lot of signs and symbols within the song of Scarborough Fayre/Fair with nod to other icons in our ancient history. It is important to understand the small changes and hold on to the original value.

This song is full of female empowerment. It tells this man, this chancer, that as he is looking for a free ride, he can bugger off but in nice way. He is looking for something for nothing and she is telling him no chance.

The sparrow is a very complicated icon, seen on the Pyramids but rarely taken much notice of. It is a native british bird, currently under major threat of demise in England over the last few decades with numbers increasing a little last year but no where near the figures of birds we used to have.

There is mention of the Holly tree… and more and I could go on and on but I mainly wanted to sing the full version for your entertainment, I hope you enjoyed the song’s clever banter, as that is what being a Brit is all about.

Thank you reading, always grateful.

The Terrible Trouble with Tarot – Poem

Justice is eight

As justice must come first

Balance is built

From confrontation

Then reflection

From which strength is learnt


The printers struck

And no one took

The notice

That they should

This one act of

Putting justice back

Changes the

Rules of the pack!

The end.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris. 22nd July 2020.

This is reference to my recent study of the tarot cards (rather than just using them, I decided to properly read the old books I have. Half way through this great book I’m realising that things were numbered differently. I don’t use the older set too often, so with both my sets being the same I hadn’t noticed any difference.

At some point, of it’s timeline of being, the tarot’s numerology and iconography have been altered. I researched and found this is known and accepted. But not explained, as to why it was done. From my packs I’d say it must have been done in the last few decades. Of course, the tarot has been through many changes, but this is different.

It’s complicated to explain all the significance and I’m not sure I could but basically, the justice card is the original number eight card in the major arcana. However, number eleven, ‘strength’ was put into it’s position. They were essentially swapped.

Whilst Justice and Strength are on the same plane they came in a particular order for a reason. The growth of the human spirit or soul corresponds to the journey depicted from 0 -21 on the tarot major arcana cards.

Justice does not necessary mean justice in an law and criminal type event. It means looking for balance and understanding the systems around us, confrontation/study of the rules that bind us. It is about the law of the land…authority. It’s the key to the start of the next plane of consciousness.

Thanks for reading all comments welcome, especially if they are regarding spelling mistakes or errors…foggy brain.


Slavery And My Lilley White Arse (poem)

Slavery in the United Kingdom

My stance on removing slavery completely, in all its forms, in England. Poem is at end.

Human slavery unfortunately, is a growing concern not a dying one.

Our government is allowing workers to be flown in from Europe during covid19 rather than pay a proper wage to farm pickers here. The discrimination that the Latvia workers and people suffered whilst in the UK was disgusting levels. In fact, you could say, Brexit was anti-European.

We have in England zero-hour contracts, bad working conditions, no entitlement to holiday or sick pay and less and less facilities available due to the growing population. Housing is built but the infrastructure is left small, these developments are straining to capacity. The new housing is filled by newcomers with ‘protected’ statuses.

Au pairs are brought in from France and kept in terrible conditions and mistreated, sometimes killed. Denied food, money to phone their parents, money to return home, their passports taken from them by their ’employer’.

Sophie Lionnet should be remembered; her masters tried to burn her body in the garden after they’d drowned her beaten body, this poor white woman endured torture at the hands of her captives for months. As their nanny she looked after their children so lovingly. She had no one adult to turn to.

Sophie Lionnet was a beautiful soul. Her killers easily caught as Sophie was white, they didn’t think anything of just burning her body in the back garden. Neighbours smelled it and called firefighters. The Old Baily put them down for thirty years…not long enough.

One of her killers (I will not name them) has been given public money to appeal the conviction, although they videoed themselves beating her and were both in the garden trying to destroy the body when authorities appeared, they lied and said they were having a barbeque – when do victims matter?

It seems whilst the world argues for a more superior outlook on all black people (regardless of their characters), they’ve dropped the ball on protecting everyone. It seems the effect of promoting black lives matter seems to do the exact opposite to white people who continue to be the most trafficked.

Thirty-nine dead Vietnamese bodies found dead in a truck last year in England were bound for Ireland…when will their lives matter?

So, this Angry White Woman has something to say and a little historical reference from ancient times is going to help me, as this divisive treatment has been going on since slavery was introduced to literature through Hebrew texts and before.

The Israelites took what was around and wrote the Mosaic Law which included rules like foreign slaves could be kept forever but Hebrew slaves could be released after seven years and rules about their care.

Hebrews didn’t invent slavery, they were just the first ones to put law down on paper; their law about slaves covered what and who you could and couldn’t do, etc, but this was in the Middle East, thousands of years ago, before the Bible or the Qur’an were written.

There was already a slave code called The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi in place in 1750 BC that is almost two thousand years before Christ is reported to have been born. Slavery has been around for a long time. It was used for all sort of reasons.

  1. Spoils of war.
  2. Kidnap
  3. Voluntarily – by need or punishment or debt

Slavery was the grease which seemed to keep these empires going and it didn’t fall out of favour for a very long time and I would argue that as it is still legal in some countries more should be done to stamp out what is left, or at least educate against its ideology.

Several Roman Emperors used their positions to make conditions better for slaves, AntonioPius (138 – 168 AD) brought Roman laws in stating slaves could be freed if treated cruelly. Masters could be jailed if they killed a slave. And before that Nero made it that slaves could have their day in court.

The Roman Empire embodied and still encouraged most forms of slavery and it was very much part of religious systems too. The Romans did many things which Angles/Celts or native Britons did not. The Romans did not conquer the United Kingdom with warriors.

Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable quotes (Pope) Gregory the Great as saying (540- 604 AD) – this is a famous saying, most English are not taught Latin at school so do not understand it but manuscripts were written in Latin.

“Angles, Non Angli, sed angeli”

Which is Latin for,

“not Angles but angels”.

Legend has it that Gregory the Great, prefect of Rome, saw some fair headed slaves in the local market and he enquired where they came from. He was told they were heathens from Angle. Heathen means doesn’t believe in God.

On hearing this, he sent Augustine to convert the Angles.

Augustine set up his mission on the Angle islands in 596AD (Britain). Both Gregory and Augustine were sainted for what they did. The internet will tell you that Angles came from Germany, but Angletere is still the French name for England, it means land of the Angles. The Romans had previously tried to conquer all of United Kingdom and failed.

So, I wrote all you would be, modern day, trade slavers and ‘cavers’ a poem. It seems my persecuted history is screaming out to be heard and listened to right now. There are rumours flying around in the media that China is trying to take over – nah, I’m still convinced this is elitists from black lives matter making a move to subjugate the country known as Great Britain, for a Christian or Unified Faith and a brand New Order of Faith and Grace – more legal responsibility given to faiths in Sharia or Mosaic courts.

I’m really hope I am wrong and that I am suffering from white persecution anxiety because of all the news coverage of black lives matter and losing three white male friends to covid19. My experiences at the hands of a few black people are also colouring my view, pardon the pun.

However, having spent many hours discussing with young people online in black lives matter it has come to my attention that they are badly informed, almost radicalized to black lives matter movement and are angry at White British people for ‘ruining the world with colonization’.

Having not argued with one black person about black lives matter I doubt this agenda is actually doing them any favours. It has been Christian white women and Indian/british women who have been pushing the black lives matter ideology in Watford. Not discounting the rising chorus and very public statement of Anthony Joshua telling folks to only buy from black companies and stores. This boy was not oppressed growing up, he led a charmed existence, cossetted by his UK based Aunt in the social services and his wealthy family in Nigeria.

So, in true British banter form here is my take in poem form, of course. If it offends you it’s done what I wanted it to. We didn’t invent Colonization, we just did it. Like, right now, in Africa there is colonization going on. Cameroon killing Ambazonians because they want to continue to speak English. Do their black lives matter?

I thought it to be funny in my poem, as right now humour and education beats violence and threats hands down. There is a nod to the computer language uform and spell binding. The so called white magic lightening peace keepers within our code. Really? Hmmm. Adding to the drama of the fight for ‘good and evil’.

There is a tiny nod to another pagan friend of mine who has just done a course of magic and got a certificate for it. She is studying the Yoruba religion which funnily enough declared its people were going to take over North America this year.

I’m sorry but pagan at heart I just don’t like it. Looks like we are not all the same.

Paganism means more to me, it means freedom and living well, not under oppression.

My Lilley White Arse

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris written June 2020, under lockdown.

Don’t you just love my skinny butt?

Does it make you jealous much?

Do you like my Lilly white skin?

Notice how it shimmers within.

In the moon and the sun.

How about my blue blood?

What’s under your hood?

History would hasten to add

That not all of you are bad

But envious many of you are

Of my beautiful scars

Oh, you,

Those with souls as dark as night

As black as mud

What were you thinking of?

Your blackness does you defy

Shining in the pupil of our eyes.

You’ve murdered, raped and killed

Across the lands

You’ve multiplied and lied.

You’ve kept hatred in your hearts

And, now you have to start,


Your skin is not worse than me

But your behaviours undesirable be

You communicate

That you want to separate,

So you can plot against me,


Is the jealousy why you hate?

Oh, the spirit world is very clear

All bad magic comes back near

I see what you have done

The darkness you’ve become

It’s not for me to judge

I know the worthiness of me

And I deserve to be free

I will not be enslaved to you

No matter what you do

I will not take the knee

Or break bread with thee

As that would physically


Metaphorically be

Just because you hate me.

You hate me because of my skin,

Not for what lies within.

You are a master is every way

And your hatred is gaining sway.

Emily Jones, Lee Rigby,

Luke O’Connell, Daniel Rush,

Too many we can think of

Innocents stabbed as they lived along

Do you justify this hatred in your hearts?

Perhaps it is time to part?

It’s not the way it should be

But yes,

Right now, I’d like you far from me.

Every chance has been given you.

Will you ever be true?

Integrity what a joke you be

Your lies will catch up with thee.


The End.









Humans Write Words – Poem

Jesus said,
To the blind man
“Look and you will see.”

Look to the sky,
Where are the words
You live by?

Look to the ground,
Where are the words
You’ve found?

Our souls are home
Your gods took
Earth from me

Keep false idols as memories
You need history to see
The journey from there to thee

Let the Truth be known
Mother Nature
Sits on the throne

You will find
Are genuinely kind

The End
23rd June 2020


As always, thanks for reading.

This is my comment on bad education.

The photo is from a book called The Handbook of Country Crafts. It is a library book available to school children and adults.

As you can see it tells a dirty great lie about ‘Phrygians’ – gypsies to most of us.

When you are educated into disgust that is called state manipulation or brain washing.

There is currently, 23rd June 2020, NO EVIDENCE SHOWING ritualistic CANNABALISM, in the whole world. Did you know that????



Tolerance For Tarot – poem

I just want to shout out for my guide

It is a system known far and wide

It’s called the Tarot and came before

All the religions you lay on the floor

I don’t read for others

Tarot is for family and me

On occasion I’ve been led astray

Denied the acknowledge

To find my way

I lay the cards out

The guide is there

To interpret as I care

Just like Christians who use the Bible

It is my cards that are liable

Similar too are Muslims

For you it is Allah’s big plan

Written in the Qu’ran

Judaism borrowed heavily

Upon the Tarots iconography

Tarot is very tolerant

I don’t believe in ‘heaven sent’

My belief is love and light

For humans and creatures alike

Of the Tarot and questions asked

One must be honest

Accept one’s past

I know you are like me

I know you value

Earth, each other and it’s needs

There is no need to sacrifice

If you walk within the light.


The End.

copyright 2020 Samantha Harris



Crafty Pleasures During Covid19 Lockdown – Article

As Amazon always use a lot of packaging it’s hard for me, being a green sort of gal, to throw it away. I keep it for arts and crafts projects. People like me come into our element at times like these. I wanted to share this with you in case you are stuck inside with no access to a shop to buy materials.

In Britain we are isolating at home because of the covid19 scare. Some children are entertaining themselves by spotting items others have put in their windows. So when they are out for their exercise the children can go on ‘hunts’ to find different shapes and animals…ie a bear hunt. As the playgrounds are taped off this is some entertainment.

A popular motif is the rainbow as it signifies unity. We are using it to show the Health Care Assistants, Key Workers and NHS staff that we are behind them and staying home. We’re isolating from our loved ones to try and ease the pressure on hospitals and lessen transmission of the sometimes deadly, covid19.

Boosting moral is something many of us can do. I know I feel rather useless at times like this. No longer able to volunteer in a practical sense. The photo accompanying this article is of a dragon I put in my window. If a dragon is too complicated, then do something you can draw.

Then cut around the picture. If you do use amazon packing paper you’ll notice it’s perforated. This means you could elongate your picture by putting it either side of the window break. Then using sellotape or blue tack stick it up on your window.

I had a bit of a laugh with my dragon…I sent photo to grandchildren and they thought it was real. Then I spent the next hour making one for her to go on their window at home. Hopefully it will brighten someone’s day. I will share pictures of other scenes I am going to create as I do them…well until I run out of packing materials!!!

Good Luck everyone, at this worrying time.

picture of rainbow showing support for key workers during covid19 crisis