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Queen Elizabeth

Did you know that Henry VIII resided over three million citizens? Let’s put that in perspective. Queen Elizabeth II, who is our current and longest reigning queen, resides over at least sixty three million people… …and she does it without chopping off anyone’s head. Queen Elizabeth II, your majesty, you rock!!! I’m suggesting that our […]

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Make Your Child’s Next School Holiday or Half-Term a Memorable One

The British education system realizes the importance of time with family and allots kids multiple breaks throughout the school year. While kids may have plans to camp out in front of the TV on video games or spend time with their friends, you should make the time for family and create memories that’ll last a […]

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Sofa So Rubbish – Short Story

The scene is very different to how I’ve spent most of my life. I’ve never been so wet. The glue between my joints is soft.

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The 2525 Pilgrimage

Inspired by a Zega & Evans song, released in the 1960s, called ‘In the Year 2525’. The 2525 Pilgrimage by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris Centuries since Corona Virus Alpha hit Earth devastating our population, I sit here using a rusty blade, scraping marks in hope that I won’t be discovered by our monitors. We use this […]

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Ancestors Race – Poem

Ancestors tell me In voices clear Be close, but not near. For centuries they took us Never seen again Ancient bones remain hidden Under greed, envy and pain. Wrath settles in dust. Waken state they wake Soldiers shoulders wide Enemies show their scales Poking the bear on the line. Snakes rattle and spit Ancestors remind […]

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Fears over NHS child flu vaccine after it was withdrawn in US | London Evening Standard

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New National Restrictions in England – Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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Watch “Special report: Infected Blood – The search for truth” on YouTube

So, while the world is looking at blood transfusions to fix the ‘covid19 nightmare’…this is going on. The link above is for the youtube coverage of the NHS blood scandal which started in the late 1970s and continued – disgustingly- until the 1990s, accidently killing thousands including Anita Roddick who was The Body Shop founder. […]

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Halloween is Coming!

Soon it will be November. Already there is a chill to the air, the days are becoming shorter and the clocks went back last night. I woke to all the time being wrong in the house and a leaky ceiling. Thankfully there is much to look forward to. The 31st October 2020 looms….yay. Yes. Next […]

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Fam – poem

Are you fam? Would you know? Who I am? DNA will say. We are in an age When all alliances Will go astray. To find commonality In humanity I need to tell you Hatred Is distraction man Love is Bringing up the rear No priority Re-arranged here. Fin By Samantha Harris

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Black Beauty and White Lies

So, a little look at what wordpress wants me to read is always interesting. Black lady has a blog. Usual blog material. Children used to gain likes and some personal hardship stories. Most of the stories gravitate about her race. Like me and many others she feels it’s important to state her life matters. Her […]

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I’m The Problem? Poem.

I throw away plastic but am unable to make it I wear synthetic clothes that I am unable to weave I eat food that comes in plastic packing as I cannot farm I heat myself with a source of power that I do not produce I’m told that plastic is bad, constantly by media And […]

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Be Careful What You Wish For. Bruiser.

Careful What You Wish For. Bruiser. Why You Should ALWAYS Check What You Wish For I spend a lot of time on my own. It wasn’t a choice. It’s something I am getting used to. As I don’t go out much, I recently started pining for a dog. I can’t manage a dog, so I […]

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The Day I Met My Mother. Short real life story.

The Day I Met My Mum. Short real life read. I was twenty two years old, married but separated and living in Brighton in the south of England when I first had news of my mother. Maureen my mother lived in Plymouth, Devon, around four hundred miles from me. Even now, thirty years later, writing […]

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Hair Colonies – Poem

Hair Colonies Long hair is beautiful But, it is the bind weed of the home I hate stray hairs I’m brunette (odd grey) If I see a hair on the sink or side Immediately, with it, into the bin I glide Several reasons. They wrap around the taps They gather in the plug They gather […]

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Why Are the Beeb Not Researching ? It wasn’t just the BBC, other news channels also carried the story that Black Women were five times more likely to die during child birth than white women in the UK. I have searched for this research for the actual figures. I cannot find any for the UK that support this. There are several […]