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Revenge is Best Served Cold – Long Read

CHAPTER 1 – LIFE BEFORE It didn’t matter how fast she ran; there was no escaping the truth. The freezing December rain hit her thighs making them red above the knee where the black lycra stopped. Her black hoody wet darker at the front and across the shoulders. Running against the wind and rain regenerated […]

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Mosquito Plea – poem

Mosquito Plea – poem Oh, mossie bite on my left knee, Would you please resist itching me? A world of pain I did land when, I lost the battle with my hand. The challenge exquisite. My skin I need to quit. End. By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

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Today – A Poem

{Observational ramblings of a sick mind} How much is a reaction worth? To get those tears to fall down to Earth? Today I feel back in tune. The sun shines, I feel renewed. But, I’d even by judged by your spirit As I lived my life for love, innit? I am a different breed. One […]

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Sofa So Rubbish – Short Story

The scene is very different to how I’ve spent most of my life. I’ve never been so wet. The glue between my joints is soft.

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Arbitrary Punishments Given at School

Remember school days? Those days our elders told us we’d miss? I don’t but I have started thinking more about education as I get older. It is no easy task to manipulate children into good behaviour. A popular punishment at school, after corporal punishment was made illegal, were English writing chores. The irony of this […]

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I Have A Sty (hordeolum) – babble

I don’t know what it’s called where you live but, here in the United Kingdom, a ‘sty’ is the name for an eye lid pimple brought on by stress. It starts small, ‘kinda prickly and ends up as a swollen, crusty mess that makes it hard to blink and see properly. All one can do […]

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White Magic is Everywhere – Song.

White magic goes unseen White magic is in the green It’s in the trees, in the grass, in the bees White magic is in the breeze White magic is everywhere White magic, I don’t care White magic floats between It goes, unseen White magic lady White magic, ain’t shady White magic is everywhere It floats […]

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Protected: The Chamber Pot (adult real life story).

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Feeling Persecuted in London

I woke up upset again today. Recently the sun has been shining. We had a week long, glorious heat wave. The government released most of us from our homes from covid19 lockdown rules and we’ve been able to move around freely, with or without masks. Most of us made the most of it. And, we […]

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Blimey. Looks like I’m stuck with the TVT mesh.

The last few months have been hard. As hard as the last few years? Maybe not. Probably because my expectation level has dropped to 0.01 above zero. Those that read my blog will know I had a vaginal polypropylene mesh tape implanted in me during a hysterectomy for Endometriosis. I thought it was, and I […]

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The Problem with Shagging Sheep.

Comments on the medical device TVT mesh. There is some talk of TVT mesh implants and how they have ruined women’s lives around the globe, but not enough, in my opinion, as it’s a scandal. It’s development is interesting. The TVT’s inventor piloted the initial study on sheep. Unfortunately, the gentleman died but his work […]

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Interference From Software

Let’s talk about interference. I live in England, UK. We are now post Brexit. Am I the only one getting frustrated with the interference of programs online while I’m trying to write? From searching to editing, the robot programs ( whom you did not ask for help) interfere. Predictive search…I can’t stand this. I can […]

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The Fall

The grateful stood back Watched While we attacked The blood spewed Our eyes avoiding The tortured They knew The Great Four sat Surveyed, reviewed. Others, apathetic, Reigned Bonded to greedy games Enemy brought in Boxed bright Fuelling winnable fights. She slips out from within Unwanted, ugly, thin. Her plan, simply to survive To build, to […]

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Destruction- poem

The war machine swims unseen It slides, drifts in between Hammer, hammer, hammer Push, push, push Making their need a must Jobs for the many Death for the due It could be me It could be You. *** <p id="destruction_poem_samanthaharris" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">by Samantha "unextraordinarybint" Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris.

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The Whiteness and Bloody Americans. Rant.

What is wrong with white people? This is aimed at white people in Europe not the States. I’m English and would also class myself as European. I voted to remain for Brexit. How can white people not realise they may be a target for hatred? Because, in the same way my (white) ancestors had to […]

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Ruby Wax and Me – Nipple Poetic Story

There is a woman called Ruby Wax. A more lovely woman you would not see. She has cheeks of red which glow, and she hates them so. Excitable she be and there are none funnier than she. In earlier days she travelled around England to circumvent our inhabitants. With Hit and Run, she met me. […]