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Things I No Longer Care About – Personal List

This list is not finished so will be added to as necessary. If I start to care about something again I will remove it from the list. Until then, this is a list of the things I currently do not care about. Items I’ve dropped on the floor. They can stay there until needed or […]

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Should I Have Confidence in a Doctor if They Believe the World is Flat…?

I’m very proud to be British. Cut me and I’d bleed British blood out onto our beautiful land and rise again and again until there was no more red to run. To be British means staying calm, regardless of the circumstances which surround you. Most Brits are able to do this for years, our patience […]

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The Co op Amesbury, Check Out Girl

I thought it might be interesting to visit my work places. I’ve had many and they all add to who I became and who I am now. I was asked what I would write about myself for the promotion of my book. Finding it impossible to start so I’m breaking it down for myself, if […]

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King’s College Hospital, London.

Why I am Frightened of Going into Hospital. Part One. It was the pain from the cold that woke me. That, and EDS’ ability to withstand knock out drugs. I tried to raise my head and look around. Lying in a huge corridor and listening to a conversation between staff members going on so close […]

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PROTHALAMION is an interesting old poem. By English Poet Edmund Spenser born around 1552 – died 1599. Published in The Penguin Book of English Verse. As it is old English, I have left the spellings as they are written. Full ten verses are put down exactly as they are in the book – it is […]

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One Voice

One voice from the past will haunt you One deed which can not be undone The praises you ought to have sung This voice will tease you It will displease you You will attempt to drown it out It will break through In every fibre of you It will find a way to sneak That […]

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Uni-cone to Stethoscope, The Bodies Auscultation

A Stethoscope, along with a white lab coat, used to be the tools we most associated with doctors and consultants. Using a stethoscope meant your doc knew about sound, your doctor would need a good ear. This extremely useful tool has been around, in one form or another, for hundreds of years – by listening […]

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Division and Disgust

Just a little update – in case you thought you knew something…666 the number of the beast means fox – called ‘the beast’ because mum kicks out cubs. 777 the magic number is just the number code for gypsy. You can find it if you write out the numbers one to nine, then the alphabet […]

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Oh, I Could Strangle a Dolphin!

They scan sea-life that has been caught in plastic to check for the tumours plastic causes. They remove the plastic which has become entangled around the desperate creature’s bodies. Scientists carefully remove the tumours before releasing them back into the water to enjoy the world. Thankfully the same marine biologists then monitor the health of […]

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Young Heroes Of South Oxhey

I’d like to hear it for the boys! They showed real bravery and courage. The lads who rescued a drunk woman from a burning car deserve to have their story told.

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Putting your money where your mouth is.

One of the few regrets I have in my life is the destruction of several years of diaries when I married my first husband. One of those ‘new beginnings’ situations.