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Pagan Freedom – Poem

Christian, Muslim, Hindi, Jew Do I need protection from you? In trade and morals I am ‘fair game’ This thought is slightly profane Like white man’s drug prices and black man dues It has no place in an equal race. I feel persecuted, neglected and used And, it’s all because of you! Religious folks speak […]

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White Magic is Everywhere – Song.

White magic goes unseen White magic is in the green It’s in the trees, in the grass, in the bees White magic is in the breeze White magic is everywhere White magic, I don’t care White magic floats between It goes, unseen White magic lady White magic, ain’t shady White magic is everywhere It floats […]

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Black/White Magic and Jesus.

The term is not good enough. The term is wrong. It ought to be Bad and Good Magic. How did it become colour coded? Down the rabbit hole, I look and discover that magic is practiced by all races and all types of humans. Basically it is the prayer device of pagans. Let’s look into […]

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Three Tears of Pain – craft poem

Three tears of pain I give to gain The power of three I give them of my own accord To help with history’s discord A golden apple seed The tears belonged to me Disperse the atoms of hurt From those who pain want to see Understand this land Remains protected By Natures’s charm I invoke […]

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Pewe, Trwe and Jowe in a Tree – Poem

Pewe, Trwe and Jowe All sat in a tree Along came beauty. Who eyed them, Suspiciously. “Aha, what do you do?” “Why, we await you.” Looking upon the three Sure her eyes decieve; Trwe’s a balloon, Jowe’s a mop, And, Pewe’s a stingy bee. “To habour my switch You must make a pitch How will […]

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The Terrible Trouble with Tarot – Poem

Justice is eight As justice must come first Balance is built From confrontation Then reflection From which strength is learnt   The printers struck And no one took The notice That they should This one act of Putting justice back Changes the Rules of the pack! The end. by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris. 22nd July 2020. […]

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Humans Write Words – Poem

Let the Truth be known
Mother Nature
Sits on the throne

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Persecution Poetry

Quick Quick Where do I run? If they don’t follow the father They follow the sun I don’t mind devotion Devotion is great A more meatier experience is not mine to forsake I wish to lie in sciences’s arms And to feel man’s biological charms Why should I give a toast When it gives away […]

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To Express

To Express To Express My need is best. I have nothing left but To express… I express to the east I express to the west I express as I only know best. I express to the north I express to the south Now hear my big mouth! No more division No more unrest Express Express […]

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Crafting Pagan Style

In some parts of England at least until 1900 as sheaf of corn would be left in the fields, and while it stood there no one was allowed to go into the field.

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Listen To Your Gut. Stapled Hemmoroidoplexy

I can tell you this operation is more painful than giving birth. If you are a man and you have had this treatment you can consider yourself as having reached the same pain threshold and more besides.