White Magic is Everywhere – Song.

White magic goes unseen

White magic is in the green

It’s in the trees, in the grass, in the bees

White magic is in the breeze

White magic is everywhere

White magic, I don’t care

White magic floats between

It goes, unseen

White magic lady

White magic, ain’t shady

White magic is everywhere

It floats on every atom on the bright blue air

White magic is where it’s at

White magic, so get on back

White magic is everywhere

It floats on every atom that is in our air

White magic, you don’t have a clue

White magic, what we do

White magic, we spread it everywhere

And it lives in every atom upon our air

White magic is the key

White magic, for you and me

White magic, let’s get on down

And we’ll take down from the air, down to the ground

White magic is everywhere

White magic is in the air

Written today 9th June 2021.

Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Europe.

youtube link

to awful video…

Black/White Magic and Jesus.

The term is not good enough.

The term is wrong.

It ought to be Bad and Good Magic.

How did it become colour coded?

Down the rabbit hole, I look and discover that magic is practiced by all races and all types of humans. Basically it is the prayer device of pagans.

Let’s look into what bad magic is….

Rituals and spells designed to hurt people, often for monetary gain but also from anger, revenge or really poor guidance.

Voodo dolls could be seen as bad magic…

Voodo is rarely practiced in England by pagans (until migrants brought it here) but often practiced in Africa and the Americas. The links will take you to youtube videos of badly performed magic.. If practiced in England it is done on the quiet as it is seen as evil magic to many people.

Sorry, but it is. End of. Does harm = evil.

Magic and religion have gone modern. They use materials available in their environment, and have moved to music and video to spread their message. They have moved on from books and posters.

Sacrifice is another issue – some would say it is good magic and others, like myself, would say it is bad. I’d go further and say it is evil. Killing something to gain advantage somewhere else? Come on!

The word ‘sacrifice’ is used and banded about with little thought as to what it really means.

Sacrifice is supposed to hurt the first person, YOU – ie, you do something to yourself which will mean work or pain in order to attain something of value. It has been mis used, the term sacrifice, by religion and magic and it has to stop. So, just stop it, okay?

I’ve heard terrible tales of sacrifice of animals, children and adults from across the world in the name of magic or religion… This sacrifice is never going to work as there is no sacrifice by the person who is doing the ‘spell’ / ‘incantation’ or ‘prayer’. They are going through zero pain or work – they’ve done it by proxy so, to be honest, it’s just killing life for nothing (money is often involved). You are sad cases.

Real magic or religion should not be about hurting others. I’ve always been led to believe that all bad magic done will come back three fold on the binder (the person doing the spell or prayer).

However, I’ve known large groups of religious and magical orders who use other methods to unsure that their ‘spells’ or ‘prayers’ do work. This is fraud and corruption to attempt to show that the faith put in them is not wasted. They work in gangs, fellowships and brotherhoods.

It is not possible for a person to take evil from another by any method other than kindness. It is only this which can discover truth.

Fear and violence will only ever bring lies. I may add here that I have come across people that the ‘kindness’ may be removing them from society and showing them another life pathway.

People are not kind by colour or faith. That is not a proper way to measure ‘goodness’.

Rabis, binders, priests, imams, witches, pagans, pastors all practise soul searching and self esteem magic. They have a responsibility to keep it good. They have to ensure that it doesn’t become bad or disjointed by judgement and evil thoughts towards others who are different.

There is no black or white magic – just good and bad.

I practise good magic and I happen to be white. This doesn’t make me a white goddess – being black and practising magic doesn’t make a black goddess either.

Yesterday someone attempted to burn me on youtube by telling me that as I am a muzungu he would not talk to me. For those not aware of this term, it is used towards people deemed of ‘priviledge’ given to foreigners in Africa who are white.

As white people are usually good and fair in life most people in Africa USED TO BE very curtious towards people who do not look like them. Mzungu used to be a good term…it is not now.

This gentleman, as well as others, decided that as I was a muzungu, I shouldn’t be on the BBC youtube page and commenting on ‘black things’. Shouldn’t I? What are ‘black things’?

I would like to point out again that the BBC means British Broadcasting Corporation and Britain is a Caucasion country, that is until the influx of mass migration – so I am the indigenous citizen in my land and am allowed to have an opinion on my national TV channel, surely?

American race politics trying to gain black fascist power in England…by saying that we are racist. This woman actually attended Oxford University. She is very privileged compared to most of us…England’s history is white sorry, it just is. African’s history is black and Europe’s history is white – generally.

Putting up all this stuff in the name of God…btw. The internet is full of this stuff and most white people are totally unaware of this battle of good and bad or black and white. They are unaware of them being evil because they are white.

Like Voodo this damage is being done on the quiet using language that Europeans do not know.

Europeans don’t understand that these ‘race’ soldiers are running our NHS services/schools/councils etc. My country is completely unaware of the spells and prayers being said against it. I was unaware of the hatred towards me because I am white until I dated a black man. He was Ugandan and really sweet, his family, however were racist AF.

Please be kind. Please remember that you are human before you are black or white.

Being Jesus’ name into this battle is wrong. Jesus was not a racist as far as I am aware….

Also, BLM’s claims are wrong, I have always know Jesus was black – we know that – he was from the Middle East/North Africa so it is more than likely he was not pure white.

Black religious fascists should be called out. Using the internet and secret codes is as bad as doing voodo behind our backs. Saying prayers and moving against a whole nation of people because of their colour is wrong…these ‘soldiers’ should stand down. There is no fight other than the good one.

They are not harmless. Just because they are doing it in the Lord’s name doesn’t make it right.

– mzungu, look it up.

Is this Black Magic or BAD magic ?

I think it’s all very bad air.

Thanks for reading.

https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/662564/Dentist-who-killed-Islamic-exorcist-at-London-voodoo-clinic-to-be-indefinitely-detained https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/662564/Dentist-who-killed-Islamic-exorcist-at-London-voodoo-clinic-to-be-indefinitely-detained

Three Tears of Pain – craft poem

Three tears of pain

I give to gain

The power of three

I give them of my own accord

To help with history’s discord

A golden apple seed

The tears belonged to me

Disperse the atoms of hurt

From those who pain want to see

Understand this land

Remains protected

By Natures’s charm

I invoke the power of three

Protect and bring harmony

Gained in tears already paid

Upon this land

With love laid

Thank you for all that I can visilize

And for the beautiful land beyond my eyes

Blessed be the power of three.

The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris

The Terrible Trouble with Tarot – Poem

Justice is eight

As justice must come first

Balance is built

From confrontation

Then reflection

From which strength is learnt


The printers struck

And no one took

The notice

That they should

This one act of

Putting justice back

Changes the

Rules of the pack!

The end.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris. 22nd July 2020.

This is reference to my recent study of the tarot cards (rather than just using them, I decided to properly read the old books I have. Half way through this great book I’m realising that things were numbered differently. I don’t use the older set too often, so with both my sets being the same I hadn’t noticed any difference.

At some point, of it’s timeline of being, the tarot’s numerology and iconography have been altered. I researched and found this is known and accepted. But not explained, as to why it was done. From my packs I’d say it must have been done in the last few decades. Of course, the tarot has been through many changes, but this is different.

It’s complicated to explain all the significance and I’m not sure I could but basically, the justice card is the original number eight card in the major arcana. However, number eleven, ‘strength’ was put into it’s position. They were essentially swapped.

Whilst Justice and Strength are on the same plane they came in a particular order for a reason. The growth of the human spirit or soul corresponds to the journey depicted from 0 -21 on the tarot major arcana cards.

Justice does not necessary mean justice in an law and criminal type event. It means looking for balance and understanding the systems around us, confrontation/study of the rules that bind us. It is about the law of the land…authority. It’s the key to the start of the next plane of consciousness.

Thanks for reading all comments welcome, especially if they are regarding spelling mistakes or errors…foggy brain.


Humans Write Words – Poem

Jesus said,
To the blind man
“Look and you will see.”

Look to the sky,
Where are the words
You live by?

Look to the ground,
Where are the words
You’ve found?

Our souls are home
Your gods took
Earth from me

Keep false idols as memories
You need history to see
The journey from there to thee

Let the Truth be known
Mother Nature
Sits on the throne

You will find
Are genuinely kind

The End
23rd June 2020


As always, thanks for reading.

This is my comment on bad education.

The photo is from a book called The Handbook of Country Crafts. It is a library book available to school children and adults.

As you can see it tells a dirty great lie about ‘Phrygians’ – gypsies to most of us.

When you are educated into disgust that is called state manipulation or brain washing.

There is currently, 23rd June 2020, NO EVIDENCE SHOWING ritualistic CANNABALISM, in the whole world. Did you know that????



Persecution Poetry

Quick Quick

Where do I run?

If they don’t follow the father

They follow the sun

I don’t mind devotion

Devotion is great

A more meatier experience is not mine to forsake

I wish to lie in sciences’s arms

And to feel man’s biological charms

Why should I give a toast

When it gives away the roast?

I understand it’s crude to you

But what you do to me, saying

I’ve no right to be

Painting me as a

Devil worshipper, an eater of flesh

Ah yes, of this only

You would know best

Yes, I am human and was meek

For me, the place to worship and seek

Is freedom

At the foot of man, earth and beast

That is where I’ll run to be

Yes, that is where you’ll find me.

The End.

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

written 26th September 2019. Poem is self explanatory.

However, I will have a little rant…why not sharing is caring!!!

Some interesting links for any UK born non believers.


PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NOT A VIDEO FOR LOOKING FOR SIGNS OF RELIGIOUS HATRED AND BIAS IN PAGAN HOUSEHOLDS. There is little risk of a child being raised into hatred within a pagan home.

The rest of the rubbish made up about pagans is, quite frankly, dangerous, and bordering on racist. It allows our children and adults to be targeted without impunity.


Some other interesting links collected within minutes on an internet search on UK and paganism – how people react to it and what they call us.


Look up word ‘pagan’.


This is what a religious education will get you…ignorance.

As always, thank you so much for reading. For me life is about passing on a good favour – if you learnt something today don’t keep it to yourself!

Blessings to all of you.

I have a right to defend myself…witches are still burn’t today.

To Express

To Express

To Express

My need is best.

I have nothing left


To express…

I express to the east

I express to the west

I express as I only know best.

I express to the north

I express to the south

Now hear my big mouth!

No more division

No more unrest




Crafting Pagan Style

The Bridget Cross

The intricately woven straw decoration that brighten churches throughout Britain at the time of Harvest Festival have their origins not in the christian religion but in the beliefs and the ideas stretching aback into prehistory.

The celebration of the harvest is steeped in legend and mythology, and centres around the story of Ceres the Earth Mother, goddess of all that grows out of the earth.

This is based on the theory that women once had complete control over production of food and distribution of services and supplies. As this legend is the same in every country around the globe it is probably more than a theory.

In 1973 in England is was still the custom in some areas of Britain for farmers to leave a row of wheat standing in the fields at the end of the harvest in the belief that bad luck will befall them if it is cut. The legend is that Ceres hides in the corn and to avenge what happened to her.

In some parts of England at least until 1900 as sheaf of corn would be left in the fields, and while it stood there no one was allowed to go into the field. When the sheaf was taken out, women and children were allowed to enter and glean through the stubble.

In another part of the country the last row of corn used to be beat down to the ground by the reapers who shouted, ‘There she is! Hit her.” And, “Knock her to the ground” – also “Don’t let her get away” – basically attempt to make the female creative energy from the remaining corn go back to the earth so the field would be abundant the following year.

It should be noted this book was produced by the AA. It goes on to say many divisive things in amongst normal things so kids don’t realise – or parents.

Listen To Your Gut. Stapled Hemmoroidoplexy

Do you have bad hemmoroids? Have you been offered this operation? I should let you know that they only follow up the people who have responded well to treatment so don’t trust the figures.

I can tell you this operation is more painful than giving birth. If you are a man and you have had this treatment you can consider yourself as having reached the same pain threshold and more besides.

My advice if offered this treatment is to run away. Because after you have had this treatment you will not be running anywhere. Should you actually recover from the surgery you may have a few years before symptoms start to bother you.

After the original recovery – which they did not give me enough pain relief for – I had very little time before secondary factors hit me. I went from farting all the time to not being able to fart at all. And that wasn’t all.

I was always a little constipated – hence the need for some treatment for the hemmoroids – but nothing like this. I would be turtling and get myself to the loo. I’d go into sitting position and it was just stop there.

Hanging over the precipace. It has been ten years since my ‘non invasive’ operation for hemmohroids. I only learnt a few months ago that the ring device they spoke about putting in me was in fact 28 titianim staples fired into my rectum.

I would suggest that anyone considering this operation should look at the instrument they use. Whilst they are researching it perhaps they could redefine the wording around invasive. I feel that shoving a machine up your arse, slicing away part of your rectum tissue and then putting staples in, is a pretty invasive bloody precedure.

In the year that I spent under Watford General for my butt trouble I saw four doctors. Not one suggested anything other than this operation.

I already had an a plastic device called a TVT put in place. I did have bladder infections but was told it was nothing important, just the way I was, maybe I could control it with diet.

To cut a very long story short I am now in a grown up nappy. I have such a painful butt you wouldn’t believe.I can only tell you not to do it. Find a surgeon who knows how to do it the old way. The way without composit material and nasty inhuman machines.

Don’t listen to the hype about threatre time. They have time. If your doctor isn’t working for you then fire him.

PALS now have my medical files for Watford General. Afterwards I go for UCLH and Kings College. You see I kept all my letters too.

I have the letters saying nothing is wrong. I have the consultants reports saying my womb is fine…even though I had it removed – the nhs in Herts and London is broken.

I woke up and read my own notes. I trusted doctors. I really trusted doctors. Now that I know that so many played me for a fool it will be a long road back. That is if I ever do go back to western medicine.

I realised recently that I am just a lab rat. As a poor woman I am nothing more for the doctors to experiment on and try different drugs on.

I use the NHS service so I have had little option other than to use them. But finding out that companies can then this data to convince others into having this major operation.

However, the data is flawed as there was no follow up. Dr Livingstone left Watford General Hospital.

So I thought it’s time to share. I figure I could tell you that 282 people in nhs had this exact procedure the same year. Eight died in threatre. 16 were in intensive care. The rest weren’t followed up – I was one of those.

Out of the others no one knows how they are doing after ten years. Perhaps they will get in contact to tell me this operation changed their life.

I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos. It may be that my skin is more flexible it doesn’t mean it don’t hurt. Pain is real.

Pain can be measured by electrical impulses. An emotion is something subjective. If your doctor dismisses your pain change your doctor quickly.