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Chapter 2. Revenge is Best Served Cold. Long Read.

*Caution – contains scenes of adult sexual violence. CHAPTER 2 – THE OTHER JOB Ted was his usual happy self. They asked after each other politely as he put the car into gear and asked for the first address. Sarah showed him her phone screen. After putting it in his ‘google maps’ app, he started […]

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Revenge is Best Served Cold – Long Read

CHAPTER 1 – LIFE BEFORE It didn’t matter how fast she ran; there was no escaping the truth. The freezing December rain hit her thighs making them red above the knee where the black lycra stopped. Her black hoody wet darker at the front and across the shoulders. Running against the wind and rain regenerated […]

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I Have A Sty (hordeolum) – babble

I don’t know what it’s called where you live but, here in the United Kingdom, a ‘sty’ is the name for an eye lid pimple brought on by stress. It starts small, ‘kinda prickly and ends up as a swollen, crusty mess that makes it hard to blink and see properly. All one can do […]

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Interference From Software

Let’s talk about interference. I live in England, UK. We are now post Brexit. Am I the only one getting frustrated with the interference of programs online while I’m trying to write? From searching to editing, the robot programs ( whom you did not ask for help) interfere. Predictive search…I can’t stand this. I can […]

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The Whiteness and Bloody Americans. Rant.

What is wrong with white people? This is aimed at white people in Europe not the States. I’m English and would also class myself as European. I voted to remain for Brexit. How can white people not realise they may be a target for hatred? Because, in the same way my (white) ancestors had to […]

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Friday the 13th Flash Adult Horror

Friday the 13th November 2020 The Modelling Assignment. “Good Luck!” Jessie’s mother shouted seeing her daughter readying herself at the front door. The tall blond girl pulled her Chelsea football scarf from the hat rack and threw it around her neck and put her head around the kitchen door. Her mum was stood at the […]

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Halloween is Coming!

Soon it will be November. Already there is a chill to the air, the days are becoming shorter and the clocks went back last night. I woke to all the time being wrong in the house and a leaky ceiling. Thankfully there is much to look forward to. The 31st October 2020 looms….yay. Yes. Next […]

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200 Followers – poem

It’s cracking when you follow It’s in ter est ing I always go to see One hundred posts the same? How and what is that game? Marketing is a must WordPress in sentence with trust I suspect I’m spam again So, in my tin I will reign Thank you to each of who do Whether […]

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Ugly Beauty – poem

Ugly is interesting Staring is inclined Just as beauty draws It shows equality defined Ugly shows a character You’ve not witnessed before Surrounding yourself with beauty Can’t keep ugly from your door Ugliness can teach you Ugliness shows Ugliness is not a choice It, like beauty, grows Ugly is a part of life Becoming a […]

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Microsoft services suffer third outage in 10 days

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I’m The Problem? Poem.

I throw away plastic but am unable to make it I wear synthetic clothes that I am unable to weave I eat food that comes in plastic packing as I cannot farm I heat myself with a source of power that I do not produce I’m told that plastic is bad, constantly by media And […]

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Over A Thousand Likes

It’s a lovely thing To hit a theme To raise esteem To be liked.   By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris Many thanks to all those who helped me achieve over one thousand likes on my blog.

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The God in the Tree

Gone but not forgotten. Great poets, Seamus Heaney 1939 – 2013. I’d like to share an extract from one of my favourite books, The Celts by Frank Delaney which extended from the BBC2 series published in Britain last decade. This part comes from the chapter, Expressions, and is on page 151. The author, Mr Delaney, […]

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Scoffy Snobs – Poem

Scoffy Snobs   They come in all shapes and size This one did come as a surprise You can usually tell a snob when they open their gob And nothing but shit there resides   This one was set up quite cute Lulled was I; like a magical flute I looked at the page, was […]

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Begum Bucket – Poem

There is a woman like a bulldog but meaner She is so ugly no one should see her Travelling far, against the law of this place, Disgraced She married an Islamic over believer. Now, this believer was no achiever Realising she was so displeasing on the eye He blew himself up in order to leave […]

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Working Class Zero – Poem

Comrades, they’d say, listen We’ll show you the way Turn up, fight the cause We’ll make lots of noise   Things happened at Hackney Downs An unspoken part of history now Secreted away before Tony Blair’s’ day For New Labour to make way   Denials of rape came from their bowels Apparently, lesbians don’t have […]