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The Crews See Fiction – Poem

The Crews See Fiction is about human’s innate ability to prophetise its own demise…and it’s drive to do so. The Crews See Fiction AI and Robots are everywhere Not that the eye can see People say; “Why do you care? I’ve nothing to hide, me’”. Is privacy a privilege? I suspect it is. It seems […]

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Call Me A Cynic – Covid19 ‘Masks’

Call me a cynic but our current governments  refusal to accept that masks would be a good idea in the battle to help slow transmission of a deadly disease may be because wearing a mask may mess with the AI Facial Recognition software results? This article tells us in the UK that other forces […]

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For Nick – Poem

You walked away, a year ago today It’s the first I’ve thought of you, my thoughts led astray You were my friend, more so, truth be told I thought we’d know each other old   Truth is, you left when I needed you most When my life was in despair, you left me there I’d […]

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Make it ’til Morning – Poem

  I dread, sometimes, they’ve got it wrong And tomorrow, I won’t wake where I belong This lovely world will be left behind My days no longer lasting I will, no longer, wake in wonder staring at the clouds I will, no longer, imagine where all the cars go now Their drivers live a life […]