Shelly’s Mum, Killed by Mesh

Last week there was a demonstration in London against the treatment of people who have been implanted with medical mesh devices. This piece is the Facebook post of Shelly Wills who lost her mother Susan Moxey and attended on her behalf.


Letter just sent to Baroness Cumberledge. She asked for me to send her any updates. So just sent this as follows :
Update after attending the Sling the mesh demonstration. UCHL 9th May 2019.

It was just mind blowing, seeing the devastation of the wake of this simple gold standard operation.

I came away from the demonstration just in utter shell shock. Burnt out, I crashed into bed, for two days, just physically and mentally drained. After the Adrenalin dropped. I had attended on my own, travelled up and stayed over in London, my husband had work commitments, but is very supportive of me.

What stuck me, after the demonstration, was the volume in numbers. All the people in wheelchairs, walking sticks, maimed for life, injured we need Suzy Elneil back, to turn this around for the ladies.

But at the same time, I’m seeing warriors not victims. I am so embarrassed and ashamed that this is happening, but proud of them all. This was my mum in happier times.

But by golly, what amazing people they are, the strength of will. Unless more radical surgery is offered the suffering will continue. A lot of the women want Suzy Elneil reinstated. They trust her, as a surgeon, to remove the mesh.

To take this away from woman, when they are so vulnerable, it’s playing with life and death. I thought long and hard, should I come forward, join the campaign, my main fear, was triggering the ladies, the ones that were at that tipping point, feeling suicidal.
If I brought up how mum ended up, it could be a trigger to them, and be very dangerous. But felt that, if I didn’t, still someone could still take those steps, and I would feel so responsible for just sitting back and observing. I could not take that chance. So decided, to introduce myself to the ladies.

I would not leave my cats or dogs to suffer like this it would be neglectful.

I relate to all these ladies, when their lives are all in the balance. I felt very humble, to be part of this demonstration in London. All be it tragedy that has brought us together. I felt very tearful and angry. At first it felt like I should not be there, silly, I know now.
And yes lost my voice. For someone who, has always been very vocal, how could that be possible.? Dumb struck, I felt like I was frozen, going to have a panic attack. My throat closed over, dry mouth, and felt my heart pumping faster.

But I composed myself, not fully, but to the best of my ability, at that time. Got motivated, and participated. Never felt so strongly about something so passionately.

Mum has a voice now, broken the silence the stigma of suicide. Nearly 14 years, in the dark black hole. To then emerge out the other end. Expose her plight, in all its ugly entirety, she suffered so badly, that will never leave me.

History repeating it’s self, on a grand scale now, this present day.

These ladies were too volatile, but so motivated, driven by frustration and turmoil.

Ignored, lab rats. What came across, was all the normal loving families. Who had normal functioning lives before the mesh was inserted.
Just like my mum, women who loved life. But now, are fighting a system, that seems so cruel, and driven by greed and money.
Life looks like its so cheap, its incredible that, there has never been any, follow up care. After having these operations, it’s just mind boggling.

So much false news, in the media. UCHL made a public statement, whilst the demonstration was being carried out. Thomson solicitors read it out to us all, whilst standing outside the UCHL.

Susan Moxey Harvest Queen
Susan Moxey when she was a young woman pictured as Harvest Queen

We were all very angry, it concluded that the figures affected by the last minute cancellations, letters ladies was only 13 it was played down. It was obvious it was a very low figure, they were stating less than there were in reality. It was later confirmed the true figure was nearer 247. Which is also untrue.

It comes across, like there is so much denial, a cover up. Lives are cheap and expendable. Such a insult to my mum’s memory. I feel violated, all the victims are just feeling like they are just worthless. We all just felt helpless again, after that public statement. It just seems like it’s bank rolled corruption . No one cares, we’re all fighting a system, that is bigger than us.

I can only applaud these ladies and men. And of course my mum. For their bravery, and gusto, when they are, so chronically disabled and injured.

Clearly my mum she paid with her life, to stop the agony, physical and mental, neglected by the medical and mental health team. Nothing has changed,it’s just got bigger and more mesh injured over the years. All be it, my mum be historical, what are the true numbers, of the casualties of woman and men, to suicide in reality? Due to this gross neglect of aftercare?

As there has not been any follow ups on the mesh operations,no data. Mesh victims are ignored, pushed aside, classed as neurotic, imagining the pain. This is still going on today, almost 14 years after mum, tragically euthanized her pain. The only saving grace today is social media. Had mum known about she was not the only one suffering, she was one of thousands, things could of been so different.

But what really hit home, was she would of likely been in a wheel chair today. And suffered far too long. Did I want that for my mum, No. No quality of life intended, left to end her life at her own peril. I don’t think I could sit by and watch her suffer like all these people clearly are.

What is apparent there are people who are suffering, for very many years, some longer than the time mum has been gone. Have even read some are 20 years, how can that be allowed? It’s an utter diabolical disgrace. That gives me comfort, in a kind of irony. That mum, drew her ace card.

I have come away from the demonstration outside UCLH, shocked, appalled that this can be happening today, how can this be justified? It’s a abomination to humanity.

I am so concerned, its only a matter of time, we will have a tragedy, of a potential suicide. I have had so many ladies, email saying they could relate to how desperate mum felt and justify how mum ended up feeling suicidal, for so long.

I feel responsible, I can’t shake it. This needs to stop before another tragedy, it feels like not if it happen, but when will it happen. By that time it will be too late. One person is too many.

I am sorry this is so long to read. And appreciate, you are very busy, and gathering evidence looking into this, but as a bystander feel compelled to come forward. Having observed so much. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Mrs Shelley Wills.
Daughter of Susan Moxey who was born 31st May 1954 – Died 4th March 2005
Pictured as young woman who was crowned Harvest Queen in her healthier days.