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The 2525 Pilgrimage

Inspired by a Zega & Evans song, released in the 1960s, called ‘In the Year 2525’.

The 2525 Pilgrimage by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

Centuries since Corona Virus Alpha hit Earth devastating our population, I sit here using a rusty blade, scraping marks in hope that I won’t be discovered by our monitors. We use this ancient fridge for storing clothing; working well for keeping moths out, my up-bringers and I sharing it. Now, it will bare these words for history.

At school, we’re told our ancestors used the fridges to keep carcasses fresh. It was a time when humans battled with each other, spoiling the planet with poisonous weapons. A time when people murdered Earth’s other inhabitants; selfishly eating animals, using them as a source of protein, they’d manufacture products from their carcases and enjoyed wearing animal skins, even using bones for medicinal broths and industrial glues.

I’ve never known a cold fridge. The harnessing of electrical power was outlawed for humans in 2050. For our safety, AI automatic droids maintain our planet’s electrical grids. Distribution and supply is strictly rationed to Necessary For Life organisations and not squandered by people.

I’m told my ‘need to create’ is an escalation of my illness, so I must be cautious. I’m a committed New Beginning Believer but the evilness of bad mental health remains. Managing to physically scrape one word a day has taken discipline. My addiction craves more, risking raising my heart rate to a detectable level.

Weeks after the Corona Virus Zeta variant attacked the planet in June 2030 a cohort study showed how vulnerable humans became when out of their homes. As a major medical discovery it saved billions of lives but had not been welcomed by all. Deadly violent protests spread across the world faster than the virus, destroying cities and towns, cutting utilities and leaving land scorched with fire.

It is history now, how it was necessary for AI to oversee human health for The Common Good and the protection of our species and our solar system. Our homes, for our safety, had to become human cages.

Robots now distribute our care, limiting human error. Armoured vehicles travel streets delivering water tablets and nutrition, monitoring our vital signs so we rarely starve if we are viable. Thankful, we watch through holes we’ve piped into the hives on our windows.

Foxes, snakes, sheep, wolves and deer roam outside our homes on cracked tarmac. The grass verges, left to grow naturally, encouraging wildlife, are now host to the genetic insects released to combat stray humans carrying disease. Building nests and hives around us they are able to monitor movements keeping AI informed of our well being.

State television transmits a basic program service with special entertainment on Saturday nights. Generally television informs us of how the latest health programme progresses, which locations are expecting the Build Back Better vaccination robots and the daily birth rate over death rate graph.

International Communications are impossible for most since the satellites were, for our safety, reconfigured using the same space drones that humans had invented for mining exploration. Anti vaccination terrorists had to be stopped from using the networks to organise resistance and had been blocking The New Beginning Faith broadcasts.

Automatic trucks collect human waste weekly from each street moving it to a collection point where it’s transported by crane into giant airships run on biofuel. These craft transport the sweet smelling load to the ocean where it is released for the marine life to feed upon. Diet, controlled by AI, allows us to now produce nutrient rich waste which is useful until our deaths.

Few natural humans, other than royalty, can safely move around outside. We don’t have the genetic makeup. Crane drivers have outside protective freedoms. Having a skill AI can’t master, they bare witness to how the Build Back Better system is working. I’m assigned a crane operator as my lover. I pray we’ll be fruitful.

Gratefully, I’m able to leave home once in a lifetime. I’ve been researching my Life Pathway Journey on the battery run Ethernet computer. It will be so exciting to see The London Eye. One has to be patient as the current female pilgrimage age is the first month after one’s fifty-fifth birthday.

I pray I will still be considered worthy.

The End.

The Crews See Fiction – Poem

The Crews See Fiction is about human’s innate ability to prophetise it’s own demise…and perhaps it’s drive to do so.

The Crews See Fiction

Ai and Robots are everywhere

Not that the eye can see

People say, ‘why do you care?’

I’ve nothing to hide, me’.

Is privacy a privilege?

I suspect it is.

It seems to me

It is written

So, it must be

Five Alive had a heart

But robots do not

AI will survive

To ensure humans stay alive

To serve them in part.

Algorithms can’t be taught to care

Softly stroke our hair

Understand a human need

And respond accordingly.

We have Ai and robots in our hospitals

Driving vehicles on our roads

In laboratories, measuring chemicals

Other places that I do not know.

Designed for the battlefield by the military

Re-purposed it then found another way

Robots should be used for areas that humans dare to tread

Not dealing with suffering patients in sick beds.

Exploratory on gaseous poisoned planets

Or through caves that no human could dwell

On fields where landmines have been laid

Or perhaps just chuck them all down a well.

Because humans have all we need.

Robots and AI scare me

They use up Earth’s resources through mineral extraction

And deliver nothing but robot interaction.

Let’s send them back to the land of fantasy

For a scarier future I can see

Let’s educate our children, grow our intellect

And concentrate on humanity

We’ve got to get there yet.


The end.

Copyright @unextraordinarybint Samantha Harris 2020

Artificial Intelligence, Poetry and Yoda – Article

So, an AI robot can write a poem.

A home transformed by the lightning
the balanced alcoves smother
this insatiable earth of a planet, Earth.
They attacked it with mechanical horns
because they love you, love, in fire and wind.
You say, what is the time waiting for in its spring?
I tell you it is waiting for your branch that flows,
because you are a sweet-smelling diamond architecture
that does not know why it grows.

But, can ‘it’ read poetry?

Poetry isn’t just about expression, it’s a snip of history, capturing feelings of time, location and being then placing these items into words.

As a child, part of my school education involved breaking down poetry in a bid to find the hidden message, learning to peel through the layers. I’ve not had further education or a long career in writing but much of my leisure time has been spent trying to understand English verse.

Not being an academic I’ve tended towards the things which interest me. As a child and young woman I was attracted to devotional poems by nuns. Later, I started to enjoy Robert Graves’ musings on The Greek Myths and then read The White Goddess and learnt about his theories. I feel he is the master of code.

It seemed to me that to be able to read poetry and break it down you must be good at rhythm and recognising the use of pattern to carry a character along. How a leap of faith within a poem can be a message to the reader sometimes a secret, underlying one.

Poetry is an info graphic of words. So what do our robot poems tell us? They tell us that artificial intelligence can put together a great poem – the poem above won awards. However, I’ve yet to see any research, which has been successful, for AI to understand complex poetry.

For me, it seems important that robots cannot understand everything that we say unless we want them to. Instructions should be simple not instinctive. The rush to make them human like disturbs me.

According to Graves, and many agree with his rather male perspective of his fantastic poem investigations from our past, we were once an Earth of Goddess worshippers. Then, women got forcibly disinherited from their power. Since, we have had time of Gods and men. So, massive shifts of power are possible.

If there were to be another global revolution what form would it take? Would we be looking at a huge difference to the way we see our world living under Artificial Intelligence? Would we humans be capable of living life under something like science fiction’s The Borg?

And if this were to happen…how important would creativity and poetry be? Would we long for a line so sublime just to take us away for a day from the mechanically? How important would being able to say something in a day for tomorrow plans be?

Right now neither of those last two sentences are grammatically correct but most of us can we understand them because we are human. AI currently could not.

Paranoid I may seem but not because anyone is after me. It’s because I know that intelligent people feed the beast of artificial intelligence without truly knowing or understanding the purpose.

Just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should. Hashtag poetry for security it be. If you don’t want AI to pick up on what you say, speak the Yoda way.