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The White Slave Trade

Black Beauty and White Lies

So, a little look at what wordpress wants me to read is always interesting.

Black lady has a blog. Usual blog material. Children used to gain likes and some personal hardship stories. Most of the stories gravitate about her race. Like me and many others she feels it’s important to state her life matters.

Her blog promotes tee-shirts of one type. It has black lives matter tee-shirts and one of the slogans is – the link for amazon (I see no reason to support a racists blog) is just below in case you fancy one – LIGHTLY MELANATED HELLO BLACK


lightly melanated hello black

I didn’t know what this meant so I went and looked it up. I looked up the medical. I looked up the black lives matter material.

There is much to say here but one thing is evident, the people printing the tee-shirts didn’t bother doing any medical research.

On a tee-shirt promoting page stating, white people are constantly racist to black and brown people and that there were no nice words ever put in front of black, I was invited to leave a comment.

Well, strictly I wasn’t invited as I’m not black, but I am human and we are the same race so I decided to drop my two pennies in.

Probably best if I don’t repeat what I wrote. Let’s just say I’m fed up a certain humans promoting segregation of the races.

There is article after article about how awful it is that black people feel they are being discriminated against but there is no proof presented, just feelings, that’s not discrimination.

Actual discrimination is when you are not entitled to the same freedoms as others or are restricted from facilities and services on the basis of colour, gender or age. It is definitely not ‘hurt feelings’.

The word Nigga for instance…for decades white people in my country are not allowed to say it but black people still use it amongst themselves and on music promotional material etc.

I got asked to promote something yesterday on another platform. I read the material for the album and realised that I’m not allowed to say one line of it. Why would I promote any musician who is calling himself a nigga?

We are not allowed to say something that black people are allowed to say. That is discrimination.

By the way, I don’t want to say nigga, it’s and I’m surprised that black people do want to say and promote themselves saying it..

I going to assume it’s so they can be discriminative in their speech knowing it cannot be repeated or sampled by people not allowed to say it?

Well please remember, it’s not actually against the ‘law’ of our country to say this word. We just refrained out of politeness..Perhaps ‘artists’ should consider doing the same?

If you have a talent do it, share it and become the best you can, being black isn’t a talent it’s a stroke of luck – like being born white or brown or pigmented.

It’s not easy being human but if we all continue trying to be heard on merit of colour – that’s putting life in the shade and life is going to get very boring.

I’m bored of writing about it and I’m bored of reading about it.

Why can’t wordpress show me the people I’ve previously followed in my reader rather than promoting the same agenda as the national papers and media in my country. It’s sad and see through.

Peace for all.

The Defund the BBC Campaign Takes Firm Hold in England.

The thing we have to pay for….by threat of jail is a propaganda infested news channel. Not everyone has to pay, for instance the Indian’s, American’s and African’s don’t pay the fee…Apparently this is not news!!!

The BBC chose what they cover. They decide not to cover the Biafran story or Ambazonia story…just …personal stories seems to be the mainstay of BBC Africa. When Malema is calling for land for the state the BBC seem to be deaf.

It’s time to stop paying for the BBC – it is not fair to make the elderly population of the UK pay for things they cannot watch and that do not represent them or their culture. If Africa want a BBC Africa then they should also pay for the BBC or no one should. BBC Urdo is another channel as well as BBC America.. The british licence fee payer is forced to pay for…often not in our language so why is it a criminal offense not to pay it?

time for change

Refused Aid During Pandemic

South Africa is worrying me.

The situation is becoming worse and worse and is being ignored by our international press.

Elderly man refused food aid because he is white.

Racist reporter attempting to make this man feel bad because he lives with white people.

Refused Aid by South African Government because they are white people.

Watch “Is the BBC solving or creating problems by giving staff ‘avoiding racial bias’ training?” on YouTube

Word Press Cowards

At least when I say something, I leave my comment space so others can comment, although I’ve recently started monitoring this as some responses can be exceptionally long.
So many bigots and bloggers on this site don’t like to offer a platform for response. What you scare of?
These people annoy me. They print lies and incentive articles with no evidence and often chopped, unrelated photos are used to back up their PR related racist posts.
I was looking at Black Lives Matter UK post regarding a protest it claims happened in my country, on 15th August, in a town called Brighton, East Sussex. Well, I looked at the photos and the beach were sandy. Brighton has a pebble beach…no sand. They are liars.
They are using the fact that many towns and cities are named in America after the British originals…
In England, the description for Asians = Indians, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Bangladesh persons and any other nationality which isn’t white, black or Chinese looking…but this also includes white hindi people. The classifications are not as they should be.
In America, the class Asians are Chinese. i.e. So, Yale will release a paper regarding heart disease saying Asians are more likely to die.
However, Oxford and Kings colleges and medical professionals in UK referring to Asians as meaning anything, but Chinese direct the health authority to attribute actions for priority for Indian people rather than on Chinese. For instance, with heart disease. Chinese are most at risk, but our NHS system insists that ‘Asians’ are most at risk…meaning Indian, Afghani etc although no proof.
These little things are being used to capture funds basically. The black capture funds evolve around pretending to be discriminated against and saying that they are more likely to suffer from anaemia-based sickle cell blood disease, Diabetes and Rickets than whites …which is also rubbish.
All races suffer from these diseases.
People need to really be woke from this woke state and understand they are being played. Gupta brother, Bell Pottinger PR companies do this. They did it before in South Africa by writing news articles saying Whites still owned 98% of the wealth there. This is not true it was a lie to gain access to fuel funding.
Please, please wake up and stop supporting these untruthful organisations.


Skin – A Poem

What do you want from me?

Turn me inside to see, turn me inside to tell and turn me upside down as well.

I can not change to be like you. My colour is my colour

I am white with veins of blue and I’ve always loved you.

Now I see you do not love me and do not want equality. This makes me sad but what can I do? I can not change to be black or blue.

I hear, I listen, I try but can’t understand. I too can be foreign, in a foreign land.

To feel different, a sense of belonging, neither is ours to command. Skin can not supply this. Belonging is beyond our hand.

My colour cannot hurt you. But my skin I’d strip off and find a new but if I wish to survive, this is not possible to do.

Perhaps I should leave my land? Go and find somewhere new? Leave you behind and those I knew.

Where would you have me go? There is no where left. Only lands of ice and snow. And I do already feel the cold.

I’m tired of being referred to by my skin. Hey you – I’m a human too. Not just a ‘white’. But do I have that right? Or is that offensive too?

The term ‘silence is violence’ is beyond belief. In Newham dark skin is 90% deep. This secret we must keep. Please give me relief!

Seems minority status can be a lie. But these are things upon which one relies to gain the things which once were mine. I wanted to share with you but apparently this is not what you do.

Play with the facts. Ignoring the tracks. And hoping that folks will fly. We do hate our skins, disgust begins…Do with us as you will. In the light, unfortunately, white I will be still.

Only, now there is no where to go. Is this why so many die? Hanging from trees, lofts and left in parks and walks bys?

Tell me how I can make you happy. Tell me how I can make equality be. Tell me how to colour my skin and find your kind of equality.

Maybe I should go to school. But I would never make you see. I’d still watch as you swap black for white and use my own words against me.

It’s irony that ebony and ivory is blasphamy. Yet should it sound better black and proud – would it really be?

Maybe I could educate. But white is the only colour I can know. I would change it, in an instance, if I knew it would help us grow.

I would change my colour in an instant I really would. Colour me and make you feel free, to show you I’ve understood.

26th July 2020. By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris.

Slavery And My Lilley White Arse (poem)

Slavery in the United Kingdom

My stance on removing slavery completely, in all its forms, in England. Poem is at end.

Human slavery unfortunately, is a growing concern not a dying one.

Our government is allowing workers to be flown in from Europe during covid19 rather than pay a proper wage to farm pickers here. The discrimination that the Latvia workers and people suffered whilst in the UK was disgusting levels. In fact, you could say, Brexit was anti-European.

We have in England zero-hour contracts, bad working conditions, no entitlement to holiday or sick pay and less and less facilities available due to the growing population. Housing is built but the infrastructure is left small, these developments are straining to capacity. The new housing is filled by newcomers with ‘protected’ statuses.

Au pairs are brought in from France and kept in terrible conditions and mistreated, sometimes killed. Denied food, money to phone their parents, money to return home, their passports taken from them by their ’employer’.

Sophie Lionnet should be remembered; her masters tried to burn her body in the garden after they’d drowned her beaten body, this poor white woman endured torture at the hands of her captives for months. As their nanny she looked after their children so lovingly. She had no one adult to turn to.

Sophie Lionnet was a beautiful soul. Her killers easily caught as Sophie was white, they didn’t think anything of just burning her body in the back garden. Neighbours smelled it and called firefighters. The Old Baily put them down for thirty years…not long enough.

One of her killers (I will not name them) has been given public money to appeal the conviction, although they videoed themselves beating her and were both in the garden trying to destroy the body when authorities appeared, they lied and said they were having a barbeque – when do victims matter?

It seems whilst the world argues for a more superior outlook on all black people (regardless of their characters), they’ve dropped the ball on protecting everyone. It seems the effect of promoting black lives matter seems to do the exact opposite to white people who continue to be the most trafficked.

Thirty-nine dead Vietnamese bodies found dead in a truck last year in England were bound for Ireland…when will their lives matter?

So, this Angry White Woman has something to say and a little historical reference from ancient times is going to help me, as this divisive treatment has been going on since slavery was introduced to literature through Hebrew texts and before.

The Israelites took what was around and wrote the Mosaic Law which included rules like foreign slaves could be kept forever but Hebrew slaves could be released after seven years and rules about their care.

Hebrews didn’t invent slavery, they were just the first ones to put law down on paper; their law about slaves covered what and who you could and couldn’t do, etc, but this was in the Middle East, thousands of years ago, before the Bible or the Qur’an were written.

There was already a slave code called The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi in place in 1750 BC that is almost two thousand years before Christ is reported to have been born. Slavery has been around for a long time. It was used for all sort of reasons.

  1. Spoils of war.
  2. Kidnap
  3. Voluntarily – by need or punishment or debt

Slavery was the grease which seemed to keep these empires going and it didn’t fall out of favour for a very long time and I would argue that as it is still legal in some countries more should be done to stamp out what is left, or at least educate against its ideology.

Several Roman Emperors used their positions to make conditions better for slaves, AntonioPius (138 – 168 AD) brought Roman laws in stating slaves could be freed if treated cruelly. Masters could be jailed if they killed a slave. And before that Nero made it that slaves could have their day in court.

The Roman Empire embodied and still encouraged most forms of slavery and it was very much part of religious systems too. The Romans did many things which Angles/Celts or native Britons did not. The Romans did not conquer the United Kingdom with warriors.

Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable quotes (Pope) Gregory the Great as saying (540- 604 AD) – this is a famous saying, most English are not taught Latin at school so do not understand it but manuscripts were written in Latin.

“Angles, Non Angli, sed angeli”

Which is Latin for,

“not Angles but angels”.

Legend has it that Gregory the Great, prefect of Rome, saw some fair headed slaves in the local market and he enquired where they came from. He was told they were heathens from Angle. Heathen means doesn’t believe in God.

On hearing this, he sent Augustine to convert the Angles.

Augustine set up his mission on the Angle islands in 596AD (Britain). Both Gregory and Augustine were sainted for what they did. The internet will tell you that Angles came from Germany, but Angletere is still the French name for England, it means land of the Angles. The Romans had previously tried to conquer all of United Kingdom and failed.

So, I wrote all you would be, modern day, trade slavers and ‘cavers’ a poem. It seems my persecuted history is screaming out to be heard and listened to right now. There are rumours flying around in the media that China is trying to take over – nah, I’m still convinced this is elitists from black lives matter making a move to subjugate the country known as Great Britain, for a Christian or Unified Faith and a brand New Order of Faith and Grace – more legal responsibility given to faiths in Sharia or Mosaic courts.

I’m really hope I am wrong and that I am suffering from white persecution anxiety because of all the news coverage of black lives matter and losing three white male friends to covid19. My experiences at the hands of a few black people are also colouring my view, pardon the pun.

However, having spent many hours discussing with young people online in black lives matter it has come to my attention that they are badly informed, almost radicalized to black lives matter movement and are angry at White British people for ‘ruining the world with colonization’.

Having not argued with one black person about black lives matter I doubt this agenda is actually doing them any favours. It has been Christian white women and Indian/british women who have been pushing the black lives matter ideology in Watford. Not discounting the rising chorus and very public statement of Anthony Joshua telling folks to only buy from black companies and stores. This boy was not oppressed growing up, he led a charmed existence, cossetted by his UK based Aunt in the social services and his wealthy family in Nigeria.

So, in true British banter form here is my take in poem form, of course. If it offends you it’s done what I wanted it to. We didn’t invent Colonization, we just did it. Like, right now, in Africa there is colonization going on. Cameroon killing Ambazonians because they want to continue to speak English. Do their black lives matter?

I thought it to be funny in my poem, as right now humour and education beats violence and threats hands down. There is a nod to the computer language uform and spell binding. The so called white magic lightening peace keepers within our code. Really? Hmmm. Adding to the drama of the fight for ‘good and evil’.

There is a tiny nod to another pagan friend of mine who has just done a course of magic and got a certificate for it. She is studying the Yoruba religion which funnily enough declared its people were going to take over North America this year.

I’m sorry but pagan at heart I just don’t like it. Looks like we are not all the same.

Paganism means more to me, it means freedom and living well, not under oppression.

My Lilley White Arse

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris written June 2020, under lockdown.

Don’t you just love my skinny butt?

Does it make you jealous much?

Do you like my Lilly white skin?

Notice how it shimmers within.

In the moon and the sun.

How about my blue blood?

What’s under your hood?

History would hasten to add

That not all of you are bad

But envious many of you are

Of my beautiful scars

Oh, you,

Those with souls as dark as night

As black as mud

What were you thinking of?

Your blackness does you defy

Shining in the pupil of our eyes.

You’ve murdered, raped and killed

Across the lands

You’ve multiplied and lied.

You’ve kept hatred in your hearts

And, now you have to start,


Your skin is not worse than me

But your behaviours undesirable be

You communicate

That you want to separate,

So you can plot against me,


Is the jealousy why you hate?

Oh, the spirit world is very clear

All bad magic comes back near

I see what you have done

The darkness you’ve become

It’s not for me to judge

I know the worthiness of me

And I deserve to be free

I will not be enslaved to you

No matter what you do

I will not take the knee

Or break bread with thee

As that would physically


Metaphorically be

Just because you hate me.

You hate me because of my skin,

Not for what lies within.

You are a master is every way

And your hatred is gaining sway.

Emily Jones, Lee Rigby,

Luke O’Connell, Daniel Rush,

Too many we can think of

Innocents stabbed as they lived along

Do you justify this hatred in your hearts?

Perhaps it is time to part?

It’s not the way it should be

But yes,

Right now, I’d like you far from me.

Every chance has been given you.

Will you ever be true?

Integrity what a joke you be

Your lies will catch up with thee.


The End.









Police condemn sickening ‘hobby’ of people filming officers being assaulted


Respect? Where has it gone? I have a comment that if they stopped filming themselves then the police would have no chance at all of catching them.

Some elements of the press are partly responsible for the hatred aimed at our police services. The BBC keeps showing programs saying that the police are heavy handed here and to be frank, they are not. 

Our police are not armed…they have tazers with confetti in for one shot, which they need to write a lot of paper work for if they have to discharge it. England is not like America.

Black lives matter want to get a grip. Stop all the violence. They should be calling for reflection and for peace throughout this pandemic of covid19. Black lives in countries like America and England have the same opportunities if not more than the white people in the same social bracket in the communities they live. I should know I’ve been writing about it for over a year now.

Black lives do not deserve special privileges just because of the colour of their skin. No one does. That is just a stupid idea. If they feel uncomfortable around white people they need to deal with it.

I hear that America has a ‘black history month’…I’m blown away by this. History is history, no month should be dedicated to a race of human…stop it. Why are you segregating up the past and selling it on like it was a cereal box? History happens in a chronological order with factors of geology and social events.. It shouldn’t be colour coded, this is not the right way to go. 

When white people are not allowed to be part of the solution and are kept from having their say in a discussion which concerns them too that is racism. In the black lives matter movement white people have to speak last as they are least black… that is seriously F.U.

When people are overlooked for housing and health vaccines that is discrimination. 

Just looking at a person wrong is not racism. Even calling someone a name isn’t racism as many people call each other names, especially as there is a country in Africa called Niger… I wouldn’t use some words as I know it causes offence, although as they use it themselves, which is discriminative – that is racist.

The other word which isn’t racist is Paki…for someone who comes from Pakistan. I don’t get upset if someone calls me a Brit..as I am from Britain. How can you be offended by someone calling you what you are? I wouldn’t use this word ‘Paki’ as now, in England one would be called a racist for it. Although the term is a descriptor.

It’s actually racism towards whites as they are not allowed to use the words without getting their head caved in either metaphorically or physically. Yet ‘honkey’ a bad word for white people as comes from the men honking their car horns outside bars, to get the hookers to come out to them, as they were too scared to go in .

I came across a comedian who stated White Women Should Shut UP..  He’d like that. If you are uncomfortable here, in a white country like England, you must learn to be comfortable around white people. We are not going to let you segregate us any more than we already have been by the government. Live amongst us, we are not bad.

People in England have not owned slaves for 400 years and most didn’t anyway. Most white folks didn’t have enough money to own slaves. There is no living soul is around who owned a slave in England or even has a living relative who had a living relative who remembers or knew anyone who had slaves.

To the black Londoners on youtube saying rubbish like; ‘I’m not English, I’m a Londoner’, ‘I hate the English’ – get this little fact in to your thick heads. YOU came here, or your family brought you here, so start living like you’re British because that is where you are, it’s home. If you are a Londoner you are English and all that entails.

You came here because you heard Britain was great. You came here because this is a fabulous country.  A country where you have freedoms not thought of in your old country…and benefits. Do not expect to jump the queue over us locals as we have been waiting longer for decent housing and have fought hard for our rights, especially as women. We owe you nothing.

It does disgust me that priority is given to migrants when the population lives in overcrowded, mouldy and unsuitable accommodation – see below before losing it.

It disgusts me that our BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all seem to be sucking up to this false rhetoric of black oppression and discrimination.

Do you know why it disgust me?  I have been pointing out the discrimination within our health care programs and housing and that priority is not given to white people, Chinese people, black people or disabled people it is given to South Asian people (Indians/Pakistani/Indonesia/Afghanistan).

Black lives matter…as much as anyone else’s but if you are thinking of staying in England then why not adopt a few of it’s values? Respect for your elders of every race. Respect for the laws of the land, respect for the policemen who enforce those laws. Respect for the land and the environment. Stop hating on people because of ancient history. 

I look out my window every day and see children of every hue play together and then they get older and it seems harder for them to be friends anymore…let’s change that.

The law has evolved to be as it is in England, it’s not perfect but it’s all we got. No one is suggesting we can’t make it better but it’s actually pretty good and only needs a tweak.

It’s the race baiting, identity politics and oppressive false news coming out of our university’s and media which need to be defunded…not our police.





So, They Are Serious About Churchill…



The black lives matter movement would like to remove Churchill… I argued with a young Indian/English girl about it online. I went to find something to show her that Indians had died in millions from famine in the years before British intervention but it has been removed and replaced by so many spurious articles blaming England and Churchill.

I realised that there was no denying how thorough these people have been.

The media in the UK are not reporting the attacks happening within our communities in a proper fashion and are choosing which news lines they follow and those they don’t. They are attempting to start a race war here in London.

The identity politics screws within our health care systems and housing which I wrote about last year are now being turned tightly with a new influx of economic migrants who are government has decided to house immediately because of the covid19 situation.

News of Shamina Begum returning to the UK is not allowed to be reported in the press. She is getting legal aid and assistance with a new ID as well as being defended by the wife of one of our ex prime ministers Cherie Blaire. All being paid for by monies raised by charities apparently.

The newspapers have told many untruths. They claim this terrorist was one of three girls to be groomed online and disappeared from Hackney. No she is the ISIS girl that groomed those three girls and those three girls are still missing. Shamina Begum is part of a huge criminal family who have previously been caught for £42,000 benefit fraud.

Once Shamina Begum is in jail she will be radicalizing the others around her. Once she comes out she will start recruiting again. This woman is evil. Four children she has had and one survives, purely to get sympathy and get her back into the country. It worked.

Like the so called noose being found in Bubba Wallace’s car was actually a door handle and had been there for over a year…Why do the newspapers and news media just follow a certain line of news and wilfully ignore others? I understand not reporting on the ISIS terrorist coming back into the country as it’s illegal for news channels,but what about the other news which would reflect my life?

I’ve witnessed lots of vicious attacks on whites over Juneteenth. They were for no other reason other than their colour. However, the news refuse to call them hate crimes. Even when CHAZ – the autonomous zone – changed it’s name to CHOP to copy the historical French revolution the main news didn’t seem to understand or report this development.

They killed thousands people in the French revolution, chopped off their heads, with the handy guillotine. The black lives matter movement has been responsible for so many deaths yet the media refuse to cover the real story. Searching instead for any white person misbehaving so they can whack a far-right label on them.

So, when black lives matter were protesting about how oppressed they are and pulling down statues here, defacing Churchill’s statue and attempting to pull down others,Black lives across the globe decided that they did matter and would kill white people, they would rob them and destroy their property and the blacklivesmatter brigade didn’t say a word.

There was a terrible attempted murder of a teenager in Australia, in a station Melbourne Cross, beaten senseless. Verbally abused, lungs punctures, limbs broken and dragged about like a doll because she was white. All eight of her attackers black and female. I saw it on June 16th 2020 but it still has not been covered by the main news. Her name is Mikala I think, although I watched the video when it aired all I could tell was that she had dared to say she fancied a black boy.

I have no reason to lie. I have reasons to be racist, if you read my blog back to the beginning you’d see how easy it would be for me to be racist towards any other skin colour but in my day to day dealings I am not. I remain polite and understand manners are the gravy which makes the world go around.

Why are black people so angry and full of hatred? Why are they continually saying that England is racist as a nation when it isn’t true. England  was a predominantly white European country which has changed it’s demographic. They take no responsibility for continuing to trade in slaves but berate us for oppressing them.

Like in Watford, where I live, as a UK born white British person I represent 27% of my community. England was neither historically nor is now a black country. It was always white with a large Church of England and pagan population.

The BBC do not have to keep telling us we are racist when we have been extremely accommodating. Most of our social housing is now own by foreign families. We are one of the most tolerant people on this planet. We’re great at giving everyone rights.

So let’s look at the hypocrisy of the situation. I’m not saying England is not safe for white people or that black or brown people are all mean and nasty, what I am saying is that the BBC and other national news channels are purposefully not telling us news.

Emily Jones – a little white girl targeted by a mentally ill refugee who had told NHS services that she wanted to kill white children…before being released into the community to do just that on a sunny day in February this year.

Donna Barren Jones just another hit and run statistic… again run over and left because of her colour in Bolton. Mowed down by a Libyan national, again…she deserved it to him. Her killer was driving for a take away firm with no insurance or licence. That happened today…but the news is covering the language we use when we address black and brown people.

At an illegal dance rave Trafford, Manchester, three people were stabbed and a woman raped and someone died and the police knew the rave was going ahead during the lock down but didn’t stop it…that was last weekend.

In Reading a man stabbed seven men, three men died, murdered by a refugee, he targeted the peaceful group, sitting chatting in a park because they were white, but this has been classed as a terrorist attack. The stabber was twenty years old and again, known to the authorities and a loner.

In Cape Town, Africa a white man is stripped naked and viscously beaten by many black people in June 2020, a mob killing, not covered by the media anywhere..white people are under attack under a media black out in Africa.

Amy Biehl from Santa Monica, California was killed in Cape Town in 1993. The American pro black student was stabbed and stoned in Africa by black people and I didn’t know her name. Did you? The four men who organised, participated and encouraged others were pardoned by the African government.

But I bet you know the name behind the blacklivesmatter movement don’t you?

The media is supposed to report the news..not lead the culture it is feeding.

The rhetoric of black lives matter is obvious. They matter. But what do the added symbolism of ‘silence is violence’ mean? I’ll tell you, it means you must take the knee otherwise you will be forced to. I’ve recently argued with several beautiful, white and very bitching women who run a homeless shelter in Iowa America who tell me that it is impossible to be racist towards a white person.

I told them to check that with the UN convention of Human Rights.

Yeah, words hurt but violence kills.

My experiences of racism have blighted my life. My complaints gather dust because my attackers are black. My complaints against my health care and housing all ignored because I am white and British. My complaints against brown doctors all classed as a fair kind of person just being very racist and then ignore but I still keep pushing to be heard.

Why should black lives matter more here in the UK, America, Europe and Australia?

Other than our complete servitude what more can they have? They had our respect.

They can take our history.

They have spent a lot of time ruining wiki and placing lots of dishonest history over the internet. They know what they are doing but do  you?  I also would like to say that many of the organisers of black lives matter are white and brown.

Do I want them to take down Churchill? No I don’t. Where will it stop?

What I would like is unbiased news channels.

When a family member murders a female it should be called a murder


How our media reports things is important.

Thanks for reading.