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Bank Holiday Weekend? – poem

I didn’t even know it was bank holiday weekend One lives through the day and then it all blends What stops me from going? I’ve never been in so much pain yet had so much to live for. I feel so miserable. To a depth I’d never have thought it possible. Pain stops, DROps Plops […]

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Bladder Pain Iron Claw – Poem

Bladder Pain Iron Claw Often asked to describe bladder pain Pain is subjective None is the same Right now, this second, it feels like I’m clamped in an iron claw It holds me with a vice like grip One pincher on my belly button sits My pubic bone caught within The pincher on the other […]

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How They Get Away With It

It’s a disgrace to verified science papers and it affect people’s lives – I’m calling out the publishers of this paper. This paper which has been cited by Johnson & Johnson to defend themselves against the onslaught of maimed patients who are taking them to court. To say I’m fed up of this shit is […]