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No Better – Review Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy. Honest/Blunt.

A week ago I had my appointment at NHS colorectal specialist regarding my butt pain. This is now the third hospital I’ve been seen for looking into this. I wish they’d share medical records… I’m reminded of how, last decade, I used to go from hospital to hospital over the bladder pain. Then I read […]

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Top London Hospital Admits Patient Safety is at Risk.

Kings College Hospital is putting the safety of some of it’s patients at risk. Safeguarding patients should be at the forefront of hospital policy. KCH are admitting to having lost control, in part, by being unable to investigate historical cases. I have been waiting for an investigation into what happened to me during a routine […]

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Chastity 2019 NHS England Stylie

The Tension Vaginal Tape or otherwise known as fashionablefaithgroups answer to chastity in the 21st century. How have these gynaecologist been allowed to get away with charity status and no taxes as well as damaging the patients? I would like to applaud NHS England’s stand on chastity in the United Kingdom. It managed, without one […]

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Stitched up so far, The Famous UCLH

I did ask him to stop the test. I felt that he did not listen to me at all. I was left crying, upset, and bleeding from my rectum. I was told it was my own fault for the bleeding as I had a sensitive anus.