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Queen Elizabeth

Did you know that Henry VIII resided over three million citizens?

Let’s put that in perspective.

Queen Elizabeth II, who is our current and longest reigning queen, resides over at least sixty three million people…

…and she does it without chopping off anyone’s head.

Queen Elizabeth II, your majesty, you rock!!!

I’m suggesting that our queen is not only the best queen of our time but also the best queen in the whole history of the world ever.

Henry VIII sent some of his many wives to the executioner, he stole and ravished land from the church and anyone else he could, by legal or foul means. He ruled by terror and fear. Whereas, Queen Elizabeth has seen the royal family and us through periods of war and peace with grace and dignity at all times – even during the chaos which unfolded around beautiful Princess Diana’s death.

As a mother, like most of us, not all her children turned out the way she intended. I don’t think we can blame her for what happened there.

From my own cynical personal stand point I find myself forgiving parents…society has a huge part to play in how our children turn out. We choose to ignore the children of most famous people so I will give our Queen the same respect and concentrate on her achievements.

Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in England, united kingdom in 1952 making her not only my queen but my parents’, my children’s and my grandchildren’s.


 After her coronation she has seen Britain continually grow but I doubt she even realises how much bigger her job is compared to those who came before her. Henry VIII’s Britain was very much smaller!!!

So, I’d like to raise a toast to my Queen.

Bravo to the most courageous, intelligent and patient sovereign ever to rule us.

When the time comes for Queen Elizabeth to rest-up and retire…she does so happy in the knowledge of a job well done.

Thank you.



My latest letter to my MP Alexander Stafford.

I have no faith in the Tory MP parachuted into Rother Valley from West Ealing in London.  I don’t believe he has the life experiences to carry out this role. Dear Alexander I have just seen that you have all received or will receive another pay rise.  I think you are the worst bunch of […]

My latest letter to my MP Alexander Stafford.

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Rather Be Imprisoned Than Forced to Marry. Anchors – article and link.

British women, we would rather cut our noses off than marry for any other reason than love.

Once England was a matriarch society of equals. Then the church came, they helped the Lords of the Manor.

Over the centuries they turned the Lord of the Manor to The Lord my God.

Note this British Library article is public access for everyone apart from in the UK. Not sure why that is.

However, this article tells you about Anchors. These were women, rarely men, who were walled up alive within the church.