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Pagan Freedom – Poem

Christian, Muslim, Hindi, Jew Do I need protection from you? In trade and morals I am ‘fair game’ This thought is slightly profane Like white man’s drug prices and black man dues It has no place in an equal race. I feel persecuted, neglected and used And, it’s all because of you! Religious folks speak […]

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Rather Be Imprisoned Than Forced to Marry. Anchors – article and link.

British women, we would rather cut our noses off than marry for any other reason than love. Once England was a matriarch society of equals. Then the church came, they helped the Lords of the Manor. Over the centuries they turned the Lord of the Manor to The Lord my God. Note this British Library […]

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My Favourite Saint, ST CHRISTOPHER   I do not follow a recognised, man made path to faith. Raised as non denomination christian within the UK English and military education systems I’ve a keen interest. Unbaptised, I realise I cannot get into Heaven, should there be a ticket system. Thankfully, I don’t believe in a separate heaven and separate […]

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Tolerance For Tarot – poem

I just want to shout out for my guide It is a system known far and wide It’s called the Tarot and came before All the religions you lay on the floor I don’t read for others Tarot is for family and me On occasion I’ve been led astray Denied the acknowledge To find my […]