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Watch “Julius Malema Senekal. The highly racist speech that shocked us all” on YouTube

ANC Fraud or Political Conspiracy?

Corruption at the highest level in South Africa.

The thing about corruption is that everyone and anyone could be capable.

Those at the highest level ought to scrutinized as they have access to grants and funding. This story goes beyond South Africa with the involvement of the Gupta brothers with their vast international alliances and properties in Britain, United Arab Emerits, Dubai, India and America.

Personally, the Gupta Brothers namely Ajay, Atul, Rajesh and their patronage for rewards in political policy does need further scrutiny. Not just for the South African tax payers but there is a possibility the fraud could be connected to other countries across the world. Atul Gupta alone is reportedly worth $800 million.

Politically motivated killings are on the increase in South Africa, opposition candidates have their lives threatened when they try to stand against corruption.

This from Wiki.

In 2017 it was discovered that British PR company Bell Pottinger, acting on behalf of Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments, had deliberately manipulated and inflamed racial tensions, stirred up racial hatred, and made accusations of “white monopoly capital“,[17] using a large number of fake Twitter and other accounts online, as part of a campaign portraying Oakbay and those connected to it as victims, apparently intended to deflect corruption claims.[22][23] Bell Pottinger subsequently collapsed in the wake of the scandal.[24]

It’s amazing what some people will do to stop themselves from being caught!!!

Let’s hope Zuma, Gupta brothers and this fraud is investigated thoroughly. I wish the South African judiciary service the very best of luck with these slippery men and women.

Is Equality Corrupted in the UK? Article.

NHS and UK government is ploughing money into studying ethnic groups in England for healthcare purposes.

This post has come about by mistake…I had intended to just get my flu jab. Whilst I was driving into the clinic, a man bounced out in front of the car, onto the road in front of me. Of course, I slowed down to avoid running him over.

I glared at him from the car whilst shaking my head, smiling at him as if to say, ‘what are you like?’ He turned and gave me a look that I can only describe as ‘so fucking what? I’ll do what I like.’ I had been expecting an apologetic face which he should have been wearing for making me slam on the breaks to save his dumb arse.

Driving on, I arrived at the GP surgery and park up. I’m a little shaken but okay. It is around ten steps into the surgery, I take my stick and trundle into the building. This has taken me a few minutes. I’m stood in reception, there is no staff on the desk, no signs of where to go, nothing telling me what to do.

Then the same young man glides past me and with a slight smile heads through a door towards the corridor which leads to the consulting rooms. I decide to follow. As I arrive at the corridor I can see the reception staff who are milling around and the young man sits down next to others waiting on a chairs. There are no other spare chairs.

There are around eight people sat in a row and as I watch the receptionist look at the man and she nods at him to go in. I ask her where the flu clinic is and she tells me I’m in it and to take a seat…

Now I am annoyed,  I feel this man has jumped the queue and is very rude. I had arrived in the building first…I let it go as there is nothing else I can do. This man looks south Asian so who am I to question if he knows the rules to queuing and being polite? Trying to brush it off, I smile and chat with the others whilst I wait and am soon called in. I get the old jab in the old arm. All good and I leave, still a little annoyed but covering it well.

I’m happy that I have the jab. The NHS flu jab is only given to the most vulnerable, old and sick so I was pleased to have qualified again. I’ve been able to get one for the last five years, apart from last year. Last year it was refused as my notes weren’t over from my old GP. The new GP refused to believe I had lung and heart disease for months until I found and took down the paperwork to prove it.

After the clinic, I went onto to my next chore of collecting a prescription I had dropped in earlier in the week at Sainsbury’s – they have a Lloyds pharmacy at my local. This involves more organisation and a lot of effort on my part. After parking, getting the wheelchair together and getting myself across the store I am shattered. I’m not in the mood to be given bad news.

Saturday mornings are busy in supermarkets. It’s a hassle. Chemists don’t have to deliver medications so they don’t. Basically if I want my medication I have to go and physically get it regardless of how sick I am. Which I do – I’m just telling you as many people seem to believe everything floats to me on a disabled accessibility cloud.

At the counter in the middle of the supermarket, I’m told by the chemist, who insisted on talking quietly to me from the other side of the counter and asking me to speak up, that I can only collect half of the prescriptionI sat there in the supermarket and cried out of frustration for a few minutes.

The lady behind the counter then becomes quite sweet and finds me a tissue, she explained that my GP hadn’t put the dosage on the script, it would be sorted out for next time she promised. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard these same words. Also hinted at future delivery option too, faith a little restored. 

Once home, in anger and frustration, I research my GP surgery. I’m looking for a complaints section on their website. This is not the first time they have been rather mean to me or we’ll just say they make continual mistakes in my care which are frustrating and sometimes bordering on dangerous.

It was easy to find them online. Distracted I searched through their special clinics where I found a some treatment programs listed. I got mighty upset….I have lifted the text directly from my GP surgeries site in Watford, Herts and show it here:

East London Genes and Health

South Asian people have some of the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes, and poor health in the UK. Living with a long term illness has a major impact on a person’s quality of life and on their family.

East London Genes and Health is a medical research study set up to help fight against these and other major diseases.

The primary objective of the research is to investigate and understand why some individuals have a disease and help suggest how new medicines and treatments might be developed.

*If this were actually true maybe I would applaud it however it isn’t.

This East London Genes and Health program intrigued me. It sent me on another little research mission and I could find no evidence to support what this program is saying.

In fact poor health, heart disease and diabetes are just as likely to strike a black or white person as an Asian person. Bad health affects all peoples equally. It is wrong that funding is going towards such a program and for so long too.

It is wrong that certain ethnicity’s in the UK are given preferential treatment and care.

It should probably also be noted that the ethnic group ‘South Asian’ is rather large. It covers a huge amount of countries so it isn’t about a control group for easy study. Here is what wiki says about the ethnicity of this group and where they could originate.

“South Asian ethnic groups are a composition of the diverse population of South Asia, including the nations of India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.”

I look into this quite heavily for a few hours and I suggest if you do the same you will find the same – incidences of heart disease, diabetes and lung disease are not specific to race. However the NHS funnels monies into programs for this reason.

If this was a study of white people to make sure they were getting proper healthcare within the NHS it would be certainly classed as racist and as such this program of study and entitlement to medicines on ethnicity is racist.

The program does get it’s funding from several sources but its still for spurious reasons.


This outlines the study itself the cohort profile of the East London genes and health program. It gains its evidence for the program from this article,

Click to access 83958158.pdf

The study does show that they looked at samples of a million patients of the NHS but the UK has many millions of patients… The result of the study are on page five. Again, I will say there really is very little evidence to support continual funding of special treatments and care for these individuals.

So is the NHS is being racist towards non South Asians? 

As many of the doctors and the chemists in my local area fall into this particular ethnic bracket it is considerably worrying as to how easy it is to prefer treatment to people they feel more obliged to through this program.

Also the changes in benefits rely heavily on your GP filling out the correct forms if you are poorly, if white people and black people are considered ‘stronger’ what does this mean regarding to how they are viewed by their South Asian doctors?

We must stop testing ‘groups’ of people…especially with NHS monies..surely this should be a private study funded purely by those involved?

Racism is a term used to describe when a certain set of peoples are not given the same services and use of facilities as others.

So I have some questions.

Where is independent scientific evidence to support that South Asians need more care?

How did they get funding?

How much money have they had?

What is the involvement of the doctors and why?

How many patients are currently in study?

How many patients have gained benefit through this scheme?

What has been gained?

Who will benefit from the overall research?

Will medicines which have been researched through this program be available to others of non South Asian descent?

When did Watford become East London?

This is divide and conquer theory at it’s best but that doesn’t excuse it. Now at fifty years old I am starting to realise that my tolerance for others was never met…this is a very sad state of affairs.

If I feel like this, I can only imagine how others feel watching their loved ones go untreated whilst wondering why others somehow seem to fly to the start of the queue.


The video is from when the program was launched in East London…it has since expanded to over 2.5 million participants and has extended outside London.

Regarding the doctors of South Asian descent…

Click to access Harmony-August-2006.pdf

The above PDF is from the Medical Defence Shield arm of BAPIO which is a union for doctors…not all doctors, just doctors that are from a country that they represent.  This old PDF states that their members are responsible for most of the deaths and complaints made against doctors in the NHS. It goes on to say of the doctors…

“Some of them tend to work in
isolation, some have a fatalistic attitude and others have
problems due to cultural differences. Proportionately
more ethnic minority doctors are likely to have
communication problems and lack of awareness of
acceptable professional behaviour. There may be lack of
appreciation about GMC’s “duty of a doctor” and failure to
respond appropriately when there are concerns about a
performance/conduct issues. Many are not a member of
defence union or professional associations like BMA or
BAPIO and are reluctant to seek help and advice.

The paper actually lists racism as the main reason why patients complain…without any evidence it is listed as the overriding factor for failure of the doctor by this law firm.

I recently read Whistle in the Wind by Dr Peter Duffy. I cried through the patient stories. Behind each complaint is a terrible story of a patient suffering. Having been through enough myself at the hands of the NHS I wanted to know how isolated my experiences were. It turns out they are not isolated. It is a great read of courage of behalf of this doctor and the patients that he talk of.

It’s a horror story regarding how law firms like the Medical Defence Shield can continually defend doctors who put patients lives at risk over and over again. Using dirty tactics to basically bully good doctors out of their jobs and promote bad doctors into prominent positions that they cannot handle. Within a matter of years a bad doctor can be in control of a departments clinical decisions and funding in an NHS hospital.

Perhaps all junior doctors should seriously think of their motives. If you’re becoming a doctor because that is what your parents want then don’t. If you are becoming a doctor because of the money then don’t. Patients of the human kind would appreciate doctors who want to make their lives better and who care.


There should be more doctors like Peter Duffy but when they are treated so poorly by NHS Trusts after raising concerns…it is no surprise they leave the locality.

On a more personal note I’ve had to return to the GP with all the evidence from the consultants for the same medication twice more since writing this article. The GP I saw yesterday assured me again that it is on my repeat prescription now. She apologised and told me the other GP isn’t permanent so her actions were ignored by the system…

Thanks for reading. Any questions and comments always welcome.







Wrong Gender for Heart Trouble

I was said bad admin would bring this country down. And I’m right, it is. The moment some idiot said, ” it doesn’t matter”.

Well it does bloody matter. Major organisations have a responsibility to get fixed and get themselves in order.

I have heart and lung disease. On Friday morning my GP requested I be taken in as emergency to Watford General Hospital. I was unable to eat anything for days and had been surviving on sips of bottled water and milk when the stomach wasn’t in spasm.

I had chest pains and with my heart and lung condition it was felt I would be looked after in hospital, maybe I’d picked up a bug or suffering from the effects of the MRI dye a month previously. I had been the GP the previous week and fainted whilst trying to gain blood pressure reading in their stand-up machine.

The GP called the ambulance. She waited for ages but eventually she had to leave me. The ambulance staff took my heartbeat and my blood sugar levels. The ambulance staff were unable to bring my wheelchair or my slippers shoes phone medication and I found myself in Watford General hours later, shivering in a side room late Friday afternoon.

My chest pain is severe and I am finding it difficult to understand their questions. Finding it very difficult to talk. I tell them I’m under Thoracic surgeons for the last ten years. I have mitral valve prolapse and am having strong pain across the front of my chest. I tell them I have Ehlers Danlos and was born with cystic lungs.

I’m in pain. My usual pain relief patches have come unstuck and slide off – my daughter finding them in the bed a few days later when she was cleaning up the flat for me to recover in. I tell the nurses that I really would like to see a doctor as I am in a lot of pain. I am given two paracetamols.

At 10pm I realise I still haven’t seen a doctor, I still don’t have a name badge on with my allergens on and am feeling unsafe. I realise I have no alarm and I am still opposite the waiting area although all the people have changed. I realise that I am being ignored. I stay very calm because my chest is really hurting and I cannot lift my right arm.

I slide off the bed and wrap a blanket around my shoulders. I know I can walk slowly for a while before I have to sit down so that is what I am planning to do. I figure if I can get back home again I can get some paperwork to prove who I am and then come back. I try to leave the A&E dept.

I figure I should get out whilst I can before they come and inject me with penicillin or something by mistake. I don’t make it too far. I fall in corridor but remain conscious throughout. I am told to return to the bed and I will be seen shortly. I am returned to side cupboard room off main waiting area.

A nurse visits me and puts name badge on me. He tells me a doctor will see me soon, i should try and be more patient as there are others before me. Someone comes in and takes my blood but he doesn’t know my doctor or any of my details yet. They have my name and then I hear another Samantha Harris called but it isn’t me, just someone with the same name.

Several students then try to take some bloods. One tries to take blood from the middle of my forearm. I explain I have Eds and help them get the canular in. I have been vomiting with loose bowels for four weeks. Sharp chest pain esp.under arms. Unable to lift arms when pain is present. Heart beats so loudly in my head I think my hair is about to whirl off.

After this brutal needling, blood was taken and I am handed two cotton buds for MRSA infection. No rectum or groin swab was taken at this time as I was too weak to hold it myself and kept dropping the swab stick. Even though I dropped it and didn’t swab my groin or rectum the swab was returned for testing.

I was then taken to AAU purple ward level 3 I think. The nurse made sure that she came and spoke in very patronising voice when i arrived on the ward. Nurse told me there was nothing wrong and that I should just go back home, they were ready to discharge me. I asked that I at least see my thoracic surgeon and she told me I didn’t have one and that it was “all in my mind”.

Saturday morning, I wept on the ward, I waited for consultant to come and see me, I felt so poorly. One doc came and said I was fine to stay in hospital to gather some strength as I still felt so poorly. I relaxed then, my daughter had come to visit me and had spent an hour or so with me. Everyone was lovely whilst she was there. Then after she left, another seeming normal doctor turns up telling me I had no right to be there.

Basically a African British doctor came to visit me on the ward. He started to tell me I had Fibromyalgia and I disagreed telling him I had Ehlers Danlos with lung disease. He got very annoyed with me and stormed away, he told the nurses to undo the fluids they had only put on very slowly a few hours previously and to discharge me.

Then mental health team came down to see me on AAU. They spoke to me for some time as they had been called by the nursing staff that I was causing problem about being discharged. I’ve been under mental health services for some time, I don’t take antidepressants as I am not depressed. I am awaiting psychology treatment for assaults which took place in my childhood.

My mental health team stated clearly to nursing staff that my physical illness make me poorly and that my mental health was actually fine. The mental health team clearly told them they were to treat me medically. Someone then came and placed a Fentanyl patch on me. Then the HRT patch was also put on me and within a while I was feeling normal, as that is my normal medication. I still had chest pain. I was given paracetamol.

Other than the original EEG they took before bringing me in the ambulance not one person talked to me about the chest pain. I did not see a stethoscope or real doctor regarding the chest pain at any time. I was under a junior doctor was classed my illness as ‘psychological vomitting’. I’ll leave it how my junior doc spelt it.

Early Sunday morning, I was discharged, the nursing staff put me back in a ambulance and brought me back home. I didn’t want to come home. My flat was filled with full sick bowls and used incontinence pads. The sink in every room was puked stained and the toilet was brown, completely pebble-dashed. There was no food in the house and I am thankful for a fantastic daughter and son-in-law who came up and helped me.

My daughter came up yesterday when she called WGH to find I had been discharged back home already with no one here. She had made it clear not to discharge me without telling me as I would need someone to help me at home. The hospital chose to ignore her and occupational advice about my safety and well being. I’m thankful for my girl’s strong stomach. I held my new grandson whilst she cleared up the flat, kitchen, bed and bathroom for me.

I felt such a burden – my grandson, Devon, just one month old and been on antibiotics since birth because of infection at Watford General. At the moment they say he can’t hear but as I sang to him I swear he smiled and looked at me. I’m his grandma and I’m determined be around for him and his sister. So my girl spent the day scrubbing her mum’s flat and I know she doesn’t resent me for it but I feel this isn’t the point.

We are getting there. I am still feeling very poorly. I feel maybe some steroids or antibiotics may help. But, as they never swab or take samples from me, how will i get over this? I have not been given anything other than pain relief and considering that is not good to be on full time I have to wonder when, or if they will treat me.

The chest pain comes in waves so I have times of movement. It was something to be told in 2009 to make arrangement for my children. I’m still here ten years later but I am poorly, the pain makes it ‘in my mind’. The treatment I received at Watford General hospital is something I’m learning to deal with but what has been happening to our beloved NHS England?

I am generally a very calm, happy person. Today I’m not so. You see whilst I was on AAU one of the other patients and her feller felt it was necessary to tell me to leave too. This patient seemed to be making a point of how she had just had twelve weeks “rehab ” and how everyone was so lovely to her. Seems she is on the friends and family scheme. I didn’t enquire rehab for what…

The woman was vile. Her partner, visiting, called me ‘pyscho’ too. Apparently her leg was bad. She sat there judging the really frail around her with venomous righteousness. I don’t often tell people when they are mean but in her case I really hope that her leg to drops off. I said to them I can hear every word you are saying to me – he responded, well you said your ears were sensitive we were just checking that out. No privacy and verbal attacks and when I complained I got told to just go home.

So it will all turn out okay I hear the masses say. well, hey ho, I don’t think it will until I can even complain which I can’t. You cannot complain about Watford General Hospital as it doesn’t have a complaints dept.

There isn’t even a feedback system in place. How are they allocated funding without these proper facilities being in place. The lib dems in Hertfordshire along with the rest of the council know the hospital is failing but still give the funding regardless.

The healthcare is one of the many organisations which seem to do whatever they like nowadays. Perhaps they think this will continue as we leave Europe, no, this will not continue. You can not just break our health service. The Government need to gain control again and quickly. For all the people like me who want treatment, who need to get back to work, the NHS is necessary to keep us healthy and we need it working properly.

Disabled Living in Beautiful Hertfordshire – Ring of Finite Burden

Grab yourself a cuppa for this one and settle down for an informative read. I’ll try not to be too boring. I warn you that I will go on about my medical issues for a while but then it becomes more relevant to any disabled persons in general as I will discuss the housing allocation service and benefits. Thank you for reading.

One of the main points of this statement is to say we do not have a housing shortage. We have corruption within our councils regarding allocation of housing. This is on a huge scale and the councils are aware of the problem and are hiding the fact they are incapable of monitoring the housing associations and different groups given access to our social housing stock.

Admitting I claim full housing benefit and Universal Credit in Hertfordshire is a risk. There is a real disgust of disabled people and anyone claiming benefit. Every eighteen months or so I fight to keep my Personal Independence Payment although I do qualify for it on many different grounds.

I’ve not always been this disabled. I used to run a modelling agency in Watford. Appearing on TV with famous people like Jodie Kidd. Strutting my stuff and showing teenagers how to do the walk. I got huge debts, mental health issues and had some medical physical problems. Eating disorders were becoming fashionable and I fell out of love with the industry, it had to close.

I didn’t stop working though. I retrained at West Herts College. Becoming a qualified electrician, I now hold City & Guilds certificates in electrical installation and engineering. I have toiled alongside men from all around the world whilst on construction sites. I helped install electrics on projects such as the Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre in central London.

I’m now going to be big-headed and also claim that I can read music and play the guitar. Having mainly taught myself I’m not great but I have performed in Charter Place and Watford Pump House singing. A woman of many talents and master of none.

I can no longer do any of those things. Medical devices put in me to save time in theatre at Watford General Hospital and through St Albans City Hospital have caused an autoimmune response. It affects my eyes, ears and maybe the reason I can’t even shift simple fungal infections. Dr Hextal, I’ve spoken with other patients of yours…it’s not just me and they too have the strange fungus.

The devices are causing a great deal of pain. They are around my bladder and rectum. I’ve been complaining about them since they were put in, in 2002. I wasn’t informed at all about the Stapled Hemorrhroidopexy and have never really recovered. It’s been a slow decline. The last few years involving giving up work altogether, now sat on full benefits because the NHS refuses to do anything other than get paid for not treating me.

I wasn’t really suitable for the devices. I was born with lung disease and a very small defect in my heart. I have an underlying condition called Ehlers Danlos and had extensive endometriosis before the hysterectomy. There were no follow ups for either devices fitted, no follow ups.

The NHS trusts just moved me from one hospital to another. Thankfully I found a TVT bladder sling support group on Facebook and became a little more informed. Now I am angry. Doctors never swab me. However, they have been eager to examine the area physically regardless of my pain level. Now that I refuse examination this is noted on paperwork clearly and is always mentioned in letters.

My nhs medical files are huge and I look incredibly ill on paper, but if you saw me on a good day, unless I was in my wheelchair and/or using my stick you wouldn’t know. I present well. I put my best face on however, I rarely leave the house.

I haven’t had a good day this year yet. It’s March. It seems silly but I cannot stand any pressure on my body – shoes, tight clothes etc So I prefer to sit in very loose clothes at home near a loo. If I go out I wear a large pad. The NHS will not help with the cost of these so they are used sparingly.

I’m heavily medicated with Fentanyl and OxyNorm but try not to take too much as my mind is the only thing which works – well, as long as I have HRT it does work. I was told this week, by my chemist, that because of Brexit the NHS has run out of my HRT so I’m in a rush to write this lol.

I have to argue for most of my medication and have given up asking for certain prescriptions. I suffer from POTS when I’m not well. Any sort of physical effort can cause faints. So even pushing out wind can make me pass out, so I must keep my pain medication as low as possible for my own safety.

I moved recently to a lovely new home. I wasn’t able to climb the stairs in my old house. The situation had become quite sad. My wonderful daughter helped me move my bed downstairs. I could then get myself something to eat, answer the door and look out on the garden.

There was a toilet downstairs with a tiny hand basin. As I had a downstairs toilet it was considered to be ‘level access living’. As both my children had left home, I requested that I be downsized to a smaller property as I was falling foul of the bedroom tax.

I wasn’t using upstairs; three bedrooms were lying empty. Occupational Therapists, Care Workers and my doctor wrote reports supporting the move. I was put on the bidding system. As I was under fifty, I wasn’t eligible for a bungalow.

The bidding system was strange. It was only accessible online. You could only bid via a computer not a phone. I could bid on what they put up for me to bid on. I put a bid in for a one bed flat opposite my GP. I waited eagerly to hear if I would be moving to something smaller and more manageable. I got turned down because I owed £73 rent.

I phoned Three Rivers District Council to complain about housing allocation, I was told they didn’t have a line for that. I asked if I could complain over the phone about how I was being treated. I was told they don’t have a complaints department. They have 160 staff. By law they should have taken the complaint down on the phone. However, I did follow their rules and after much effort produced a fair and reasonable complaint.

Three Rivers District Council made me email the complaint to their enquiries line.  The council upheld the position that I didn’t need housing… I got to complaints stage two before giving up. Health and housing situation just took their toll on me. It was also very embarrassing. I felt that the office staff would read about my complaint. I was just trying to move into a home more suitable for me and challenge a housing benefit decision.

I was using the Homeswapper page, for social housing tenants and was on the council bidding system. Eventually I did find an exchange, outside of their systems, on Facebook and moved home.

Giving my three-bed house to a very lovely family who had been stuck in a two bedroomed flat was a good feeling. They were overjoyed. Some families had offered me money to exchange with them, the situation desperate – but I felt if you are able to offer me thousands of pounds why do you need the property? I’m judgemental like that 

In total it had taken me two and a half years to move home. I was pleased to be away from Three Rivers District Council but I didn’t want to leave South Oxhey. My daughter is there. As soon as I moved into my new home they put an eviction notice on me because of rent arrears. I tried to point out I’d just moved in.

Universal Credit payment didn’t come straight in for my rent. It had been misallocated to another rent account before getting into mine to pay the rent. WCHT knew the reason for the late payment but still attempted to evict me. I think this action was appalling. I am thankful to still have a roof over my head.

Thankfully a charity called HertsMindLink helped me. I ended up paying an extra weeks rent but at least I’ve still got my home. Although they are refusing to remove the order which doesn’t feel very secure, I’ve called discrimination against disabled people. They didn’t accept that. 

I worry if I were to go back into hospital. I must stay well so I can fill out the forms, so I dont’ lose my home. If you don’t phone in for your benefits they will get stopped. You have to be ‘proactive’ for the current benefit system under Single Fraud Investigation Service.

But disabled people are supposed to be Protected Under UN Convention under Anti-Discrimination and Equality Laws. These laws state that any organisation over fifteen people must provide access to facilities and services for certain protected groups.

Disabled people are one of these groups. As such they are to be given assistance in achieving equality. Funding ought to be allocated accordingly by Governments and Local Authorities. The UK ratified this treaty before EU law and as such sits within The Equality Act 2010 in UK law.

For instance, ‘Age’ is a protective group, as is ‘Disabled’ and ‘Race’ – so it is appropriate for our local council to send out extra literature to ensure that no one is being discriminated against when they go for housing, education, healthcare or any other service with the borough.

Extra literature may be printed in different languages or leaflets sent around old folk’s homes to ensure they have access to a complaints line, healthcare services and leisure activities within the borough. This ensures their quality of life mentally, socially and physically.

Article 6 specifically deals with women with disabilities. It says clearly, they should be given specific consideration.  Disabled women fall under ‘Disabled’ and ‘Sex’ brackets of protection under the same laws as a non-English speaking, disabled person who would come under the protected status of ‘Disabled’ and ‘Race’. Some disabled women fall under three or four categories as they may be old and English not their first language.

Generally the laws are used to stop discrimination and ensure equality for everyone living in the borough (and those ‘visiting’) with services and facilities.

Watford Borough Council tend avoid the term ‘Sex’ and use the word ‘Gender’. I will continue to use the term ‘Sex’.  Gender in itself is protected under the laws for those whom have undergone sex transformation.

Councils do have to prove that they are monitoring the services they provide. This ensures that equality laws are being adhered to. So when I look through the councils reports and see that they are not making any allowances for disabled people to assess housing, I feel concerned.

The main areas of consideration for extra funding has gone towards ‘Age’ and ‘Race’. This isn’t me being paranoid, you can see them yourself as they are still up on their council pages. I’ve done the research.

In June or July 2014 TRDC implemented a plan to catch fraudulent claimants of housing benefit. It was called SFIS or Single Fraud Investigation Service. The scope of the experiment was to catch people claiming housing benefit illegally. It was put over all HB claimants, disabled people were not excluded.

It was just after the implementation of the bedroom tax in 2012 who to any single mum with children coming and going was a nightmare. They put the rents up the area. The job centre sent my son for work at UPS they gave him a contract for full time work for 15 hours. UPS and government think that 15 hours is a full time job – that is why employment figures are down.

My son had trouble giving me anything for keep as his journey from South Oxhey to Watford took up most of his pay. I had to prove all this. I was continually under investigation. Being asked over and over again for the same information.

I wasn’t well but I was running a little market, one day a week. Also I tried to bring in some money by selling things on ebay but it wasn’t enough to cover rent and live. The council would not make up the shortfall, but according to their rules they should.

Then the council told me they had overpaid me but I knew that I had told them every coming and going. I knew I had not claimed anything fraudulently but they are making me pay it back. It has bugged me that this amount, in total £3500 has gone down as me claiming illegally.

Since they implemented the SFPI the council have found a few fraudsters. There were higher value frauds discovered before the implementation though. Now the council are doing single fathers and mothers for hundred pounds of fraud. Before they were catching whole families and council workers who were creaming off thousands. Last year they clawed back just £400,000.

However, one benefit assessor in London was able to get away from over £1million. So why are TRDC concentrating just on housing benefit claimants? Newham council are investigating a £9million housing allocation fraud instigated by some of the council workers themselves.

My benefit assessor was Jan Dobrowolski. Who is Jan Dobrowolski? The only person around here with that name seems to have died in 1975. His grave is in Welwyn Garden City. Perhaps the police could look into that?

It all makes, what is left, of my sphincter grate.

The only Jan Dobrowolski I can find online who could have a link with the council works in mathematical modelling at Leeds University. He has heavy links with Ireland and Pakistan. Could it be the same person? The one thing this ‘scientist’ is working on is the ‘ring of finite burden’. Coincidence? It would make a good spy thriller!

There is something smelly in Three Rivers District Council and it is no longer me as I now have access to a bath. There is something smelly in Herts County Council and Watford Borough council where the housing and facilities are concerned.

But right now we need to make sure that equality rights for disabled people and women are upheld. By doing so we are really protecting the most vulnerable amongst us.