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Watch “Dr. Hance Clarke, MD PhD FRCPC | The UHN GoodHope Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Clinic” on YouTube

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Ehlers Danlos is a Battle with Fate.

I got diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos in 1991 but I’d waited some time for a name to what was going on. Of course, like other sufferers, I realised that I was different before then. My inability to do simple tasks, my awkwardness and breathing seemed to infuriate most around me. Not to mention how I […]

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Disabled Living in Beautiful Hertfordshire – Ring of Finite Burden

There is something smelly in Three Rivers District Council and it is no longer me as I now have access to a bath. There is something smelly in Herts County Council and Watford Borough council where the housing and facilities are concerned.

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Past Caring, Not Sharing

Not all images give me issues., the majority I can usually educate myself through.

Disabled/Differently Abled Health policy and allocation of funds in uk

Stitched up so far, The Famous UCLH

I did ask him to stop the test. I felt that he did not listen to me at all. I was left crying, upset, and bleeding from my rectum. I was told it was my own fault for the bleeding as I had a sensitive anus.