The 2525 Pilgrimage

Inspired by a Zega & Evans song, released in the 1960s, called ‘In the Year 2525’.

The 2525 Pilgrimage by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

Centuries since Corona Virus Alpha hit Earth devastating our population, I sit here using a rusty blade, scraping marks in hope that I won’t be discovered by our monitors. We use this ancient fridge for storing clothing; working well for keeping moths out, my up-bringers and I sharing it. Now, it will bare these words for history.

At school, we’re told our ancestors used the fridges to keep carcasses fresh. It was a time when humans battled with each other, spoiling the planet with poisonous weapons. A time when people murdered Earth’s other inhabitants; selfishly eating animals, using them as a source of protein, they’d manufacture products from their carcases and enjoyed wearing animal skins, even using bones for medicinal broths and industrial glues.

I’ve never known a cold fridge. The harnessing of electrical power was outlawed for humans in 2050. For our safety, AI automatic droids maintain our planet’s electrical grids. Distribution and supply is strictly rationed to Necessary For Life organisations and not squandered by people.

I’m told my ‘need to create’ is an escalation of my illness, so I must be cautious. I’m a committed New Beginning Believer but the evilness of bad mental health remains. Managing to physically scrape one word a day has taken discipline. My addiction craves more, risking raising my heart rate to a detectable level.

Weeks after the Corona Virus Zeta variant attacked the planet in June 2030 a cohort study showed how vulnerable humans became when out of their homes. As a major medical discovery it saved billions of lives but had not been welcomed by all. Deadly violent protests spread across the world faster than the virus, destroying cities and towns, cutting utilities and leaving land scorched with fire.

It is history now, how it was necessary for AI to oversee human health for The Common Good and the protection of our species and our solar system. Our homes, for our safety, had to become human cages.

Robots now distribute our care, limiting human error. Armoured vehicles travel streets delivering water tablets and nutrition, monitoring our vital signs so we rarely starve if we are viable. Thankful, we watch through holes we’ve piped into the hives on our windows.

Foxes, snakes, sheep, wolves and deer roam outside our homes on cracked tarmac. The grass verges, left to grow naturally, encouraging wildlife, are now host to the genetic insects released to combat stray humans carrying disease. Building nests and hives around us they are able to monitor movements keeping AI informed of our well being.

State television transmits a basic program service with special entertainment on Saturday nights. Generally television informs us of how the latest health programme progresses, which locations are expecting the Build Back Better vaccination robots and the daily birth rate over death rate graph.

International Communications are impossible for most since the satellites were, for our safety, reconfigured using the same space drones that humans had invented for mining exploration. Anti vaccination terrorists had to be stopped from using the networks to organise resistance and had been blocking The New Beginning Faith broadcasts.

Automatic trucks collect human waste weekly from each street moving it to a collection point where it’s transported by crane into giant airships run on biofuel. These craft transport the sweet smelling load to the ocean where it is released for the marine life to feed upon. Diet, controlled by AI, allows us to now produce nutrient rich waste which is useful until our deaths.

Few natural humans, other than royalty, can safely move around outside. We don’t have the genetic makeup. Crane drivers have outside protective freedoms. Having a skill AI can’t master, they bare witness to how the Build Back Better system is working. I’m assigned a crane operator as my lover. I pray we’ll be fruitful.

Gratefully, I’m able to leave home once in a lifetime. I’ve been researching my Life Pathway Journey on the battery run Ethernet computer. It will be so exciting to see The London Eye. One has to be patient as the current female pilgrimage age is the first month after one’s fifty-fifth birthday.

I pray I will still be considered worthy.

The End.

The Whiteness and Bloody Americans. Rant.

What is wrong with white people? This is aimed at white people in Europe not the States. I’m English and would also class myself as European. I voted to remain for Brexit.

How can white people not realise they may be a target for hatred? Because, in the same way my (white) ancestors had to scream out for help to London, most are not aware.

The media and social media only tell what it wants, but if you look you will find independent news outlets now giving out the very depressing news. Youtube is worth watching if you can circumnavigate the PR stuff, filters, sexist and racist search results.

Stabbing and shootings in towns up and down the country have increased dramatically during lockdown…they stopped collecting ethnicity as it was getting very obvious. In response, Far right activity rose by 4% to 8% of our countries total terrorist threat. This resulted in a news blackout of the ongoing attacks.

But, I want to talk about our health and the NHS, and a woman called Rano Bains.

Why should you be interested in what she says? Because she is Head of Equality and Diversity for many NHS Trusts and hospitals (national health service) in England. It is her words which drive policy, funding and training in our wards and universities.

Rano Bain’s words…

“The whiteness refers to white consciousness – the ‘silent’, pervasive, cultural norm that informs and shapes our racial ideology. Whiteness is constructed as a formless, empty cultural space that is neutral, natural and normative. Whiteness, because it is an unnamed, hegemonic position of privilege and power, becomes the point of reference for measuring others, unlike “blackness” which has been named in the language of white signification. Whiteness has defied scrutiny as it does not seem like a culture as everyone is apparently the same.”

hmmm…plain English would have been nice…..However, I will attempt to break it down.

Do white people know what other white people think? She makes it sound like we are plugged into an invisible big psychic cloud. Her claims of white consciousness of people in Russia, Israel, Poland being the same as white people in England, Germany or America are terrible.

It shows her racism immediately. The first line says that she is viewing white people from a position of suspicion and it is white people who declare racial identity, to her. Is Ms Bains the type of person who should be running our ‘equality and diversity’ departments?

Current serving Ministers have declared that white privilege has no place being taught in our schools, but are they aware that it is taught in our NHS to our healthcare assistants, nurses and doctors?

White people come lower down the humanity chart to many people in the media, the health care profession and education. This has to change. All lives matter all faiths matter, including those without faith – that doesn’t mean they make the rules.

When people are not offered the same facilities and services it is called discrimination. (eg. TB vaccine). When they are not warned of extra risks to them, (eg. flu vaccine) this is racism.

White people are the only race not afforded the indigenous land protections.

In this manner, the United Nations is racist.

My country – The United Kingdom of the British Isles, is a country RICH in culture and heritage. It is wrong to say we have none. To be frank it is racist to say white people have no culture.

Terms like ‘snowy peaks, and ‘the whiteness‘ are racist. They should not be allowed within training programs in our national health system. They should be discredited by academics within our schools and universities.

Explain to me why white people are criticized for holding positions in predominantly white citizenships or companies? How can that possibly be racist? But, it isn’t racist that African’s insist on their land being owned by black people? It isn’t racist that native American Indians have land that is just theirs?

If white people want their own space, it’s racist?

Explain why Christians can’t say they hate Islam? Both are bad, but Christians have become tolerant and are the standing religion in the UK along with paganism. Religion isn’t even a race but somehow it is being added to our ‘hate crime’ laws, originally designed to protect everyone. Soon I will be unable to say I hate religion!!!

This directly threatens our free speech and our security.

Explain why a black person (from anywhere) is on our national news talking about feeling hurt because she suspects racism? She suspects it was racism…? She may be getting hassled for all sorts of reasons to assume it is racism is not on. Because she is in a predominantly white country she declares racism, but she works within a predominantly non white environment in the NHS in London.


How is this national news when the same day people were stabbed, on UK streets, for being white? Another incident only covered at a local level, as all of these types of murders now.

Murder by colour code. If you are a white murderer or white child killer you will be plastered over the media, if you are black/brown/not English you may not even get arrested if your child dies unexpectantly unless the public pull the police up.

Explain why George Floyd is on BBC but Cannon Hinnant isn’t? Neither murder happened in Britain (BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corp).

I’m scared. I stand as someone who was attacked by people who were not of my colour. I am not imagining the hatred towards me. I’m verbally attacked when I leave my home by an awful Russian woman (white). I’m scared of the doctors and nurses no matter what colour they are, as many view me as spoilt immediately because I am English. White Irish ambulance staff can be especially mean. All white people are not the same!

As an English person I learnt a long time ago to lie about where I am from, but I will never again. I educated myself away from the white guilt, the same as I educated myself away from the Christian guilt and can now see it for what it is. Both are run for greed, envy, laziness, brainwashing and corruption.

I stand as someone who was born in Plymouth, Devon, England. The full history is not covered by the Americans EVER…they remain race blind on the slave trade history because of their own sordid history and because it suits certain people politically.

This lady, Rano Bains (no idea where she is from), has a nerve to say this of England with her Whiteness perspective. However, we are the most tolerant of countries. Perhaps she cannot see a long history or culture within our country, but surely this does not mean there isn’t one?

I read her pdf in 2018 and have been stewing since. I didn’t want to do a piece as I don’t want to add to a rise of hatred towards anyone but it seems I do need to defend myself and my life. A black lady is found online saying all white people are inbred and most of the comments underneath agreed…however, you will not be able to find it.

Search for any attack on a white person and google immediately takes you to black lives matter material unless you know the name of the victim and the date you will not find it on referenced on our news. Google is not relevant and neither is youtube.

White people are not the same, nor do we think we are the same. We are classed as white for measurement of resources for assurances to black and brown people to ensure that facilities are shared equally.

Also, we now appear to have strange advert quotas – air brushing blond people from TV, advertising, film and social media in Europe is also getting very tedious. European people are white. Get over it. Stop telling us we are racist.

White people are just people. We don’t deserve any more or any less than any other human. It is Rano Bain’s term, The Whiteness, that gave birth to many of my poems reflecting as The Blackness….ideally I wouldn’t be seeing the world in this manner. I never used to. But, this is obviously the idea, after all, you cannot capture a culture and it’s resources without upsetting a few people.

Our national anthem has come under attack. Us Brits will ignore it and will carry on with it but for the English (traitors), Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, Russians and African who called for it to be banned, please get a education by reading the following.

The history behind the British song Rule Britannia, UK national anthem.
In the 1600s the seas around Britain were ruled by North African Slavers(who were black). They boarded British ships and carried off the crews (whites) to be sold as slaves in Africa. The situation became so bad that fishermen wouldn’t put out to sea in case they were captured by African Slave Traders.
Between 1609 and 1616, 466 British ships were captured by Slave Traders in the English Channel, Irish Sea and North Atlantic, and the crews were sold into slavery. White crews.

Some other historical news stories from England include,

In 1625, sixty English people (white) who had taken refuge in a local church were dragged out, loaded up and taken off to Africa to be sold as slaves from Mount’s Bay in Cornwall

On 12 August 1625 the Mayor of Plymouth wrote to London for military help after 27 ships had been seized by North African Muslim Slave Traders in just 10 days.

In 1645, 240 people were seized as slaves in Cornwall.

White people – valued by other nations because of the colour of their skin for abuses in other countries. We didn’t value ourselves higher because of our skin they did because they wanted it.

One or two survived, made their way back to England and wrote of their capture, but most didn’t.

The situation only began to improve for Britain after the end of our English Civil War when the Royal Navy was built up under Oliver Cromwell.

By 1700, North African Slavers generally knew better.

It was in honour of this defence of our security, that in 1740, James Thompson wrote ‘Rule Britannia’.

Apathy will not help our children or our grandchildren. I stupidly did not go to the police over my own attack in Kings College Hospital but I did complain and I did go to my GP about my injuries so it is a matter of record. I also took photos of my injuries, they amounted to bruising.

People need to stop talking about racism as if white people are always responsible. Racists are everywhere and you cannot tell them by their colour.

Stop believing that because of colour you should have less and be grateful because you have nothing to feel bad about.

Stop believing that because of colour you should have more and other people owe you something.

The end.

Leave a comment if you like, I suspect this will be filtered out of google and bing search anyway.

Thanks for reading.

If anyone else can decode Ms Rano Bain’s words please enlighten me. Pardon the pun.

Black/White Magic and Jesus.

The term is not good enough.

The term is wrong.

It ought to be Bad and Good Magic.

How did it become colour coded?

Down the rabbit hole, I look and discover that magic is practiced by all races and all types of humans. Basically it is the prayer device of pagans.

Let’s look into what bad magic is….

Rituals and spells designed to hurt people, often for monetary gain but also from anger, revenge or really poor guidance.

Voodo dolls could be seen as bad magic…

Voodo is rarely practiced in England by pagans (until migrants brought it here) but often practiced in Africa and the Americas. The links will take you to youtube videos of badly performed magic.. If practiced in England it is done on the quiet as it is seen as evil magic to many people.

Sorry, but it is. End of. Does harm = evil.

Magic and religion have gone modern. They use materials available in their environment, and have moved to music and video to spread their message. They have moved on from books and posters.

Sacrifice is another issue – some would say it is good magic and others, like myself, would say it is bad. I’d go further and say it is evil. Killing something to gain advantage somewhere else? Come on!

The word ‘sacrifice’ is used and banded about with little thought as to what it really means.

Sacrifice is supposed to hurt the first person, YOU – ie, you do something to yourself which will mean work or pain in order to attain something of value. It has been mis used, the term sacrifice, by religion and magic and it has to stop. So, just stop it, okay?

I’ve heard terrible tales of sacrifice of animals, children and adults from across the world in the name of magic or religion… This sacrifice is never going to work as there is no sacrifice by the person who is doing the ‘spell’ / ‘incantation’ or ‘prayer’. They are going through zero pain or work – they’ve done it by proxy so, to be honest, it’s just killing life for nothing (money is often involved). You are sad cases.

Real magic or religion should not be about hurting others. I’ve always been led to believe that all bad magic done will come back three fold on the binder (the person doing the spell or prayer).

However, I’ve known large groups of religious and magical orders who use other methods to unsure that their ‘spells’ or ‘prayers’ do work. This is fraud and corruption to attempt to show that the faith put in them is not wasted. They work in gangs, fellowships and brotherhoods.

It is not possible for a person to take evil from another by any method other than kindness. It is only this which can discover truth.

Fear and violence will only ever bring lies. I may add here that I have come across people that the ‘kindness’ may be removing them from society and showing them another life pathway.

People are not kind by colour or faith. That is not a proper way to measure ‘goodness’.

Rabis, binders, priests, imams, witches, pagans, pastors all practise soul searching and self esteem magic. They have a responsibility to keep it good. They have to ensure that it doesn’t become bad or disjointed by judgement and evil thoughts towards others who are different.

There is no black or white magic – just good and bad.

I practise good magic and I happen to be white. This doesn’t make me a white goddess – being black and practising magic doesn’t make a black goddess either.

Yesterday someone attempted to burn me on youtube by telling me that as I am a muzungu he would not talk to me. For those not aware of this term, it is used towards people deemed of ‘priviledge’ given to foreigners in Africa who are white.

As white people are usually good and fair in life most people in Africa USED TO BE very curtious towards people who do not look like them. Mzungu used to be a good term…it is not now.

This gentleman, as well as others, decided that as I was a muzungu, I shouldn’t be on the BBC youtube page and commenting on ‘black things’. Shouldn’t I? What are ‘black things’?

I would like to point out again that the BBC means British Broadcasting Corporation and Britain is a Caucasion country, that is until the influx of mass migration – so I am the indigenous citizen in my land and am allowed to have an opinion on my national TV channel, surely?

American race politics trying to gain black fascist power in England…by saying that we are racist. This woman actually attended Oxford University. She is very privileged compared to most of us…England’s history is white sorry, it just is. African’s history is black and Europe’s history is white – generally.

Putting up all this stuff in the name of God…btw. The internet is full of this stuff and most white people are totally unaware of this battle of good and bad or black and white. They are unaware of them being evil because they are white.

Like Voodo this damage is being done on the quiet using language that Europeans do not know.

Europeans don’t understand that these ‘race’ soldiers are running our NHS services/schools/councils etc. My country is completely unaware of the spells and prayers being said against it. I was unaware of the hatred towards me because I am white until I dated a black man. He was Ugandan and really sweet, his family, however were racist AF.

Please be kind. Please remember that you are human before you are black or white.

Being Jesus’ name into this battle is wrong. Jesus was not a racist as far as I am aware….

Also, BLM’s claims are wrong, I have always know Jesus was black – we know that – he was from the Middle East/North Africa so it is more than likely he was not pure white.

Black religious fascists should be called out. Using the internet and secret codes is as bad as doing voodo behind our backs. Saying prayers and moving against a whole nation of people because of their colour is wrong…these ‘soldiers’ should stand down. There is no fight other than the good one.

They are not harmless. Just because they are doing it in the Lord’s name doesn’t make it right.

– mzungu, look it up.

Is this Black Magic or BAD magic ?

I think it’s all very bad air.

Thanks for reading.

My latest letter to my MP Alexander Stafford.

I have no faith in the Tory MP parachuted into Rother Valley from West Ealing in London.  I don’t believe he has the life experiences to carry out this role. Dear Alexander I have just seen that you have all received or will receive another pay rise.  I think you are the worst bunch of […]

My latest letter to my MP Alexander Stafford.

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The Culture of Celts

Regarding the joke played on Celts which has lasted for an eternity. The Gorsedd.

An excerpt from

The Celts by Frank Delaney copyright 1986

Page 219 Under Bequests

The hidden agenda of Matthew Arnold’s jokey and pompous patronage asked – and still asks – an awkward question. How can the genuine causes of Welsh language, poetry, music, identity, be pursued unselfconsciously – the key word in the preservation of any culture – with the continuing presence of such unnecessary counterfeit?

Do the principles of Saunders Lewis and Gwynfor Evans need daft and shaky inventions?

The presence of the Gorsedd illustrates the dilemma of the Celtic bequest. In a number of territories the word ‘Celtic’ and all the attendant legacies has meant a pleasingly egregious identity. [egregious meaning is either shockingly bad or amazingly good]

Being ‘Celtic’ guarantees a right to the possession of romance and colour. ‘Celts’ – with long memories – may still distinguish themselves haughtily from those who once colonised them. The modern Celt can create a kin odd ethnic elite, satisfy the hunger for roots – hunger which increases under the pressure of monolithic cultures.

The old Celtic world stood for freedom on all fronts – imagination, movement, belief – as witnessed by the brilliant and curvilinear art forms, the great migrations, the multifarious deities. Celtic art, within its own form of expression, had no beginning, no middle, no end: of itself, it invited more than participation, it insisted upon total involvement, it became its own inner world.

The right to interpret remained the guiding principle. Even when representational art makes an appearance, particularly under the influence of the Romans, who impose the finite upon the Celtic artist in the same way as they had done upon the Celtic worshipper, the representation still appears reluctant.

The Celts great and ceaseless migrations predicted and epitomised physically their political posture: the freedom of all movement, intellectual, social, environmental, artistic, had always been much too important to accept any ordered enclosures such as the bureaucratic processes of the Roman Empire.

The military reverberation of this posture gave them no protection: if the Western Empire had to be opposed, then it ought to be fought as much for the honour and glory of the warrior, and for the preservation of the familial society as for any national or political reasons. Vercingetorix, remember, could not raise an army against Caesar in Gaul without widespread coercion of his fellow-Celts.

In modern terms, and allowing for pretentiousness, the cultural revivals of the ‘Celtic Fringe’ represent this refusal to participate with the conqueror – a real, if unrealistic bequest.

The Bretons in France fright for independence, speak the language, wheedle, force or cajole grants-in-aid of the central government in Paris. And all in order to distinguish themselves from France and the French by holding on their intensively Celtic traditions. Although the political facts weigh overwhelmingly – ludicrously so – against them, stubbornly they make the language live on, in ever-shrinking pockets, and where spoken it creates the most immediate of frontiers.

The Welsh have perfected this device: their language is frequently operated, manipulated, as a true border – the speaking of Welsh in a public place accumulates and takes on a greater significance if ’strangers’ are present. The Scots display more sense and realism: language and poetry, as spoken and practised particularly in the western islands, keep the sounds alive, and some of the spirit intact.

But they have long since accepted what happened. Two thousand years ago, the Celts of Europe, from which they are – or may be – descended and went into a decline. History did the rest: the only real lingering defiance came, and still comes, from a scattering, in numerical terms, of Gaelic-speakers. And generations ago, Glasgow and Boston took the cream of those.

Being ‘Celtic’ today means old memories dying hard. Ireland, as it capitalised culturally upon the Romans’ failure to invade, continues to plead a special case.

Arguments may rage: should Northern Ireland be seen as a Celtic legacy or a Celtic fringe issue?

Magnificent rhetoric may be derived from the old Celtic imageries, of their brave and elite warrior corps defending the culture of their people against the erosion, and the final destruction of the invader.

The polarisation between the communities underlines a cultural cliché – and the natives, aka Catholics, aka nationalists, aka Republicans, aka Celts have all the bright music, the native culture, the deepest traditions. And that the Planters, aka the Protestants, aka the Unionists, aka the invaders, aka the Romans/Anglo-Saxons, aka the English, have no indigenous culture.

Where is their music? Who are their poets? What is their language? Back comes the cry – how many centuries do you have to live in one place to create a civilisation? To see it in terms of a Celtic bequest is not entirely or satisfyingly accurate except among devils who cite scripture for their own purposes. (In reality many Planters of Ulster came from Scotland: out of what tribal or genetic pool did they swim? Some of them Picts, after all spoke a Celtic language.)

The real Celtic bequest in Ireland lies elsewhere – in the words, and the way in which they illuminate the imagination. In this respect, as with Wales, the term ‘literature’ broadens to include the oral tradition. This body of deep and brilliant material, timeless and varied, has unique characteristics.

The first Irish Poet, Amheirgin, a man of, and with, the Milesians, came to Ireland in 1268 BC, and bequeathed for all time ‘The song of Amheirgin’.

from The Celts by Frank Delaney copyright 1986

25th June 2020

I’m hoping Frank Delaney doesn’t mind me using a bit of his great book to make a point today, maybe the point doesn’t need to be made but with the conversations I’m having online with other folk I think it does.

This is the poem, for those of you who are unfamiliar.

If you think England uncultured you won’t be familiar with it.

You will not understand how important this poem is to us here in England, to our culture, nation, community and wellbeing. For those of us who do know it are lucky. And those among us who know it and understand it are ‘enlightened’.

The song of Amheirgin

I am a stag:          of the seven tines,

I am a flood         across a plain,

I am the wind:     on a deep lake,

I am a tear:          the sun lets fall,

I am a hawk:        above the cliff,

I am a thorn:       beneath the nail,

I am a wonder:   among flowers,

I am a wizard:    who but I

Set the cool head aflame with smoke?


I am a spear:       that rears for blood,

I am a salmon:    in a pool,

I am a lure:          from paradise,

I am a hill:           where poets walk,

I am a boar:        ruthless and red,

I am a breaker:  threatening doom,

I am a tide:         that drags to death,

I am an infant:   who but I

Peeps from the unknown dolmen arch?


I am the womb:  of every holt,

I am the blaze:    on every hill,

I am the queen:  of every hive,

I am the shield:   for every head,

I am the grave:   of every hope.


It’s a great poem. It stands the test of time.

This poem was handed down orally – on purpose, for a reason.

Julius Caesar was frustrated at ancient Celts for not writing down their knowledge. As long as those, rites, wisdoms and runes, were not written, he could not take them.

Thanks for reading.

For those interested, the poem is a code of our history.

There are some obvious clues, but others are hidden from view.

An easy line, for instance is, “I am a breaker: threatening doom,” is a nod to Christians who break bread and say it’s the end of the world…

Thanks for reading. All comments welcome.










Working Class Zero – Poem

Comrades, they’d say, listen

We’ll show you the way

Turn up, fight the cause

We’ll make lots of noise


Things happened at Hackney Downs

An unspoken part of history now

Secreted away before Tony Blair’s’ day

For New Labour to make way


Denials of rape came from their bowels

Apparently, lesbians don’t have clouds

Sexual assault on committee members

Swept under the carpet, but I remember


They were challenged at the time

Scheduled, listened and ignored the crimes

Made order of unequal ways

Without answers, questions live to be asked another day


So, a working class zero

I turned out to be, academic with no university

I look to Labour to represent me

But their eyes look away vacantly


The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris



Comment on (Militant) Labour’s Conservative Tendencies –

I had a friend, she was lesbian. She had a relationship with a committee member of Militant Labour. She raped her lover during a domestic violence incident. The police were not involved by choice of the victim.

The rapist, the old friend, wanted to deal with what had happened. Wanted to discuss how domestic violence was not just about aggressive men…how society’s pressures could force anyone into that situation and how in her own childhood she’d been sexually assaulted and whether there was a correlation.

It was 1989 I think. Rape within a gay relationship was not accepted by Militant labour…  in their ideology women couldn’t be aggressors. Perhaps people still feel the same way…it was discussed and then shelved.

There were by elections in Edmonton. A nominated male committee member we’d been canvassing for had been accused of rape by a female member of the collective but as the elections were so close the victim was pressured into agreeing that it would dealt with later…for the greater good.

It never was. Those times are history.

Labour is not Militant Labour now. I’m unsure as to when they lost the New Labour title.

Now, what do Labour stand for? I see them arguing for things which rarely affect me. We had equality but Tories are giving pieces away bit by bit – see my housing policy articles and NHS health articles. Why don’t Labour stand up for these rights?

Why aren’t Labour taking Tories to town over the cannabis scandal here? Ministers with shares in medical companies selling cannabis to the world are voting for it still to be illegal for us poor peasants.

Neither Labour or Conservatives are talking about increased awareness and protection of our children because of the sex exploitation, servitude and slavery in our country. 

Neither Labour or Conservatives are talking about protecting our education system.

Neither Labour or Conservatives are talking about the increased murders and random stabbings, hit and runs and rising crime rates of UK citizens.

Let’s bring it back home. We need you.

Labour please sort out your closet.

Thanks for reading.

The bacon and egg butty was lovely.


Closing the Gate After the Horse has Bolted. England’s Health Strategy.

I’ve already written about watching my asthmatic daughter care for patients (with covid19 symptoms)  in the community after being discharged from NHS hospitals.

The discharged patients were ill with coughs, had antivirals in their fridges but hadn’t been tested for covid19 so were deemed safe. The doctors who discharged them into their homes away from the precious hospitals, knew they had to have daily carers.

Carers were not permitted to wear personal protective equipment as some of the patients had dementia and it was deemed too scary for them.

Tens of thousands of care home patients have died. Hundreds of health care workers have died. Social care is on the agenda again politically – but they are still only discussing care homes and not people being cared for in their own homes. But I have noticed the BBC longing out the news stories. Disgusting.

The virus has passed through our community and devastated it, our government has now decided to start testing…and the news yesterday that there were no new cases of covid19 in London was no surprise to me as it’s gone through us already and is now travelling up the country…common sense seems to have never been a strong Tory skill.

Our government made no attempt to stop transmission when it mattered, at the start.

The strategy to protect the hospitals while throwing out the patients has to be the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever witnessed – but was it politics or our health care system?

It seems the politicians were led by the science. The science is led by the doctors.

If any of my other articles on our NHS have gotten anywhere near the truth this was just another way to cause division and give preferential treatments.

I will continue to accuse the NHS of being an internal security problem to anyone who will listen.

It’s primed towards making money and will please whomever it needs to. It has genetic banks, racist policies, dangerous record management, it is harvesting information from patients to sell, it’s interest is mainly data collection.  There are many foreign doctors with commercial interests in their original countries, especially Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.  As many of NHS doctors and heads of dept. are foreign, it’s impossible to monitor.

It’s a corrupt system of check boxes and data collection for pharma, government and foreign interests with a side line in patient care.

These dept heads hand down the policies to the nursing staff, health care workers and doctors who work under the NHS systems. They try their hardest to do the right thing and do their jobs within the guidelines set to them.

Giant charities swallow funds, like The Kings Fund for spurious research and more money is spent in administration, training students and policy than on patients care. It’s become a giant, munching machine.

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood in front of us and said if we lose 20,000 people to corona virus it would be a good result. It made me feel sick listening to him. Knowing that if he wanted to he could stop corona virus coming into our island.

The policies he came out with showed he’d spent time working out how to save businesses and banks but little on saving lives…why was our country left open when as an island we could have locked down and started the track and trace? It’s been five months since we knew there was a killer virus.

We now in the third week of May 2020 and are at 44,000 corona virus deaths. National Office of Statistics figures showing on average 50 babies each week died during the peak of the outbreak.

The news that the government has now started testing is a slap in the face.

However, should we have another wave of corona virus deaths, at least they will have the capacity to deal with it.

Thanks for reading.

Ah, I have to add something.

I do fear another covid19 wave, as I live near an ambulance unit and can tell you that they are very busy today. Unfortunately that is usually an indicator of high death figures tomorrow.

Please stay safe and look to herbal medicine to keep viruses at bay…something like Mugwort the Chinese say.

Lots of lots hot drinks help force viruses down from the throat into the stomach rather than into the lungs… In the stomach the viruses should be killed by the acids.

If it gets out of hand and you have to go into hospital make sure you have written down your details and medical conditions before going into A&E as they are not able to access them in NHS hospitals until you get taken up on a ward…be safe.

Peace and Love







I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

So America is still blocking access to their country…

I must hit three posts a day that I am not allowed to read because I am in the European Union. So, America…What you got that’s so special?

They say that it is because of data protection.

Who are they trying to kid?

English have a saying,

“Don’t piss on us and tell us it’s raining.”

But is it just America? China? Russia? I had a little look.

I found that this is now a playground…

Like a bunch of school kids really, the way some behave.

Country blocking software…wow.

Is England doing it too??? Let’s see…


So, that is a yes then…


However, I couldn’t find out what the Americans are doing….perhaps they don’t know about the software? Unlikely. It’s more likely that they are not showing their citizens either or because I’m not willing to go ‘dark’ I’m not able find the info from England.

England is easy as it’s a little island. I understand and welcome the surveillance as I feel that England needs the extra security. However, it depends who, what and why (www).

Law enforcement and security are important but as seeing as anyone can get one of these ‘easy catchers’ I feel I have to be against this software…on principle of it now being used for illegal activity.

The software you can purchase…

Call and message inception £20,000 (bargain) software available for sale…being sold as repeaters to Russia and Israel first, Africa and south America. As seen above video. The seller made it clear that it should be used legally. But, essentially, all he needed was ‘assurances’ from private companies to sell to them.

It’s not just your gods watching you as you can hear from the background of this.


I realised around twenty years ago that there is no privacy. Sad to say, it’s kind of impossible to keep everything secure and I pay a huge wack attempting to keep my machines running against the onslaught of people hacking me.

At some point, when everyone realises that nothing was ever ‘private’, none of it will mean anything. I mean to imagine that it was when your information was going through servers held by authorities you don’t know anyway is kind of strange. Just saying.

There will be too much data for anyone to possible analyse properly. (AI is catching up but must be decades behind schedule).

If privacy is a concern regarding snooping, an idea would be when you purchase hardware, to always register it in a common name with a common address.

My Name Is Maximus.

As it is against the law in most countries for the companies to use the data so I call bluff on whether it really affects us as individuals in a real sense. Which kind of leads me to my original reason for posting,

“so why do countries not let us read their news stories?£” – typo

Unless you are doing something illegal why worry?

So, come on, open up…show us yours…


By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris.

Thanks for reading.


Don’t Be Messing With Me – Short Article and Song

For those interested I spend my time attempting to write books. I have it all planned out in my head and in numerous places around the house etc. Three books are planned which form a series. This is the plan which helps me look to the future.

To be fair, it’s hard to focus and I’m easily distracted as a change of scene helps deal with physical issues so I tend to go with the flow. Recently I have had a breast cancer scare and although thankfully nothing sinister is going on, the whole affair made me realise I’m always living life on the edge in an emotionally sense.

Often I am reading about climate change and how it is about to end the world (which could be happening) alongside rubbish like the gas we breathe out (CO2) is bad for the environment (which is stupid).

I wonder if these two are somehow related. Reading about some religious folk telling me how fantastic their religion is and I read about the awful things their religion does…related because religious folk also talk about the end of the world, and how they will be saved from the destruction.

Generally these religions lie when they say they are peaceful…they are peaceful in the location they are collecting monies in but further field a certain doctrine is used until fear takes over in rational minds and are people are subdued.

I’m told having a scientific mind and not believing in god is evil. Laugh my fucking butt off and roll it across the carpet. Perhaps it is because I have faith in humans I can live with myself.

My belief is that religion is a cult of heathens tied to our distance past who just wont let go of ancient ways because of money. I’m profiled by religious doctors and by a society which can not handle the truth about itself. Or worse, paints it’s fellow man with the same desires and ambitions.

From my home I can see the Seventh Day Evangelists headquarters, a Islamic mosque, the Mirror Print facility and a skip yard. I often wonder which ones spills out the most rubbish in a day.? The skip yard is filthy…but you can see the dirt. It becomes recycled material which has some use to our society.

The Mirror Print facility not only prints my favourite paper, The Mirror, but also all the other major newspapers, such as the Telegraph, Independent, The Sun and The Guardian as it is expensive to do print runs and it is the largest facility left.

Life is full of hypocrisy and bullshit. Five words kept drilling me over and over so in the end I grabbed my guitar. This song came about from the ether. My current coping mechanism appears to be writing simple songs which are a joy to play perhaps not so on the ear but a joy to play and sing none the less!!!

video of song is at the end


Don’t Go Messing With Me

Song D Am Am G

Intro D


Don’t go messing with me now, don’t go messing with me

Don’t go messing with me now, don’t go messing with me

I long to be free, I long to be me

Don’t be messing with me now don’t be messing with me

I wanna know, where flowers grow

The bird and bees, and bunches of trees

I wanna know, where do you go?

When you are not being thee, where do you be?


I may look weak, turn the other cheek

It’s not apathy. I drink lots of tea

I stay calm and carry on

Cos you ain’t getting to me, don’t be messing with me


Repeat chorus to fade.

Thanks for reading/listening. Comments always welcome.

Hark Hark Dogs Bark, Beggars are in the Towns – Poem About Homelessness.

Homeless in rags and some with bags

They hang around on the ground

From Tinseltown to Norfolk Downs

They grow and swell along with the cloud


Moved on from everywhere they settle

Personalities not deemed worth the metal

Clean blood, no drugs, no pets

The rules of the roof to be met

Watching those whose bones unfroze

Walk by with noses held high


Choose not to see the dirt in which you hide

When they entered into the pact

Lives do not look at or choose to face

Worlds created for those they displaced


Nothing to do with them, they’ll say

Go on with their busy, useful day

You took their home, their thrones, their land

Deserving of the dirt you land


Justify away….

Your moral compass is somewhat squared

With your invisible gods up there

Humanity is lost to you when deities

Or lies tell you what to do


Souls lost, still sleep out in the cold

Especially if frail, disabled or old

No more deserving than you or me

Good grace is where it is at

Giving something back.


Charity begins at home

If you have benefited from the sale of their homes

Should you not feel obliged

To leave your hatred aside


Not for the gods and your immaculate domes

Not for the peoples you left

But for the land which saved you

And gave you benefit.

The End.



By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

Now a rant about the housing crisis in UK…

Breaking the law on disabled discrimination in favour of race.
Proof that UN convention on safeguarding disabled people as a vulnerable group was and is being continually broken by Herts Country Council Housing Policy and many other authority housing agents.

England had mainly social housing for decades until the Tories started selling it off. There is a large house building policy in place but these are private homes not for social housing – to imagine that homeless people are homeless because of ‘lack of affordable housing’ is quite frankly a fucking joke.

It is the policies which have made so many homeless. Not replacing the social housing which has been sold into private ownership. Simple. Alongside a Tory policy which also saw 20,000 Syrians re homed here under a special scheme. Very charitable.

The UK social housing policy allows tenants to buy social housing properties at knocked down price…as such much of the housing stock is now privately owned and unavailable as social housing. The UK law allows purchase within five years of receiving a social housing property currently and has for the last few decades.

Individual councils have their own policies as to who get’s allocated a social housing property and as I have continually pointed out to the council this breaks the law on equality as per the UN Convention. Basically the council hand pick the property you are allowed to bid on if you need housing. So Tamil housing has there own policy, Three Rivers have theirs and so on.

I’m rather fed up of our laws being broken and after waiting for several months for the councillors to investigate I’ve decided to vent my frustrations via poetry. I mean no harm to anyone but will defend myself when in a corner.

My housing association attempted to evict me on spurious grounds and I know of others who have been evicted. There is no recourse or appeal. Disabled people’s right are being stomped on and ignored.

We have a council staffed full of success stories. Let’s have some compassion rather than contempt – disabled people have rights and they should be being observed.

I applaud our country for helping others. But our governments should have been safeguarding our social housing not selling it off. Five years is not long enough to be a tenant before being able to purchase property.

I would argue that the Right to Buy policy be withdrawn until the housing crisis is over.


Click to access 170711_Syrian_Resettlement_Updated_Fact_Sheet_final.pdf

To the Russian woman who attacked me when I moved into the block. Fuck you. I have just as much right to social housing, if not more. Already living in social housing but awaiting a larger property my Russian attacker reckoned that as I was disabled I must be lying about my illness to get a home…divide and conquer tactics at their finest.

What can one say? Thanks for reading and all comments welcome.

The Rush is a Poem

The Rush

How fast do they rush

To own a piece of Earths crust?

A pretend bid to save the rust

Sitting in ice

Researching the very device

Seeing what we know as life

Schrodinger was right

But in their might

Blinded by their plight

They just might

Start the fight.


By Samantha *unextraordinarybint” Harris

Regarding the news that environmental sciences are again sat in ice measuring changes…which they obviously feel that they do not contribute to.

Change should surely start locally with all of us demanding the right things? On going research without change or implementation seems pointless.

Simon’s Birthday Message

Happy Birthday mate, I hope you have a fantastic day.

From the time you were little and holding the rabbit you were looking after from school to the time we had our first smoke toke together and every day since, I am your sister and I love you.

As a second time around Dad you must be busy. As you are left literally holding the baby. Having done it once I bet you and baby Oscar and doing great. I expect mum is on hand to help and you ought to be getting lots of support. This is my perception of your life as we have not been in contact for a few years I can not be sure.

As always with sibling birthdays it’s a bit of a jolt. I feel bad that I am not seeing you but also very thankful as a I don’t like leaving the house for absolutely anything. Also very aware that you have gone into hermit mode and are probably, hopefully working away at getting close to the music.

I’ve not seen our mutual parents for decades and that a preferable situation for me. However, recently I stopped the police coming around and questioning them regarding sexual assaults on me as a minor in their care and thought I’d tell you. I’m feeling kind of big about it and not sure exactly why.

Why am I still protecting our parents? Perhaps I could kid myself I’m protecting all of my estranged family. Well I’m not, I’m protecting myself from the whole thing still, all these years later. I thought I was brave but perhaps I’m not.  They were supposed to protect me and care for me but they didn’t.

I thought making the statement to the police would help. It did in some ways but it also opened up a can of worms. Big, fat, ugly, worms that have no where to go other than to dig deep into the human condition swallow what they find and poo it out again.

Why shouldn’t I want them punished and embarrassed at the very least? Do you know why? The answer is bizarrely simple. I needed to tell the truth for me, just for me.

Because I am actually a better person. I’m a better person for not knowing them anymore. I am a better person because I recognise that causing them pain and suffering will not make my pain and suffering go away. I am a better person because I don’t sit here judging them as they do me.

However, I am strong enough to be happy in my life, I will continue to do things which bring about this happiness for me. For no other reason other than it makes me happy. You gave me some help on the guitar when we last met. I think of it often, every time I play Four Non Blondes. You helped me immensely. I wonder if I ever helped you?

As I think about my siblings, some of which I’ve never met, I wonder why people go on about disjointed family life being a modern thing – I’m fifty and my family is completely disjointed and has been all my life.

Family life is an illusion at best and if most people are honest they all have members of their family that are the ‘black sheep’ the ‘bad penny’ and so on.

Family is who you choose to be loyal to. Sometimes that loyalty means you can’t see others very often as your loyalty will be held in question. I will always be loyal to you Bro and you know I am here.

Have a great birthday Simon, I’m thinking of you.

Awakening Pagan Jesus

Mastering religion intentions has always been a hobby of mine.

Easter is a celebration of awakening. When humans burst forth from saws and yolks to enjoy the coming of the sun again.

Often a sacrifice is made to the earth to ensure good yields.

We are told that Jesus sacrificed himself for christians. However, that isnt true and does rewrite history. As Jesus was crucified on a cross by others after being tried you will find that he was sacrificed.

You see the moment I found that out, it horrified me and still does.

Jesus was a good man. He tried to do the right thing. I hope that Jesus haunts all the judgemental christians in their dreams.

I follow Jesus in my heart – just like a little light – just like he wanted.

As a pagan jesus lover I know I am not alone in wishing everyone a wonderful easter.

I’m Not Laughing Doc

Disgust and Division in The UK – Classifying People Aryan is Offensive.

It seems that our government has given reason a holiday. Richard Harrington may have resigned his parliamentary position he is still our head of County. I have some questions for him. What is he going to do about the discrimination in Hertfordshire towards disabled people, women and people who are not members of a fashionable faith?

For centuries people have picked on the outsider, the one that was different. One could be classed as different for all sorts of reasons. For instance, I am just a soldier’s daughter with no debate skills or further education other than electrical and science college. My writing and speach aren’t great. I also am estranged from my parents for more than thirty years. So I’m different.

There are other examples like, most people come from where they currently live. Those that move into a new area are different. Or a family who has five sons suddenly has a daughter, she’s different. Sometimes a baby is born with a different body or a strange set of features again that baby is different.

It could be a religious difference, like catholics are very different from pagans, hindi is different to christianity and then there is judaism and islam. Guess what? They are all different. They are all faith groups and we have managed to get along for a couple of hundred years at least.

Or so I thought. In England there has been tolerance and our culture has grown from it. I am proud to be British like many others who live in this country. As Brits we have stood against intolerance and attempted to stop injustices as a nation of people – what our government does is another matter and we are often dragged along with an aggressive option for untransparent reasons.

As a nation we have often had to force the hand of our sovereign and our government to do the right thing many times over the centuries of faith rule – as in all countries.  As nations we forced our governments to end slavery – although many aspect of faith groups felt it was still necessary and Africa demanded to still be allowed to trade.

Most of the faith groups worship innocence and pagans worship life as it actually is.

I have been discriminated against without realising it was happening. My right as a child to be protected, my right as a woman to education, then as a mother demanding education and care for my children, my right to healthcare and now, as a citizen.

My duty has always been to love and protect. Most girls are brought up in this theme. I have made mistakes – I arranged to pick a fellow student up on the way to Barnet College. Then I drove right past him, down Western Ave and up Woodgreen Highroad, back in 1994.

I’ve witnessed casual racism from every single nation. On building sites and within the army people celebrate their differences. Sometimes it’s harmful but if there is love between those throwing racial abuse it’s just different and often funny.

Being laughed at when you are loved by those laughing at you is a joy. It’s one of life’s little blessings that comes with being loved. You can’t just rib anyone though – it must be someone that you feel love for – otherwise it’s bullying. Forcing someone to laugh at others who are different and don’t know you is bullying.

You’d think that people would be able to recognise bullying, seems like it would be obvious. But they don’t always, it can sneak up on you. I think that bullying comes around when humans are disgusted by other humans.

It’s so easy to make humans be disgusted at others. I see it all the time as a disabled person. The nose crinkles up and the eyes narrow. Judgement. Most faiths warn of the judgement. In paganism there is a tarot card called the judgement. Tarot is ancient. Different faiths have attributed different meanings but essentially it is whether you judge yourself as a good soul.

In paganism we have a meditation called The Mirror Meditation. It means you look in the mirror. If you are interested, I can tell you how to ensure results but I will give you the key points. By staring in the mirror at your own eyes you will see into your soul.

Are you a kind person? Do you treat people as you would like to be treated? Or do you treat people as you’ve been told they should be treated? You will have completed the meditation when you can hold your own gaze through the past lives of yourself that you will see.

Division between people and non-acceptance of freedoms was something of the past in my living memory, it is currently 2019, yet here we are again. Today I got classified as Aryan in a UK hospital. This is something very new for me. I took a photo of the form because I still can’t quite believe it.

When I get back home, I searched through my gallery pics and bring the photo up on my phone, it still feels unreal. I looked up what this new classification means on the internet because all I can think of is nazis. I ask other people and they agree, that’s all they can think of too. It is an offensive term.

Apparently, according to wiki it means I come from Iran. However, I’m a Devonshire lass. I come from where ‘my lover’ is a greeting and is said to strangers and most people love a drop of cider. The land of cream teas and Cornish ice-cream. I love Devon and Cornwall, I only had to leave because I’m different.

As a coincidence they are also redeveloping Devonport, in Plymouth where I was born. Station Road in 1969 to a Welsh father and English mother. One of my grandads was the ferryman. All of my family have piecing blue eyes and blond hair except my mother, she has green. I have brown eyes and dark hair.

I am now fifty years old, to be told that I am not caucasian anymore is somewhat of a shock. Why such a category of aryan? Why not celtic British, welsh British or even ‘dark English’ which is what my Israeli friend once described me as. It seems that ‘Aryan’ is the term and I am told it is lawful. The word itself currently disgusts me and that is what worries me.

I have a black British consultant, an Indian hindi nurse and a Jewish receptionist all working in Watford General Hospital along with the muslim and christian folk at my local GP surgery.

I’ve always had doctors which looked different than me. The best doctor I ever had was a Chinese doctor down in Brighton in 1989-1992. I miss her. Dr Chung listened and she had knowledge and could get me help. She was never dismissive. She would swab my butt if it was necessary, she wouldn’t have thought it was inappropriate. I suspect MRSA would not be in her clinic.

There was a Chinese woman with her sick mother when I was at Watford General today, she was distraughtly waving her form, trying to get some help and being told to wait. She was why I was drawn to looking at the paper I was holding to arrange my next appointment after having had my appointment already. I would never have noticed it if it wasn’t for that lady and her mum.

Over the last twenty years or so our country’s freedoms have been removed. I know that I have been systematically bullied because of my lack of a fashionable growing faith. Being part of the world of woods, wildlife and folk tunes isn’t enough to be safe.

Filling out social housing forms has made me see that things are not as they were and worse still, what they were was an illusion. I’ve read all TRDC reports on equality since 2012. They are available for download from their site. They are not offering services across the seven protected groups. They are cherry picking who they provide good service to.

Forms need to be filled out for you to sign when you have a flat audit. The staff member explained that they had to make sure I wasn’t subletting the flat. They check the flat and ask for ID – I’m thankful for these checks.

The WCHT staff wanted to ensure I had everything I needed as she was also my equality services provider. I’ve been here almost a year, so I asked for a tenancy agreement so I would know if I was breaking it. I asked if they wanted to see all my occupational therapist reports and medical letters as I retched and I apologised for the smell. They both looked around the flat. They seemed unaware of any of my details or previous complaints.

Form filling – boring but forms give clues as to where funding is allocated. In Watford Community Housing Trust forms flat audit forms there was no box under religion for pagans. No pagan box to tick. This means pagans are not counted. No pagans in Britain is not possible. Pagans built Stone Henge and have been protecting this land and its occupants for thousands of years.

The woman doing the audit asked me if she could put pagan down under christian and I almost died on the spot. I thought of all the witches burning at the stake across the globe. I thought about the fat dripping down the side of Spitafield Market walls in London from the human burnings. I may love all that Jesus represented but I am not a christian.

The fact that christians like to cover up like the muslims is also not so pagan. Many more thoughts came to my mind but I stayed calm and polite.  I told her to draw a box. Then I asked her to write pagan next to it. Then I asked her to tick it and I know I used the word please. I have to say, that although ill-informed they were both very nice.

Funding from councils is allocated out to services and benefits depending on the community which responds to feedback forms. These forms are supposed to be anonymous but in Hertfordshire County Council they are not. Especially in Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council.

If you are not happy with a service or group provision this council will increase the advertising budget for that service. The advertising budget is then allocated out to the different services and provision groups. Feedback is collected to ensure that protected groups are being protected, such as old people or disabled.

However, if the service or group provision is not on the page it cannot be ticked. Provision can’t be measured or any advertising budget increased because no feedback forms will be sent out to a service which doesn’t exist.

Advice on the new homes being built and who is allowed to buy and what help financial help is available is also allocated by the council authority. The advice is given to social housing tenants by it’s authority and as such who they invite to buy is supposed to be heavily regulated to ensure they follow equality laws.

Three Rivers District Council, Watford Borough Council and Hertsmere Council have all been made aware of the discrimination and breaks from procedure but have told me I do not have an argument. The UN law doesn’t count here they tell me. Well, until we actually leave Europe, YES IT DOES.

So it seems unlikely pagans are to be offered any advice on how to buy the lovely new homes which are being built in their communities. Watford locals are attempting to hold on in the midst of these ‘redevelopments’ with no literature to aid them or any idea of where to get help.

Pagans are a huge group of people. Not only are there a huge group of folk here in UK, but all over the world. China, for instance, is mainly pagan as it doesn’t financially support faith groups. Disabled people do not want to be disabled. Also, not all of us have always been disabled. I have every right to claim benefits and feel the judgements of disgust should be stopped.

Money has been spent on making us feel disgusted with all sorts of things, disgusted with benefit claimers and homeless people, disgusted by drug use, disgust at young girls that have been groomed from such an early age they don’t know the father’s names to their children, disgusted at people who hurt animals, disgust at how others live, disgust at adults in nappies, disgusted by witchcraft – which is just mirrors and spells.

Pagans are classed as devils by faith groups – they are hunted and killed. Blasted in the media as baby killers and bad people. Jesus had a saying apparently, I suspect it may have been an old pagan saying from the times, he tried to stop a woman from being stoned to death, he said, “He without sin should cast the first stone.”

Now we are classed as aryan, people will think we deserve it when we get stabbed…is that why a boy can be hammered to death after being chased by groups of men, hunted across Watford until he and his friends are finally trapped in by the gangs in a subway. The police only managing to arrest one and not gathering information or evidence correctly, the one they jailed getting just four years, out in two. The local newspaper naming the informant but not the men arrested?

Aryan. The term disgusts us. It’s hard to believe but it’s actually true. They thought we would be out of Europe by now and wouldn’t need to clean up but their arrogance has shown through their mistakes. I think their biggest mistake was thinking people don’t care. Not even bothering to check for spellings on their dummy websites or checking with a lawyer before writing letters claiming legal knowledge.

Some of these faith group fund guzzlers have resigned over the last few months. In Hertfordshire and across England they can be seen running, some back to the states. They realised it all might come out, they realised we may stay in Europe because people are beginning to see all the cheating things done to swing the vote. They realised that someone had been reading their reports.

Forms are just great, things like ‘Head of the Household’ is a telling term. It means housing associations can put the one person down as the main tenant – even if a couple joined the housing list together. If then that person finds themselves out on the street it is their own fault for not staying with hand that feeds them.

These things are illegal but since the referendum these injustices have run rampant. No one is checking that policy is correctly implemented. No authority in the County cares when disability laws are broken. No one cares when an organisation breaks from the equality policy – because they think it won’t matter.

No one checking policy is because they are busy. Busy checking their image in the mirror. I know of working families waiting for housing for years. None are offered new housing to buy although they meet the criteria. They were placed into social rental units instead. This takes up the social housing for those waiting and then councils move who they want to into the built to buy flats.

It seems faith plays a part in whom can be offered help to buy these lovely new homes which our swallowing up the little green spaces, the few we have left on council estates.

The word pagan has been associated with disgusting things of late. If I were to say the same of another religion, I should be prosecuted for breaking equality laws. However I must stress this – I don’t feel like saying nasty things to other people. Other people do not disgust me. We are all different. I just wish I didn’t disgust them so much.

Groups of people hating on each other isn’t nice. I look in the mirror. I look at my soul. I know the bad things within me. I do not judge the things in you. I just ask that you do not call me an aryan and ask that you revert Hertfordshire County Council back to how it was. We are still in Europe you are breaking the law of equality which the UK signed up to. Why would you do that to me?

Samantha Harris.

April Fool’s Day 2019

April’s Fool Day 2019 is going to be a celebration in my home.

This pagan throwback hasn’t disappeared just yet. The 1st of April is the time of year when we play jokes on others. Oh and how much do we need to laugh? We have always known laughter is great for us and that being happy is good for our health and the usual blah.

Laughter is an emotion I can get behind. Laughter is how we deal with our issues and the best way to deal with trauma once recovery has set its course in the right direction.

How healthy would our countries be if we measured wealth in happiness rather than currency?

In the past, newspapers ran the best April Fools Day stories. People believed that spaghetti grew on trees just for a moment before they realised it was not true – they were usually given a clue within the text that they were being ‘had over’.

The history of April Fool’s Day is more than Quite Interesting. It started a very long time. It has to be one the oldest traditions in our country funnily enough maybe in the world. Current search engine results will tell us it comes from when they changed the calendars, around 1752.

Proper ancient. Before then we celebrated Christmas in March.

Practical jokers would still bring around presents apparently and people would say ‘you fool, it’s not Christmas we just celebrated Christmas,’ or something like that. But that isn’t the whole story.

April Fool’s Day is heavily linked with the abduction of a daughter of a Goddess. The daughter of Agriculture. It is also linked to Pluto, Ceres and a load of other very important pre Christian, pre Islamic, pre Judaic, pre Hindi gods and goddesses.

So it is now known to us pagans as a celebration of fruitless journeys as well as fruitful. The Fool is an interesting icon. One not to be ignored. For instance, it is a powerful Tarot Card and also in popular culture it survives, with the amount of comedy on the googlebox, this much is fact.

Many traditional celebrations happen around now all over the globe – it’s Spring. It’s the natural time to celebrate motherhood and creation – but also a very busy time as it is birthing season.

Famous jokes for April Fool’s day seem to have dwindled of late but how nice would it be to wake up tomorrow morning and to be told that the last two years were actually a joke.

That it was now over. We were never coming out of Europe anyway and the powers who have been fighting over this little country of ours would just disappear.

We could all sit around and have such a good laugh at that. For me that would be the best April Fool’s Day ever.