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In Dice We Trust – Poem and Article

We’re going down

The shadow found

Yet, faith in each other

Will scupper others, and

Harmony will ground

They are thinly around

With barks lesser than bites

In mobs they attack

The Sportsman’s ship

Having taken sail in the night

Throw out your arms

Do rituals and charms

Say a prayer if you must

Once the needle is in

Changes begin

In the NHS we all trust

Tonight we strike up a light

We remember what is right

We put pay to the false narratives

All the chiroptera and fedoras

And NHS board room snorers

Will burn into the history of the Brits

The End.

By Samantha unextraordinary Harris.

*Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!
    Guy Fawkes and his companions
    Did the scheme contrive,
    To blow the King and Parliament
    All up alive.
    Threescore barrels, laid below,
    To prove old England’s overthrow.
    But, by God’s providence, him they catch,
    With a dark lantern, lighting a match!
    A stick and a stake
    For King James’s sake!
    If you won’t give me one,
    I’ll take two,
    The better for me,
    And the worse for you.
    A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,
    A penny of cheese to choke him,
    A pint of beer to wash it down,
    And a jolly good fire to burn him.
    Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring!
    Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King!
    Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray

Thanks for reading. First poem is mine the second is a traditional one – pagan. Pagan meaning ‘villager’ of course, it’s true meaning.

The 5th November celebrations in my country. They remember the time that religion attempted to overthrow our government. Back then, in the 1800s, we didn’t have newspapers or the media. We remembered things with poems and songs.

It was the Catholics back in the 1800s – hopefully no other religion would be so stupid.

Us English like our freedoms.

Every 5th November we celebrate by burning a dummy ‘guy’ on top of a bonfire. We usually have lots of fireworks too. This year, I don’t know what will happen. Large gatherings are illegal. Anyone found outside could get a fine up to £10,000.

But, this is England, our united kingdom spirit will not be soured.

Recent celebrations of Guy Fawkes night have found great entertainment in burning a likeness of anyone who happens to be really annoying the British public…

one of my favs

I think you get the idea.

It’s a great release and way to get celebrate without harm. It also is a celebration of continued free speech in our country. I know that the English will still find a way to celebrate. Things may seem really dark right now, and soon the nights will be coming in.

The sun will go down around 4pm and many of us will be happy to be home in the warm. Those of us still lucky to have work will be cursing the cold winds and rain. They will be turning their collars up, wrapping those scarves around their masks and looking forward to the Spring weather. In the mean time there is much to be thankful for in an unmaterial way.

Freedom and happiness, it’s not either or – it’s not a choice, both are essential for life. I’m grateful to live in a country where I have both. Long may it continue.

Today I am hoping warmth and peace to everyone, everywhere.

Thanks for reading.

2020 5th Nov 6pm

The Darkness Comes – poem (and then long arsey rant).

I don’t mess with her words

She tells me just right

Go and get that paper and pen

Just write

I am but a poet

and a poet is me

She guides my hand

As I do not see

She leads me to lands

Lands not begone

Along worthy journeys

To show right from wrong

I hear her in the wind

As she blows by me

She whispers and gusts

As she moves through the trees

The darkness creeps in

It hordes onto the shores

Things cannot be as they were


They tell me they come with malice

They say they’ve come to take

I’ve tried desperately to ignore them

And now, perhaps, it’s too late.


By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris.

26th August 2020. England, United Kingdom of British Isles.


Where I am coming from…

According to the media…any person protesting is now ‘right wing’. All the Save the Children protests have been classed as Far Right!

Poem written in response for calls for all white people to give their belongings to the nearest black person they know…or who comes to claim it. Poem written in response to the increased sexual and violent attacks in my country. Poem written in response to the kind friends who sent me the links…that I cannot share. Those link with the mobs of black men and women killing white people just because they are white, unfortunately they come from all over the globe.

This isn’t a drill…they tell me. I should say ‘so what?’ and feel nothing to worry about? It isn’t that simple anymore…England has been confused with America and people come to ‘even the score’. White people are ‘white people‘ regardless of where they were born.

I call out black people for being the most racist of the communites I’ve met, that is, after brown people who are also incredibly racist towards other people not like them. This whole ‘black lives matter’ movement is racist. Feck your skin colour as all lives matter. Including mine that was almost wiped out by five black people and all other white people attacked for their skin. You are what you say you hate.

The ‘save the children’ protests are regarding the large amount of white children who are being targeted for violent attacks and sexual grooming. Numerous hit and runs have targeted children since December 2019, stabbings, house fires started etc killing whole families, sexual grooming of children is at a terrible high. Sex trafficking of Chinese,Vietnamese and British children is on a massive rise. Terrorist attacks against children going to concerts – these are things we should be protesting about and we are trying to organise and do something and then we’re being called Nazis.

I’ve read the propaganda and I’ve been keeping ahead of the news. I’ve had my own experiences which I’d happily lose. I live in a small country. The population density to the area of land mass available is tight…how can we sustain all these people? If they were all flooding into America or Canada what would you liberals say then? But they aren’t crossing that pond is too dangerous and long. However, they can head for England because the journalists, media, church and Islamic state help them along.

To imagine that people like Action of Churches together can change history is astounding. I mean to say statement like, ” We believe that Southern voices need to be heard and listened to in the European Union” is bizarre as, in England we have the Commonwealth so have ties with countries all over the globe and as such have a multinational culture. They use terms like ‘third world country’ which is an old racist term to be frank. They seemed to think all of England is rich when is it isn’t, although some people in England are rich, like in America, but they are not all white people.

Can Christians trust Sudan’s leaders?

Songs like this don’t help…Kill All The White People

Building Developments like this don’t help – https://www.surreycomet.co.uk/news/18631060.anger-scotts-farm-road-fallout-west-ewell/

Residents sign petitions protesting about the new builds, as the current state of social housing is terrible. The new builds are used to house the newcomers as they have priority in social housing because of their race or nationality. Priority is given to those with so called ‘protected factors’ of race over disability and overcrowded current social housing residents. This is illegal.

Priority is also given to those of brown or black skin in our National Health System. I don’t know why as this is also illegal. It’s discrimination as it’s based on completely unfound principals (eugenics says they need better health than whites). Thankfully as individuals we know it isn’t the black or brown patient’s fault. That they benefit from being given priority is seen as normal, but it doesn’t mean that it is right. The policies of our countries are not equal. They are set to divide us.

When I complained, in 2018, to Hertsmere councillor Mr Cohen, about the housing policy and the use of ‘Head of Household’ rather than the usual joint tenancy names and pointed out that this was illegal and classed as sexist as the Tamil Housing Association would only accept the male in the relationship as the ‘head of household’ he said “So, what?”

When I complained to Three Rivers District Housing about their discriminative and totally unfair housing policy, they also dismissed me. How long can you dismiss the indigenous population before something gives? What are these policies attempting to achieve? They are currently achieving huge crime increases in the communities where they are housing these newcomers with no thoughts to the safety of the current residents, which because of the lack of facilities and the perceived privilege has decreased.

Proof that UN convention on safeguarding disabled people as a vulnerable group was and is being continually broken by Herts Country Council Housing Policy. This housing is generally designed for easier living for elderly persons or disabled persons…of all colours so why should they be given priority?

Breaking the law on disabled discrimination in favour of race.
“From time to time the council recieves nominations to a shelthered housing scheme that is owned and manged by ASRA housing association. Applicants nominated for this scheme will meet the eligibility criteria set by the HA which is for people 55 and over and predominantly occupied by people of Asian origin” – Asian class for England is Indian, Bangladeshee, Afgani or just ‘brown’.

If a person isn’t over 55 they should not qualify as over 55 for prioriy purposes. It isn’t fair.

I know two hard working white british families of five people who both live in one bedroomed flats…no fault of their own. They live in London. The wives are both health care workers who look after the elderly and infirm in their own homes after the hospitals discharge them. They earn less than £10 an hour. The husbands both work full time. One family has a deaf and disabled child. Why should they be prioritized over by someone who has different skin colour, just because they have a different skin colour?

Buying a house big enough is impossible for both families..social housing is the only option.


By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris.

26th August 2020. England, United Kingdom of British Isles.



Fresh Horizons – A Poem.

In Callow Land

Owls screech

Down Fall the Roe


Into light so bright 

Burning without

Moons healing shadow


Press hands 

On mercy knees

Smiles spread 

On face of He

Return to a place

Secreted in history.


We sense they come.

One sole hangs in the scales

Nought one shoe can do.

Beg Humanity to see

The beauty that surrounds us

In a leaf or a humbler tree?


So, although they silence me

And, cut me deep too

I bleed blue, a blackberry hue

I will come back and take

My land,

That’s promised you.


Your fear too real


Life you would steal

I lay down the lavender

To placate, replicate

For You and Its late,

Ones at the gates 


Staring lusty eyes search for holes

Greedy to trade the souls 

They sayeth devil be blamed

Just Gods on side, and

Under his wing

Opportunists will hide.


Less married women!

Single breeders evil be.

Feed the children you have sown.

Become the Father

It’s your place to own.

Or should be! (If you took responsibility.)


The innocence of soul be free,

Stop taking it for thee.

Filling youths’ heads 

With catastrophe 

And calamity,

After calamity.


To survive I must desist.

Disappear into the mist.

My love, I leave you

Upon freshly axed logs

Scented of woodland fresh

Surrounded in bluebells

With honey and primrose breath 

Where dragonflies flutter

Unwritten but uttered.


The end

By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris



Are Women’s Rights in England being Torn Apart by Cultural Sensitivities?

Every day I watch women dig deep to just try and keep the advances we’ve made. It is a war. We are the largest minority. Our ranks are broad across all boundaries, borders, seas and mountains as well as every colour and culture. I always thought I lived in the country where I was equal to the men who lived here, I’ve kidded myself for years that by being British I am treated exceptionally well as a woman in my own country and we are, pretty much, equal.

These important equality laws that demand female and male be given the same rights are being broken. It seems that ‘cultural sensitivities’ are allowed to navigate around them. These laws which we are bound to uphold are seemingly not so important if the provision of service is supplied by someone claiming ‘cultural sensitivities’.

I’ve become interested in the housing law in our country, it seems that the equality act 2010 is being misrepresented. It isn’t just for race. This law stands to ensure that women and men are treated equally. After reading through the Chartered Institute of Housing for England and Wales I’m extremely concerned for the women of England and Wales as according to advice on the site – a lot of which is outdated – equality of women is not an issue. Well, it is.

I’m referring to a case of a young woman who entered into a housing tenancy with her partner. They had been waiting together as a couple for years on the housing register whilst living at his parents. After a very long wait and numerous interviews and proof of need they were eventually offered a lovely flat in Borehamwood, Hertford.

After viewing the couple met with the landlord to sign the tenancy.  As they went to sign the young woman noticed that her partner had put down as main tenant and that her name was put down underneath. My friend immediately pointed out what she thought was an error and that there were meant to be joint tenants as they were joint applicants.

The response was that is how they did it and that she would still have the same rights as her partner. During the viewing my friend hadn’t wanted to assert herself too much as the gentleman showing them around wasn’t able to look at her in the eye and she realised that she needed to be culturally sensitive to his obvious embarrassment at talking to her at all.

This sounds all well and good until last year when this young couple fell out of love and started arguing about who has the flat. The young woman, classed as vulnerable, has to leave as it is his flat and she is only living there at his will.

The circumstances of the individuals in this couple are very different. The man’s family home and other members of his close family are around the corner. He and other members of his family work for a large bank outside of the area. Whereas the young woman has essentially lost both her parents, has no family at all in the area and works locally and has done so for years.

This charitable community housing association called Tamil Housing Trust and also known as Tamil Community Housing Trust are updating their website but currently their profile, including the purpose to “provide quality homes and excel in the provision of culturally sensitive services for the Tamil community and other refugees and migrants through self-help and empowerment.”  also have some objectives such as “Do what matters most to residents” is available to view at http://www.tamilhousing.org.uk.

There is another statement about building TCHA’s capacity to respond to changes in the housing sector whilst considering the changing needs and aspirations of the community. This one I found particularly interesting as the woman’s needs suddenly changed when her boyfriend threw her out.

As they had joined the housing register together and both worked and both paid rent and shared the financial responsibility of the flat, she believed and was flatly told she had equal rights of occupation. However she has since been told that as her male partner is the main tenant, it is his flat and she will have to leave. It seems that Tamil Housing Trust lied to her and she does not have equal rights.

She has been to the Citizens Advice Bureau and been advised to start the housing application again as she doesn’t have any rights in this case. It is her that has to leave as her partners name is down as the main tenant. It hardly seems fair that a young woman who has worked in the area for years has to leave and apply again to be allowed to join the housing register whilst the man gets to keep the flat.

Statements seemingly harmless in nature by being so ambiguous along with their insistence that my friends partner go down as main tenant and she go down as his tenant gathers more meaning. Is it that in Tamil society a woman isn’t allowed to own property or have the lease in her name? Of course not, so why make a young British girl be homeless because the man who showed them around their property was culturally unable to view her as an equal?

They own 324 housing units across twelve London boroughs. They claim, “to provide high quality homes at affordable rents and offer culturally sensitive care and support services primarily to Tamil people on low incomes and with the greatest need in an economical, efficient and cost effective manner.”

They do not have anything relating to diversity or equality within their company profile and this worries me. The board is not diverse. This is providing housing for our most vulnerable people. They should be following laws not ambiguous ideals.

It appears to me that Tamil Housing do not ‘do what matters most to residents’ as they already made it very clear that they do what matters most to appease men rather than helping the young and vulnerable women of our country.

We need to stand up for our women’s rights. ce(/[a-z]/