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Skin – A Poem

What do you want from me? Turn me inside to see, turn me inside to tell and turn me upside down as well. I can not change to be like you. My colour is my colour I am white with veins of blue and I’ve always loved you. Now I see you do not love […]

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My Special Tin – Poem

Sometimes in life, I don’t know where to begin No matter how hard I try, depression seeps in Arguing with consciousness, anxiousness, figure fatigue It’s beginning to become the new normality   Also, in life, I’m often missing the point Seems like everyone is shouting and pushing I dream to withdraw, grab my tin, make […]

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Is Equality Corrupted in the UK? Article.

NHS and UK government is ploughing money into studying ethnic groups in England for healthcare purposes. This post has come about by mistake…I had intended to just get my flu jab. Whilst I was driving into the clinic, a man bounced out in front of the car, onto the road in front of me. Of […]

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Now I’m Cooking! Kind of a Disability Review of my New Cooker.

When the doorbell rang, I could hardly contain myself. I’d already taken out the first frozen meal I was going cook in the new oven out of the freezer. Sautéed potatoes with creamy leak and onion sauce on chicken. The delivery was going well, the new cooker made it all the way up to my floor, then into my kitchen without incident.

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Doctors Don’t Get Paid Extra to Think

proof that munchausen is not a safe medical diagnoses People do not get fair treatment within healthcare services. Equality was fought for and won and it should be delivered across the healthcare services in the UK. Only it hasn’t worked out like that. It seems the medical and psychiatry services have been playing with people’s […]

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Division and Disgust

Just a little update – in case you thought you knew something…666 the number of the beast means fox – called ‘the beast’ because mum kicks out cubs. 777 the magic number is just the number code for gypsy. You can find it if you write out the numbers one to nine, then the alphabet […]

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No Pagans Please

So I just had a tenacy audit. That is when the social housing assoiciation who you rent your property from comes in unannounced to check you are not subletting your flat. All very acceptable. However, I have had the police and the housing association here regulary and my local councillor just last week…I would have […]

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Disabled Living in Beautiful Hertfordshire – Ring of Finite Burden

There is something smelly in Three Rivers District Council and it is no longer me as I now have access to a bath. There is something smelly in Herts County Council and Watford Borough council where the housing and facilities are concerned.

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How Does a Social Housing Estate Work in Herts County Council?

Disabled people are protected under UN convention under Anti-Discrimination and Equality Laws. These laws state that any organisation over fifteen people must provide access to facilities and services for certain protected group, including tenants.