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Lab Rat Age – Lockdown Poem

Isolating for covid nineteen

All social distancing

It’s now twenty twenty-one

Another lock down has begun

Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and J & J

Motivated with shares and graphs

They wipe us away

Like fleas on an arse

Looking back to where to begin

I came across the story of Aspirin

Linked to Spanish Flu, who knew?

Pharma have us by the balls

Wanting funding for a new cause

Just how many more variants

Can really be found

In residents isolating, gone to ground?

We’ve vaccinated millions

Yet death figures soar

It takes no super sleuth

To unlock the cage

On Britain’s new,

Lab Rat Age.

The end.

Thanks for reading

copyright Samantha Harris (unextraordinarybint) January 2021

The Whiteness and Bloody Americans. Rant.

What is wrong with white people? This is aimed at white people in Europe not the States. I’m English and would also class myself as European. I voted to remain for Brexit.

How can white people not realise they may be a target for hatred? Because, in the same way my (white) ancestors had to scream out for help to London, most are not aware.

The media and social media only tell what it wants, but if you look you will find independent news outlets now giving out the very depressing news. Youtube is worth watching if you can circumnavigate the PR stuff, filters, sexist and racist search results.

Stabbing and shootings in towns up and down the country have increased dramatically during lockdown…they stopped collecting ethnicity as it was getting very obvious. In response, Far right activity rose by 4% to 8% of our countries total terrorist threat. This resulted in a news blackout of the ongoing attacks.

But, I want to talk about our health and the NHS, and a woman called Rano Bains.

Why should you be interested in what she says? Because she is Head of Equality and Diversity for many NHS Trusts and hospitals (national health service) in England. It is her words which drive policy, funding and training in our wards and universities.

Rano Bain’s words…

“The whiteness refers to white consciousness – the ‘silent’, pervasive, cultural norm that informs and shapes our racial ideology. Whiteness is constructed as a formless, empty cultural space that is neutral, natural and normative. Whiteness, because it is an unnamed, hegemonic position of privilege and power, becomes the point of reference for measuring others, unlike “blackness” which has been named in the language of white signification. Whiteness has defied scrutiny as it does not seem like a culture as everyone is apparently the same.”

hmmm…plain English would have been nice…..However, I will attempt to break it down.

Do white people know what other white people think? She makes it sound like we are plugged into an invisible big psychic cloud. Her claims of white consciousness of people in Russia, Israel, Poland being the same as white people in England, Germany or America are terrible.

It shows her racism immediately. The first line says that she is viewing white people from a position of suspicion and it is white people who declare racial identity, to her. Is Ms Bains the type of person who should be running our ‘equality and diversity’ departments?

Current serving Ministers have declared that white privilege has no place being taught in our schools, but are they aware that it is taught in our NHS to our healthcare assistants, nurses and doctors?

White people come lower down the humanity chart to many people in the media, the health care profession and education. This has to change. All lives matter all faiths matter, including those without faith – that doesn’t mean they make the rules.

When people are not offered the same facilities and services it is called discrimination. (eg. TB vaccine). When they are not warned of extra risks to them, (eg. flu vaccine) this is racism.

White people are the only race not afforded the indigenous land protections.

In this manner, the United Nations is racist.

My country – The United Kingdom of the British Isles, is a country RICH in culture and heritage. It is wrong to say we have none. To be frank it is racist to say white people have no culture.

Terms like ‘snowy peaks, and ‘the whiteness‘ are racist. They should not be allowed within training programs in our national health system. They should be discredited by academics within our schools and universities.

Explain to me why white people are criticized for holding positions in predominantly white citizenships or companies? How can that possibly be racist? But, it isn’t racist that African’s insist on their land being owned by black people? It isn’t racist that native American Indians have land that is just theirs?

If white people want their own space, it’s racist?

Explain why Christians can’t say they hate Islam? Both are bad, but Christians have become tolerant and are the standing religion in the UK along with paganism. Religion isn’t even a race but somehow it is being added to our ‘hate crime’ laws, originally designed to protect everyone. Soon I will be unable to say I hate religion!!!

This directly threatens our free speech and our security.

Explain why a black person (from anywhere) is on our national news talking about feeling hurt because she suspects racism? She suspects it was racism…? She may be getting hassled for all sorts of reasons to assume it is racism is not on. Because she is in a predominantly white country she declares racism, but she works within a predominantly non white environment in the NHS in London.


How is this national news when the same day people were stabbed, on UK streets, for being white? Another incident only covered at a local level, as all of these types of murders now.

Murder by colour code. If you are a white murderer or white child killer you will be plastered over the media, if you are black/brown/not English you may not even get arrested if your child dies unexpectantly unless the public pull the police up.

Explain why George Floyd is on BBC but Cannon Hinnant isn’t? Neither murder happened in Britain (BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corp).

I’m scared. I stand as someone who was attacked by people who were not of my colour. I am not imagining the hatred towards me. I’m verbally attacked when I leave my home by an awful Russian woman (white). I’m scared of the doctors and nurses no matter what colour they are, as many view me as spoilt immediately because I am English. White Irish ambulance staff can be especially mean. All white people are not the same!

As an English person I learnt a long time ago to lie about where I am from, but I will never again. I educated myself away from the white guilt, the same as I educated myself away from the Christian guilt and can now see it for what it is. Both are run for greed, envy, laziness, brainwashing and corruption.

I stand as someone who was born in Plymouth, Devon, England. The full history is not covered by the Americans EVER…they remain race blind on the slave trade history because of their own sordid history and because it suits certain people politically.

This lady, Rano Bains (no idea where she is from), has a nerve to say this of England with her Whiteness perspective. However, we are the most tolerant of countries. Perhaps she cannot see a long history or culture within our country, but surely this does not mean there isn’t one?

I read her pdf in 2018 and have been stewing since. I didn’t want to do a piece as I don’t want to add to a rise of hatred towards anyone but it seems I do need to defend myself and my life. A black lady is found online saying all white people are inbred and most of the comments underneath agreed…however, you will not be able to find it.

Search for any attack on a white person and google immediately takes you to black lives matter material unless you know the name of the victim and the date you will not find it on referenced on our news. Google is not relevant and neither is youtube.

White people are not the same, nor do we think we are the same. We are classed as white for measurement of resources for assurances to black and brown people to ensure that facilities are shared equally.

Also, we now appear to have strange advert quotas – air brushing blond people from TV, advertising, film and social media in Europe is also getting very tedious. European people are white. Get over it. Stop telling us we are racist.

White people are just people. We don’t deserve any more or any less than any other human. It is Rano Bain’s term, The Whiteness, that gave birth to many of my poems reflecting as The Blackness….ideally I wouldn’t be seeing the world in this manner. I never used to. But, this is obviously the idea, after all, you cannot capture a culture and it’s resources without upsetting a few people.

Our national anthem has come under attack. Us Brits will ignore it and will carry on with it but for the English (traitors), Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, Russians and African who called for it to be banned, please get a education by reading the following.

The history behind the British song Rule Britannia, UK national anthem.
In the 1600s the seas around Britain were ruled by North African Slavers(who were black). They boarded British ships and carried off the crews (whites) to be sold as slaves in Africa. The situation became so bad that fishermen wouldn’t put out to sea in case they were captured by African Slave Traders.
Between 1609 and 1616, 466 British ships were captured by Slave Traders in the English Channel, Irish Sea and North Atlantic, and the crews were sold into slavery. White crews.

Some other historical news stories from England include,

In 1625, sixty English people (white) who had taken refuge in a local church were dragged out, loaded up and taken off to Africa to be sold as slaves from Mount’s Bay in Cornwall

On 12 August 1625 the Mayor of Plymouth wrote to London for military help after 27 ships had been seized by North African Muslim Slave Traders in just 10 days.

In 1645, 240 people were seized as slaves in Cornwall.

White people – valued by other nations because of the colour of their skin for abuses in other countries. We didn’t value ourselves higher because of our skin they did because they wanted it.

One or two survived, made their way back to England and wrote of their capture, but most didn’t.

The situation only began to improve for Britain after the end of our English Civil War when the Royal Navy was built up under Oliver Cromwell.

By 1700, North African Slavers generally knew better.

It was in honour of this defence of our security, that in 1740, James Thompson wrote ‘Rule Britannia’.

Apathy will not help our children or our grandchildren. I stupidly did not go to the police over my own attack in Kings College Hospital but I did complain and I did go to my GP about my injuries so it is a matter of record. I also took photos of my injuries, they amounted to bruising.

People need to stop talking about racism as if white people are always responsible. Racists are everywhere and you cannot tell them by their colour.

Stop believing that because of colour you should have less and be grateful because you have nothing to feel bad about.

Stop believing that because of colour you should have more and other people owe you something.

The end.

Leave a comment if you like, I suspect this will be filtered out of google and bing search anyway.

Thanks for reading.

If anyone else can decode Ms Rano Bain’s words please enlighten me. Pardon the pun.

Stop Discrimination in Medicine

Over and over again we are told only some people can get certain diseases and other races cannot. Even if results come back indicating a blood disorder, sickle cell will not be tested for…maybe even rickets would not be picked up because of your childs genetic makeup…although they don’t know your child’s genetic makeup…they do that on sight, by name or nationality. They = Doctors.

Rickets is a disease where monitoring and treatment is being targeted towards non whites when every child is at equal risk. Here is a medical paper saying it isn’t just non whites who suffer from it…attempting to make racist doctors understand that white children get ill too.


We’ve accepted racism and allowed it to enter our health professions. As a result Rickets is on the rise and many of our sick children go undiagnosed with painful diseases for lengthy periods.

We must call out racist papers and medical trials. If a drug is to be safe or a treatment, it must be safe for everyone. As genetically we are all different – not all white people are the same, not all black people are the same and there are billions of people inbetween.

Allopurinol – known to have vicious side effects in non whites is not usually prescribed to black folks in England, or shouldn’t be. It was given to me though and caused major rash and major gout attack.

But, much worse than that, I found this video. It doesn’t even warn against giving it to black people…

So, we are all at the mercy of this distrust and it is caused by the Pharma companies.

Please be cautious about any medication given to you and read the small print carefully.

Stay safe.

Thanks for reading.

I wonder how many other drugs are known to cause harm depending on your genetics?

Doctors Don’t Get Paid Extra to Think

proof that munchausen is not a safe medical diagnoses

People do not get fair treatment within healthcare services. Equality was fought for and won and it should be delivered across the healthcare services in the UK. Only it hasn’t worked out like that.

It seems the medical and psychiatry services have been playing with people’s lives all over the world, with Britain taking a leading role. Children are removed from women diagnosed with syndromes that doesn’t exist.

Children suffering from Ehlers Danlos have been removed from parents too. Lots of interference in family matters because of medical diagnoses. This is because EDS is not taken seriously in our country. It’s linked with depression and mental illness rather than the connective tissue disease it is.

There are whole families, generations, ruined by the interference of doctors telling family members that their mothers have Munchausen syndrome when usually they are suffering physical and mental trauma from childhood sexual abuse or plain old rheumatism – which is a well known medical health problem, not a mental illness.

I feel that it is time for academics and scientists to get things together and start being truthful about how arbitrary these diagnoses are. At the moment family courts in the UK are in crisis with the amount of children at risk of being removed from families who have not had proper advice on looking after their children.

It is time for patients and families to start questioning doctors. It’s becoming easy to think that some doctors keep you ill – they are not interested in making you better and you not coming back to see them. One of my favourite sayings about doctors is that they don’t get paid extra to do their jobs.

Fibromyalgia is another such diagnoses I see a lot of people diagnosed with recently, myself included – although I immediately argued it. The over made up, cosmetically inept female Shi Lankan doctor telling me that I do have fibro as well as Ehlers Danlos…in her fifteen years of experience.

I told her I have met other people with fibro and they have all over pain, including headaches which I do not suffer from. I again point out that I have had this rib pain since 2009 and it is getting worse having spread from one place under my right arm to now going across my back to under my left breast – basically in the exact place I had shingles when I was twenty years old.

I tell her I feel it could be pleural membrane infection of some sort or a breakdown of the tissue between the ribs as in common with Ehlers Danlos sufferers and of course I have the added cystic lungs. I ask again for some steroids and tell her I had just started HRT and already am feeling the benefit with my thought and emotions. I tell her it is the same pain as when I was diagnosed with pleurisy in my twenties, it just is a larger area.

The doctor completely ignores me. She declares that I do have Fibro she has decided I have it and there is not a chance that I can stop her. The fact I don’t have pain all over or headaches does not worry her at all. I realise when I get the follow up letter that this diagnosis will place me firmly back into ‘faulty pain receptor’ category in medical terms within NHS England’s treatment plans.

Having this diagnosis opens the gates for me to be offered all sorts of neurological pharma wonders like Gabapentin and Pregabapentin…and lots of other mind altering drugs which I have already done thankfully so won’t be tricked into again. I have mental health issues and it’s hard enough to keep a hold of my emotions.

However, it does make it hard to claim benefits. It could be seen as you could work – as you have no reason for your pain. Thankfully I have my paperwork from previous years proving this is not the case for me but how many other people keep all their medical letters?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is another umbrella term for all over pain with no reason – however, full test aren’t done to exclude other things…these are arbitrary decisions that the doctors make based on the latest guidance from NHS England rather than actual medical knowledge.

Symptoms of all over pain. Apparently a ‘faulty pain receptor’. It is linked with mental health as there is no reason for the pain – no reason for the pain. Many patients find themselves in ‘well being’ classes rather than any real treatment.

Let this simple statement sink in, apparently someone is experiencing pain for no reason with Fibromyalgia. However, the doctor will supply pain killers and other drugs for this condition and more importantly it is linked with depression so antidepressants are often also offered as course of treatment.

For me it is not the correct diagnosis. I don’t have muscle pain. I have joint pain. I have nodules on my hands from my swollen joints. I have a huge amount of pain around my rib cage, the pain radiates from the tissue between my ribs. I don’t get headaches. I do faint and suffer from fatigue. I also have Bullous Lung Disease, around 25% of lung function left and mitral valve prolapse and thickening of the left ventricle of the heart.

I don’t have a faulty pain signal – I am in pain. I also have large mass around my bladder from the TVT which is likely to be causing an auto immune response in me as I have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis for last fifteen years which is also very painful – oh and I have endometriosis and a faulty jaw.

I almost faint every time I fart from the pain caused from the Stapled Hemmoroidoplexy and the TVT wrapped around my bladder. I don’t just have Fibro. I am in pain.

I complained about the diagnoses at the time and afterwards I phoned and complained to the clinic. Nothing happened. I thought I’d argued and proved my case but no. Now her diagnoses has trumped all my other diagnoses, including my hypermobile jaw which dislocates regularly and my stomach problems including peptic ulcers and my extremely sensitive, painful, ears.

But no, it’s none of those things I am suffering from – all the other doctors, scans and tests are wrong. According to this new doctor I have a Vitamin D deficiency and Fibromyalgia. When I looked up my results I found that my blood levels weren’t that deficient in vit D according to NHS guidelines. I had a raised CRP level which ought to be investigated but she hadn’t pointed this out.

It all falls on uncaring and corrupt ears. Now when I get taken into hospital they look on the system they see depression and fibromyalgia – it doesn’t help when you do actually have mental health problems too. So I am ignored on medical grounds because of this diagnoses that is ill founded. I am one of many being treated in this manner, it means they can officially ignore me.

Basically it’s one service for some a great service whilst another gets treated appallingly. One person comes in walking with chest pains he is taken to cardio and hooked up to the monitors. Another comes in with chest pain and is asked if she is anxious and why she thinks she needs to be there…

These common misconceptions about men and women serve no purpose other than to deprive women of healthcare services and give men a false belief that they are better. The most common killer of women over 50 in the UK is heart disease.

It’s not cancer or drinking alcohol, it’s heart disease. We need to start demanding to be taken seriously and not be tarnished with these old outdated medical opinions that only serve some interests.

If you use the NHS England’s BMI checker you will not get the same advice regarding health if you are obese and white/other as you would if you were of Indian or Black African descent. We have to stop treating people according to their ethnicity, as race is not a defining characteristic of health.

We all have to pay into the system when we work. We have the right to treatment. When people have complex medical history, this should be taken into account, not just the last doctor that was seen. This doctors decision to diagnose Fibro assured a total denial of service when it happened to me as doctors in AAU refused to look past the last diagnosis.

The medical healthcare systems such as NHS England and pharma companies and hospitals must treat us all the same regardless of race or gender. The inequality is becoming too much. We need to start pulling back against the move towards the dark ages.

No to hysteria, no to new Munchausen syndrome diagnosis and real treatment for people in pain. It’s time to treat anyone in pain – regardless of gender, race, age, disability, colour or nationality. We are all humans.

NHS Magic – The Re-appearing Womb.

The UK Government is denying there is a problem with their systems. I would suggest that it spends some time listening. Twenty years of pain and eleven operations to ‘investigate’ mysterious bladder pain, when they know it’s the system.

Oh, I Could Strangle a Dolphin!

They scan sea-life that has been caught in plastic to check for the tumours plastic causes. They remove the plastic which has become entangled around the desperate creature’s bodies.

Scientists carefully remove the tumours before releasing them back into the water to enjoy the world. Thankfully the same marine biologists then monitor the health of the animal to ensure it recovers from the horror and attempt to do it all gently to avoid more trauma.

It is all heart-breaking. The amount of plastic in our environment which has not been disposed of properly. It has found it’s way into our oceans and is harming Earth’s wildlife and our environment.

The oil industry, which plastic is a by product of, move someway in some areas to help with the clean up with donations to ocean preservation charities and such like.

If I were to share a picture of a dolphin with plastic wrapped around it all my friends would share it in a moment because the Brits love animals. The BBC employ a huge posh orchestra to play alongside the programs we are screened for animals.

So why do they leave humans with the plastic inside them? – I am told to stop being dramatic and the medical profession are insisting that any tumours are coincidental. So, yeah, I’d like to strangle a dolphin.

Would that get me some of that media attention? Some attention from my friends and perhaps the doctors? Nope, it would just get me very wet and bloody – and they would probably arrest me for cruelty to animals.

I’d still be left with the plastic in me…and all the things I am not getting used to living with. The no sex for instance… bizarre that the only position we can achieve is the missionary.

The worse one for me is the pads. It’s embarrassing wetting and pooing yourself when you have only just turned 50 years old. Also they are so expensive. My GP could prescribe them but says he can’t. I use the big thick pads and they get used up quickly.

I can see you thinking about the fluffing kittens and gorgeous dolphins already. But this shit is important – pardon the pun. There are men younger than me stuck in the same position because of mesh used for their hernia’s.

Obviously, there is the pain relief. The judgement from everyone. The wheelchair etc. That’s not the half of it though. I’m denied basic rights and services too. Rights which I am entitled to under UN convention and these are all being stomped over.

I am often unable to get my medication – because they don’t have it or it is too expensive. Like nutrition milkshakes because I find it very difficult to eat. Even though nutritionist said I was to have them. At the moment they are unable to get me my HRT and using Brexit as excuse…

I’m in so much pain. I have to beg for pain relief and often prescriptions will run out before you are allowed to get another. Especially with the controlled drugs…pain killers.

They will not prescribe them before you need them. Fair enough. I am on 72 hour patch. I order on Friday. I run out on Monday but the doctor has a three day turnaround on prescriptions so…I can pick up my new patches on the Weds, I could go on.

Often the green sheets say you have been given medication you have not. My scan results are hidden from me – the dolphins and sea-life get more consideration.

I have TVT (put in 2005 plastic) and more painfully, if that were possible, a Stapled Hemorrhroidopexy. I feel ill. It was not the surgery my Rheumatologist requested for me. I already had Ehlers Danlos a serious problem with my collagen.

I use a stick and wheelchair where I can. Media is lying about pay outs…no we are just all dying slowly and painfully. As far as I am aware, at this moment in time not one person in the UK has had any recompense. I’m unsure why they would lie.

Disability awards in the UK. I keep getting temporary awards. Then the government decided to reduced payments. I was able to take my ID from my purse unassisted.

Gratefully I was assigned a support worker for a while to help me through the appeal. The governement then accepted the appeal, just before the appeal court date. They decided to award it but for just 18 months.

As it is tied in with your universal credit and rent payments this is a real tiresome chore.

They now say I have had the support worker for too long. It’s been over a year. I still have not had a referral for the removal of the plastic. I have not had any medical help other than trying really rubbish drugs and some physio therapy which caused the plastic tension vaginal tape to snap within me.

In my borough they have implemented a system called the Single Fraud Prevention Intervention and it only runs on housing benefit claimants. So we have to be proactive to gain our benefits. So for instance, if we don’t turn up for an appointment our benefits are stopped etc. Disabled people are included this program.

The benefit agency does not have disabled parking. I threw up in their staff toilets as their toilets were upstairs and there was no lift for the wheelchair. It was terrible. The staff have agreed that I do not need to attend to the office again.

I have tried to find out how to get an indefinite award but told I’m unlikely to qualify as I don’t have one of the qualifying illnesses but can’t find out what the qualifying illnesses are. Online Government pages says HIV and other serious illnesses like Diabetes are on the list.

I was asked to do a statement regarding my mesh – the plastic inside me. This was it. No dolphins were harmed during the writing of this blog piece.