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I’m Not Laughing Doc

Disgust and Division in The UK – Classifying People Aryan is Offensive. It seems that our government has given reason a holiday. Richard Harrington may have resigned his parliamentary position he is still our head of County. I have some questions for him. What is he going to do about the discrimination in Hertfordshire towards […]

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Equality In Housing Allocation In UK

I have been trying to get this story out for a while but my emails are returned to me from the police and from the special fraud squad. I highlighted inequality in our housing system towards disabled women and women as they are both protected groups under UN convention. The housing trusts are Homegroup, Watford […]

Disabled/Differently Abled mental health policy and allocation of funds in uk womens rights

Dear Charlie, We Don’t Have Cladding.

The stay put policy, during a fire, is one I’m quite happy with. I was more than happy to move into the block. My professional experience has given me the knowledge that should the compartmentation be solid a building can have an extremely safe record of withstanding fires.

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Moved from the Pretty Brick Cage

Funny how a house can feel like a prison to one person and a dream home to another. So I just moved out from my three bedroomed, end of terrace house in a small close to a two bedroomed flat at the top of a tower block. When speaking to people about the move, and […]