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Make Your Child’s Next School Holiday or Half-Term a Memorable One

The British education system realizes the importance of time with family and allots kids multiple breaks throughout the school year. While kids may have plans to camp out in front of the TV on video games or spend time with their friends, you should make the time for family and create memories that’ll last a […]

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Feeling Persecuted in London

I woke up upset again today. Recently the sun has been shining. We had a week long, glorious heat wave. The government released most of us from our homes from covid19 lockdown rules and we’ve been able to move around freely, with or without masks. Most of us made the most of it. And, we […]

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The Whiteness and Bloody Americans. Rant.

What is wrong with white people? This is aimed at white people in Europe not the States. I’m English and would also class myself as European. I voted to remain for Brexit. How can white people not realise they may be a target for hatred? Because, in the same way my (white) ancestors had to […]

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Beautiful Sunset

Today started very grey. The whiteness surrounded the tower block I live in. See.. But during the day it got nicer and nicer until this evening, when it became stunning. Have a wonderful evening folks. It is Guy Fawkes night for the folks of England, I expect to see some celebrations but small scale because […]

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“Pagan London Episode 1: Old and New Pagans” on YouTube

Here’s a great series about paganism. No religion would exist without paganism. If religion is going to hang around in places like Glastonbury and hound pagan people for enjoying themselves; it’s followers need to understand exactly what they are hating, rather than what their religions are telling them to hate. And who really controls religion. […]

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Home – A Gentle Poem

I watch the clouds Shapes form and drown The sunlight glistens through Formations of winged worlds Make and break On my horizon, true Tick tock of time Measures each view In beat with the train as it chugs through Listening to the gusty wind Watching lights flash orange Yellow, green, red, no blue Tail lights […]

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PROTHALAMION is an interesting old poem. By English Poet Edmund Spenser born around 1552 – died 1599. Published in The Penguin Book of English Verse. As it is old English, I have left the spellings as they are written. Full ten verses are put down exactly as they are in the book – it is […]

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I’m Not Laughing Doc

Disgust and Division in The UK – Classifying People Aryan is Offensive. It seems that our government has given reason a holiday. Richard Harrington may have resigned his parliamentary position he is still our head of County. I have some questions for him. What is he going to do about the discrimination in Hertfordshire towards […]

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Equality In Housing Allocation In UK

I have been trying to get this story out for a while but my emails are returned to me from the police and from the special fraud squad. I highlighted inequality in our housing system towards disabled women and women as they are both protected groups under UN convention. The housing trusts are Homegroup, Watford […]

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Listen To Your Gut. Stapled Hemmoroidoplexy

I can tell you this operation is more painful than giving birth. If you are a man and you have had this treatment you can consider yourself as having reached the same pain threshold and more besides.

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Dear Charlie, We Don’t Have Cladding.

The stay put policy, during a fire, is one I’m quite happy with. I was more than happy to move into the block. My professional experience has given me the knowledge that should the compartmentation be solid a building can have an extremely safe record of withstanding fires.

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How Does a Social Housing Estate Work in Herts County Council?

Disabled people are protected under UN convention under Anti-Discrimination and Equality Laws. These laws state that any organisation over fifteen people must provide access to facilities and services for certain protected group, including tenants.

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Are Women’s Rights in England being Torn Apart by Cultural Sensitivities?

These important equality laws that demand female and male be given the same rights are being broken. It seems that ‘cultural sensitivities’ are allowed to navigate around them.