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Fam – poem

Are you fam? Would you know? Who I am? DNA will say. We are in an age When all alliances Will go astray. To find commonality In humanity I need to tell you Hatred Is distraction man Love is Bringing up the rear No priority Re-arranged here. Fin By Samantha Harris

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Watch “LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM by CARPENTERS WITH LYRICS” on YouTube I’m learning this song as it’s so simple but cute.

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EssBee – A Poem

If I sent a key Could you see What befalls me?   Dreaming of flight Pure delights For you, I fight   I dream of a key Enveloping me We slide in eternity   Clouds do part For one good heart Heaven we will see.   Pie in the sky With chicken eyes Stepping stones […]

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Desire – A Poem.

Thoughts of you as time slips by Floating in the depth of your eye Gliding underneath your wings Playing my heart strings Remembering your garden Clock’s forgotten Sigh upon sigh As the traffic flew by… I confess that loves long blur Caresses and whispers Reminds me to see Loves youthful tombs Souls, as beautiful as […]

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You (a love poem)

I wake with you inside my head My head, my body, my bed I feel you with the breaths I take in I know not where I start, and you begin Thoughts of you continue Throughout my day I never shoo them away For they are the company I keep The bond so deep That […]

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Thank you Triangle – A Poem

Of course, they are watching Is it funny, I thought you knew? You wish for a time gone by but that’s not what I do. I’ve grown into a monster, a free human, trapped . I can see no way back The need for your journey is to complete With duty, no woman can compete […]

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Meshed, Mad and Horny.

Fancy Someone and Disabled with Mesh? Me Too. I have a smile on my face. I feel younger. I’m pretty sure it’s because I found I want to be close to someone. We’ll meet again soon and there will be no doubts, no strained small talk because I bit the bullet and straight up told […]

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I’m Not Laughing Doc

Disgust and Division in The UK – Classifying People Aryan is Offensive. It seems that our government has given reason a holiday. Richard Harrington may have resigned his parliamentary position he is still our head of County. I have some questions for him. What is he going to do about the discrimination in Hertfordshire towards […]

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Equality In Housing Allocation In UK

I have been trying to get this story out for a while but my emails are returned to me from the police and from the special fraud squad. I highlighted inequality in our housing system towards disabled women and women as they are both protected groups under UN convention. The housing trusts are Homegroup, Watford […]