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Tuberculosis is at Lowest Levels.


request for sputum test
sputum test request showing to exclude TB in fifty year old female within a national health system

Most British people in their fifties were vaccinated against Tuberculosis at school.

I was one of those that queued up and got my TB shot.

But how long does it last?

This was the advice researched and copied on 24th July 2021 from London, UK.

Independent advice from the Guardian newspaper.

TB vaccine BCG effective for twice as long as previously thought.
31/08/2017 · Benefits of world’s only vaccine against tuberculosis were underestimated as new findings reveal it protects against the disease for at least 20 years.

American Advicewhich is slightly worrying tbh, as a Brit who’s had it.

Vaccines | Basic TB Facts | TB | CDC
TB Vaccine (BCG) Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is a vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) disease. This vaccine is not widely used in the United States, but it is often given to infants and small children in other countries where TB is common. BCG does not always protect people from getting TB.

United Kingdom of British Isles AdviceWe have a National Health System.

BCG tuberculosis (TB) vaccine overview – NHS
It’s less effective in preventing TB that affects the lungs, which is the more common type of TB in adults. Read the patient information leaflet for BCG AJV vaccine (PDF, 272kb) Read the answers to common questions about the BCG TB vaccine. Side effects of the BCG vaccine. Reactions to the BCG vaccine are uncommon and generally mild.

The BCG vaccine contains a weakened strain of TB bacteria, which builds up immunity and encourages the body to fight TB if infected with it, without causing the disease itself. The BCG vaccination is thought to protect up to 80% of people against the most severe forms of TB for at least 15 years, perhaps even up to 60 years.

So why aren’t our NHS testing people with shadows on their lungs for TB??? I know this because I am one of the people who has been in contact with someone who has TB. I went on to have symptoms and diagnosed as COPD, but I’ve never had my sputum tested for tuberculosis because I had a vaccine thirty five years ago.

This worries me. I’m definitely not a doctor but it does interest me because it’s weird.

Just before covid19 hit our countries TB was starting to hit the headlines with a huge transmission in Wales killing at least one person.

A person has died following a tuberculosis (TB) outbreak in a Welsh village.

A further 80 people in the Llwynhendy area of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, may have also come in contact with the disease and have been told to attend screenings for the condition in June.

And there was this…the first person to get corona virus 2019 was a Welsh teacher.

Connor Reed, 25, caught the strain while teaching English at a foreign language in a school in Wuhan – the epicenter of the outbreak – at the end of November 2019. As stated by the Evening Standard in May 2020.

This all adds up to some questions for me…What about you?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the geography of the United Kingdom, it includes Wales.

So, Still Nothing. TVT mesh saga.

Through frustration and tears I write but couldn’t feel less like writing.

Sounds coming from outside remind me of lives being lived to the fullest whilst I painfully pace the length of the flat to stop my muscles from wasting completely.

In April 2020 the health minister kindly apologised to Polypropylene mesh implant sufferers and promised our care would change. For some people, it has. They’ve been referred to removal clinics and have made a recovery.

Unfortunately, some of us, are falling through NHS guidelines and our GPs seem unable to get us on the correct pathway for treatment. It has now been three years since my implanting surgeon recommended my implanted TVT be removed.

In the past year my dedicated GP has referred me out and seen me returned back to her by three Gynae consultants. I’m so grateful that she continues to understand my concerns and push for me.

I suppose, like any bad conservation job, it’s difficult to find someone afterwards to sort out a satisfactory outcome. The hold up is simply put. There is a shortage of surgeons to remove the mesh.

I’m tired of being in pain. I’m tired of being tired. I’m bored at a level no one understands. I’m frustrated beyond what I thought was possible and I see no end.

What do I see? I see a future of dealing with it.

And, I am starting, just starting to do it.

Before, I was clinging on to recovery and getting my life back again. I’m realising and adapting in my mind to the real fact that I am going to be stuck like this; sat accessorized in adult nappies, lording it around trying to look hot in a wheelchair.

Tears sting my eyes when I say I didn’t deserve this. But, none of us did. The guy who came to the hospital to get his hernia repair, the woman who got her bladder fixed or myself who got the TVT mesh implanted during a necessary hysterectomy, none of us deserves what’s happened.

Of course, in this life no one promised me a life without pain. One isn’t born feeling fantastic. In fact it’s the complete opposite isn’t it? From our first tooth cutting into tender baby gums to our last poop being forced out of a dry arse; life is full of pain.

It’s different when the pain is not experienced by everyone. I’m obviously conflicted on this as essentially, no one promised me life would not have pain.

I suppose I’m saying I need to start getting out, using the wheelchair if I need to, and living my life again regardless of the TVT. There is zero point in waiting for removal as the health services have more important people to deal with.

So, it’s still me and my TVT.

Thanks for reading.

Lab Rat Age – Lockdown Poem

Isolating for covid nineteen

All social distancing

It’s now twenty twenty-one

Another lock down has begun

Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and J & J

Motivated with shares and graphs

They wipe us away

Like fleas on an arse

Looking back to where to begin

I came across the story of Aspirin

Linked to Spanish Flu, who knew?

Pharma have us by the balls

Wanting funding for a new cause

Just how many more variants

Can really be found

In residents isolating, gone to ground?

We’ve vaccinated millions

Yet death figures soar

It takes no super sleuth

To unlock the cage

On Britain’s new,

Lab Rat Age.

The end.

Thanks for reading

copyright Samantha Harris (unextraordinarybint) January 2021

No Better – Review Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy. Honest/Blunt.

A week ago I had my appointment at NHS colorectal specialist regarding my butt pain.

This is now the third hospital I’ve been seen for looking into this. I wish they’d share medical records… I’m reminded of how, last decade, I used to go from hospital to hospital over the bladder pain. Then I read an article which told me it could be the TVT polypropylene mesh.

I read through the doctors letters that I had and saw that it was being mentioned as okay when I wasn’t really aware that this was what they were looking at.

Each consultant said the same thing “no erosion of the TVT”. I know now that there is no possible way they could have seen this by these investigations and each one of them lied.

Taking you back to 2005 when I had an Hysterectomy for Endometriosis because of night sweats and crippling pain. I was discharged from the ward six days after my surgery without clearing my bowels. I was re-admitted five days later having still not cleared my bowels.

Four years after that I am having a Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy, which I am unaware is a new procedure. The story of getting to that point is a whole book of horrors for another day.

I wake after the Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy in what the medical profession disgustingly call “exquisite pain”. That is not the correct term. The correct term would be horrific pain that will never be forgotten, worse than child birth. I woke screaming like a banshee. There was nothing exquisite about it. Sick sacks.

If you look up Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy, the gumph will tell you it is a painless, minimal invasive procedure and that you will be back to work the next day. It is not true. Far from it. This is a cut and shunt that you will be lucky to be standing up comfortably the next week, let alone the next day.

It definitely doesn’t suit everyone and if you have Ehlers Danlos like myself I would recommend not having it and demanding the older technique with biological material and a gentle hand. A huge mechanical stapler being shoved up your arse is not easy to recover from.

I have not yet found out what they used to fix the cut, the surgeon told me it was a ‘composite ring’. I am in the process of getting my medical records because of the TVT Mesh case I am trying to bring against the NHS, I am trying to find what this ‘composite ring’ is made of…because of my butt pain whilst I’m there.

It’s been eleven years since I had the Stapled Hemroidplexy to correct my evacuation problems. It didn’t work. It never worked and now it’s incredibly painful and has been for a few years – getting worse as time goes by.

Care is bad for women patients in the NHS. Since closing the women’s hospitals we have to travel hundreds of miles. I’m in so much pain, it is incredibly hard to to travel to several different areas of the country for what is essentially an inch difference on my body.

Common sense seems to have left the building and thousands of people are left on benefits because of operations and procedures like this…it costs the government and the tax payer millions.

During my recent (Dec 2020) consultation I was not asked my history…we didn’t have time. My kind doctor told me that my upper and lower abdominal CT Scan, poo sample and blood results had all came back normal.

To me, that is instantly worrying. They’d done a chest CT too… I have bullous lung disease, or cystic lungs…clearly visible on a scan if any one looks at it. At stage four I have a heavy shadow on my right lung unavoidable to any eye let alone a trained eye of a radiographer.

As a patient being told that they can find nothing wrong when you are unable to sit down during the consultation is an unpleasant situation. I had no option but to have the poor consultant physically examine me. She would be sure to feel the rectroentrocele (or something) to show that I am not mental.

There is no understatement when I say it really fecking hurt.

Like last year at Watford General, it was very difficult and upsetting.

More painful was her finding something, checking with me that it hurt, and then pushing on it…the pressure made my heart flip and my ears pop. I tried to go through the wall on the other side of the bench to get away from her soul pressing finger.

The doctor handed me a wipe and some tissues. Getting dressed I wondered what she had found and how on earth I was going to get through Christmas in so much pain.

The doc has told me I am in pelvic spasm and given me some cream to use until I see her again early next year. I will let you know how it goes. I’m due to see her again in February 2021 – unless we are still in covid19 lockdown and it’s cancelled.

Thanks for reading.

Poor guy.https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51172093_Hemoperitoneum_as_severe_and_unusual_complication_in_the_stapler_recto-anopexy_for_hemorrhoidal_prolapse_Case_report

Letters 25th November 2020. RE Flu.

So, today I got a letter. Like the recent text messages, it tells me that I need to have my flu vaccine. It tells me that it is my responsibility to get it because of covid19…blah, blah, blah.

Good stuff you may think. I may add that I think vaccines, overall, are a good thing.

However, I am auto-immune deficient because of a foreign body reaction to polypropylene which was placed in my pelvic area during a hysterectomy for Endometriosis. I had my flu vaccine last year as I have COPD and Ehlers Danlos.

I didn’t know last year, that people who are immune compromised shouldn’t be offered the new adjuvanted flu vaccine and, it seems, neither did my doctor and I became very ill with flu over Christmas 2019. Two things –

  1. I shouldn’t have been offered this particular flu vaccine and should have had the normal one.
  2. My reaction to the new adjuvanted vaccine must not have been picked up by the system.

I called the GP. I spent three whole minutes listening to their automatic message telling me to go to the website and do the business online. Whilst listening I did try their online consultation but it is not possible to turn off the tracking cookies so my PC says no.

Anyway, I get to speak to the receptionist and explain I need a COPD check and to talk about the flu vaccine I keep being asked to have. A doctor calls me within the hour which is amazing as I just waited ten days for telephone consultation over my sore rectum.

We speak for around fifteen minutes. She checks my records, see the novel virus diagnosis and logged visits to myself last year after my flu vaccine. She has no problem checking the box which says that I had a reaction and not to be invited for it again. Brilliant stuff.

Having read the recent warnings from the American drug regulators I am wondering if the UK will also issue a similar warning. It is not suitable for everyone. Vaccines are not a one treatment for all and should be used on patients able to cope physically.

As always, thank you for your time.

Why Are the Beeb Not Researching ?


It wasn’t just the BBC, other news channels also carried the story that Black Women were five times more likely to die during child birth than white women in the UK.

I have searched for this research for the actual figures. I cannot find any for the UK that support this. There are several infographs stating it but no figures to support it. READ THE REPORTS.

Click to access MBRRACE-UK%20Maternal%20Report%202018%20-%20Web%20Version.pdf

They talk about the statistics…but don’t say where they are..they say they are complex.

That is not enough. To understand the statistics one must read the report as the summary is bad. It’s worse than bad it totally ignores the fact that there is NO DIRECT DEATH INCREASE and states QUITE CLEARLY most of the deaths are due to suicide within the first year after death and bizarrely homicide. So, what we are actually talking about is black women dying after they have given birth.

I would like to add that focusing resources on black women on the back of no evidence is not the right way to do things. The bbc have a duty to research the facts as a public broadcaster.

All women giving birth of all races struggle to give birth in the UK. The NHS is basic care – for all. I have just seen my daughter go through the system and I myself have, more than twenty years ago, and can assure you that the women you have interviewed may be black but it is not just black women who are badly cared for in the NHS. All women are cared for badly, it’s a pot luck affair.

It’s great that the American’s are dealing with discrimination and racism – however, within the UK many of our doctors are black and so are our midwifes so if there racism it is not necessary by white people. It is very possible as a white person to suffer racism from a brown or black doctor I can assure you this is very common for white women.

All this black lives matter is just a ruse to get more funding. Praying on the feeling against racism when actually all women are treated like this…why not join us women and fight together for equality rather than try to cause hatred and division.

Women are treated terribly in the medical profession and it is getting worse.

The journalist says herself it is a bias against women in general she admits that’s its a lack of knowlege of the female anatomy generally…yet the BBC choose not to focus on this MAJOR FACT and go with a really incitive line.

Not good BBC please sort it out. What are you trying to do? England is not America. Two different countries so do not be so lazy with your program research !!!

There is an increase in deaths in childcare in the UK but it hasn’t been collected by ethnicity so there is no way they’d know. But it does show that our services are not as they were.

The medical profession in general behaves terribly towards women and it’s about time the Beeb really covered the story rather than using just parts of it for their own agenda. Usually a black promotion agenda which is boring, so boring when you live in a predominantly white country.

What you have to realise is that there are private patients being treated at the same hospitals on the same wards as NHS patients so hey join the rest of us and stop thinking that it is because you are black and realise that it’s an elite agenda. It’s because you are poor and female. Get with the rest of us and start communicating rather than segregating and you’d realise that.

I’m white. There was no hot water available, no pain relief and although I have major connective tissue disorder was discharged from the birthing ward with my baby within two hours. I couldn’t walk, none of us can but what I am saying that although I have a rare disease I was given no consideration or even basic things like hot water. I definitely never saw a wheelchair. My daughter gave birth last year and there was no oxygen on the ward, they’d run out! The baby got MRSA and all the staff were black. One of the nurses kept coming in an touching him…saying, isn’t his skin silky. How would these ladies feel if a white nurse kept coming in and doing that to their black baby?

And listening to a brand new midwife with no or little experience is bizarre. How is she allowed to give her evidence as fact, truly unbelievable. Again, the BBC seem to have a total disregard for the truth and are more interested in pushing unsavory distrust and personal biases.

All women are discharged far too quickly, I accept it’s wrong, I’d like change. How can we get change when these so called black women are diluting the message?

Black women do not have curvature of their spines which makes giving birth more difficult…where is the evidence for this??? WTF???? I have a curvature of the spine and there is no extra consideration given for this condition! I’m disgusted at the BBC for promoting division, yet again.

Seems like a crooked attempt to get extra funding. And it will succeed too as too many people just accept this rubbish rather than reading the actual reports! However, black women shouldn’t worry as they are as safe as the rest of us the report says this clearly.

Thanks for reading. This piece was stuck in my drafts since last year so is published late.

Watch “NHS Going Going Almost Gone: David Halpin at UKIP SW -High Res” on YouTube

Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent deaths, RECOVERY trial finds — Science Chronicle

The RECOVERY trial, a large randomised controlled trial in the UK to test five drugs, found that hydroxychloroquine drug did not cause significant reduction in mortality in hospitalised COVID-19 patients. Enrollment of participants to the hydroxychloroquine arm has been stopped with immediate effect. The RECOVERY trial, a large randomised controlled trial in the UK to […]

via Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent deaths, RECOVERY trial finds — Science Chronicle

Shared from another blog.

Bizarre, that these trials are going on. Seems the drug companies must be paying the NHS to trial their drugs to see if they work for covid19. The patients are so trusting of the NHS here in the UK. The national media and politicians have raised them to be gods. Protect the NHS rather than protect the patient.

8th September 2020 update

It is now known that the tests involved giving massive doses and killing 25% of the patients. They did not follow the guidelines of the makers during the trials. My guess is that informed consent was not gained for this bizarre abuse of human trust.

Our government and health service stink.

Mesh Days – Poem

I hear the wind

It reminds me of outside

The outside I can see

But cannot be.

It reminds me of friends

Of times gone past

When I danced, socialized

And had a laugh.


I breathe in deeply

Try to remember the smells.

The greens, the scents, the stares, the charged air

Walking out in tottering shoes to forget my blues

Between trees, hedgerows and lamp posts

Listening to the cacophony

Query that I heard them at the time

Straining I hear them, I do not see them but

It’s not beyond memory in this history of mine.


I watch and check

My envy grows

Fairweather friends

That now I do not know

Their absence long adjusted to

Looking back, it’s what I would do.


Friends can’t deal with my selfish greed, my need to be ill.

I can suck the air out of a room in a moment with my sharp tongue

Thankful words stop where thought begun.

For this reason, I stay in bed

So, my evilness can’t be spread

Out of my heart and into my throat

One escape one moment and all would be lost

They would see mediocracy, at my cost.


Not the graceful lady portrayed

But the evil woman, betrayed.


Pain and anger blow outside

Bash against my grace

The mirror shows lines

My heart feels the disgrace

I want to shout

Leave me alone, go find someone else

But, immediately feel guilty

Wishing this on someone else isn’t me

There’re no words where I could make people see

The simple truth is that mesh took my life away from me.


I’m listening out for different sounds.

I’ll explain it to you

The intercom will buzz, I’ll get a little excited pain because

My meals on wheels is due.

It will be delivered hot and appreciation I will show.

The meal will sit on the side all day and

Tomorrow into the bin will go.


The wind blows and gusts, howls past my block

Reminding me anew,

“Cheer up, smile, turn up the charm, there’s still some fight in you”

The slicing pain as I move reminds that I must attend

The sting, the pain, the wipe again, twenty or more times a day

Pain on pin movement, on moving legs this or that way.

Tedious as life could be

Breathe in, be calm, ground myself again.

The wind blows and the rain lashes against the pane.


My delusions tell me to “Eat like a bird.”

Wellbeing, they have never heard

What do you do when soul continues to grow?

When you feel wings trying to show?

I look at my dinner, that I managed to plate

There’s still warmth and nutrition

It’s not too late!

I put down my pen, I try again.

I choke on the food.

The tears fall down my face.

Well, that’s ingratitude,

And my hatred starts all over again, not displaced.


I stare out the window, searching for the sun.

Calm myself, ground myself

Breathe in the sounds that are near

Life continues outside, this brings me some cheer.

I force down some mouthfuls, with the aid of weak coffee and a smoke

Deal with my own wind and convince myself, I can cope.


The day suddenly gets better

A call from my daughter

Can she visit? Would I let her?

The smile that you can’t see is wider than the distance between you and me!

My granddaughter with her will come

And a better antidepressant there is none!

So goodbye dear misery, for today

My life just blew a wonderful way.


Ah, discomfort and pain slide insecurity in

Will she be upset that Nanny isn’t better yet?

Oh, delightfully we will play

A new pair of shoes she comes to show me today.


I wait eagerly, the knock the on door

To see her bright eyes, smiling as before

A cuddle and a greeting I will get

They haven’t invented a pill yet

That gives you the happiness of love

It’s paid for in heartache in the family abode

It comes back in spades when you least expect

Overwhelms me, yet,

I’ll never take love for granted

My loss had to be done but

Love given out cannot replace wrong

My disgrace is mine and mine alone.


I wait for the doorbell, I can hear the lift

I wonder if it who I think it is.

Soon I will hear her laughter

Soon I’ll hear her steps

Soon I’ll get a hug from the best granddaughter yet!


How soon the hours do fly past

One, two maybe more, it’s hard to tell

We had a blast

“I’ll miss you loads,” she says

As off to the lift she yells.

My daughter and my eyes do meet

An animated, chatter journey home, her treat.

I press the memory firmly to my heart,

Close the door with blown kisses,

Now, my lonely afternoon starts.


The end.


By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris. Written 27th July 2020 at home in Watford, Herts. UK.




The Matter of Babies’ Hearts – Poem

Based on a real life scandal at a NHS Hospital in Bristol 1990s and Bias BBC coverage.


The Matter of Babies’ Hearts.

There is a story to tell

A parent’s living hell

Created for them, here on Earth

Janardan Dhasmana is his name

Babies hearts are his to gain

The NHS his surgery, his choppity chop,

As if a grocery shop

Learning on the hop

In Bristol, England baby’s hearts

Were put upon the block

From one of their bodies he did part

Little Joshua Loveday’s heart

Those that came forward to say

Fired from their jobs, sent away

Three good men lost careers

But Dhasmana carries on today with impunity

They gave the parents the babies hearts in a box for free

The BBC claimed, “The doctor had lost the most.”

Hurtful to the parents of the Bristol Babies’ ghosts.


The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris


Closing the Gate After the Horse has Bolted. England’s Health Strategy.

I’ve already written about watching my asthmatic daughter care for patients (with covid19 symptoms)  in the community after being discharged from NHS hospitals.

The discharged patients were ill with coughs, had antivirals in their fridges but hadn’t been tested for covid19 so were deemed safe. The doctors who discharged them into their homes away from the precious hospitals, knew they had to have daily carers.

Carers were not permitted to wear personal protective equipment as some of the patients had dementia and it was deemed too scary for them.

Tens of thousands of care home patients have died. Hundreds of health care workers have died. Social care is on the agenda again politically – but they are still only discussing care homes and not people being cared for in their own homes. But I have noticed the BBC longing out the news stories. Disgusting.

The virus has passed through our community and devastated it, our government has now decided to start testing…and the news yesterday that there were no new cases of covid19 in London was no surprise to me as it’s gone through us already and is now travelling up the country…common sense seems to have never been a strong Tory skill.

Our government made no attempt to stop transmission when it mattered, at the start.

The strategy to protect the hospitals while throwing out the patients has to be the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever witnessed – but was it politics or our health care system?

It seems the politicians were led by the science. The science is led by the doctors.

If any of my other articles on our NHS have gotten anywhere near the truth this was just another way to cause division and give preferential treatments.

I will continue to accuse the NHS of being an internal security problem to anyone who will listen.

It’s primed towards making money and will please whomever it needs to. It has genetic banks, racist policies, dangerous record management, it is harvesting information from patients to sell, it’s interest is mainly data collection.  There are many foreign doctors with commercial interests in their original countries, especially Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.  As many of NHS doctors and heads of dept. are foreign, it’s impossible to monitor.

It’s a corrupt system of check boxes and data collection for pharma, government and foreign interests with a side line in patient care.

These dept heads hand down the policies to the nursing staff, health care workers and doctors who work under the NHS systems. They try their hardest to do the right thing and do their jobs within the guidelines set to them.

Giant charities swallow funds, like The Kings Fund for spurious research and more money is spent in administration, training students and policy than on patients care. It’s become a giant, munching machine.

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood in front of us and said if we lose 20,000 people to corona virus it would be a good result. It made me feel sick listening to him. Knowing that if he wanted to he could stop corona virus coming into our island.

The policies he came out with showed he’d spent time working out how to save businesses and banks but little on saving lives…why was our country left open when as an island we could have locked down and started the track and trace? It’s been five months since we knew there was a killer virus.

We now in the third week of May 2020 and are at 44,000 corona virus deaths. National Office of Statistics figures showing on average 50 babies each week died during the peak of the outbreak.

The news that the government has now started testing is a slap in the face.

However, should we have another wave of corona virus deaths, at least they will have the capacity to deal with it.

Thanks for reading.

Ah, I have to add something.

I do fear another covid19 wave, as I live near an ambulance unit and can tell you that they are very busy today. Unfortunately that is usually an indicator of high death figures tomorrow.

Please stay safe and look to herbal medicine to keep viruses at bay…something like Mugwort the Chinese say.

Lots of lots hot drinks help force viruses down from the throat into the stomach rather than into the lungs… In the stomach the viruses should be killed by the acids.

If it gets out of hand and you have to go into hospital make sure you have written down your details and medical conditions before going into A&E as they are not able to access them in NHS hospitals until you get taken up on a ward…be safe.

Peace and Love







I Don’t Feel Like Writing

My eyes are sore and I don’t feel right, they say shingles but there’s no blisters…

I really don’t feel like writing. So many things have been against me – even microsoft word managed to lose a whole days’ editing and I sat crying for five minutes. Relieved that a remote assistant had at least fixed the problem I’ll continue. If only everything in life was so easy.

Today’s official death toll from covid19 in the UK is over 31,000 people. Every one of them avoidable.

We are scared, angry, confused and trying to stay hopeful.

Those of us with family working in health care can do nothing but watch as our loved ones are forced back to work without proper protection. Their own courage and loyalty essentially being used against them.  Watching your loved ones get sick, be allowed to have seven days off, then forced back out to work again is just rubbish.

The testing that is being done, is a sham…at 30% false negative rates it will allow those who do have the virus to go back to work. Accountancy firms and other commercial, private firms have been contracted in rather than using the NHS labs and testing dept we have in the UK.

Our government is good at one thing…getting people to do something out of loyalty.

I can’t help but wonder if the bloody marvellous spirit of the British is being used against us…the gov knows we are better when our backs are against the wall and we like to do the ‘right thing’. So when the call went out for volunteers to test the vaccines thousands came forward and literally rolled up their sleeves….

How can they vaccinate against something they hardly know? The testing within our country has been haphazard and we know, from other countries, that the virus is mutating. Without extensive testing how do they isolate the UK corona virus and build a vaccine which will work?

Common sense dictated that containment of those infected should have been a priority but it wasn’t and still isn’t within England and that is a continual worry to me.

We sit and listen to our gov giving it’s daily death count…each day it’s always an horrific number and yet we, as a nation, are becoming tired of the gov’s patronising tone and it’s defensive, almost aggressive nature when asked to explain it’s strategy…or asked to apologise for the deaths.

We are told that there are also treatments being piloted…weeks after these things have been trialled in other countries…our govs insistence that we must verify everything independently is indicative of it’s lack of trust in others but it may go some way to explain it’s own transparency problem.

As a country we are told not to wear masks…over 31,000 deaths in less than two months but still the advice is that masks do not help… The message is clear, social distancing and hand washing will protect us. Our gov mantra has not changed – however social distancing has been almost impossible as the country was not ready for the lock down.

Because of lack of preparation before the lockdown, several areas of health care and social care were ignored or given advice which would appear to be strange, or even dangerous in the middle of a lethal pandemic.

For instance, every day I receive a hot meal because I’m too poorly to prepare and cook one myself. I get my meal from a worker who visits around thirty people in my local community without any personal protective wear. I’m super cautious, I put my meal straight into a hot oven for around twenty mins to kill off any germs which may have came in with it. I’m lucky that I am able to do this.

Another example is, health care workers. They have been working in the community, visiting around thirty people daily, without personal protective wear. Many of these workers are suffering from symptoms but have taken off the seven days allowed and must then return to work. They are advised to wash their hands when arriving and before leaving.

Many of the people visited by the social care workers are people who have been discharged from hospital. They have remdesivir in their fridges, this is a treatment for corona virus…as we know, currently there is no cure.  Why are these people discharged from hospital into the community – and not isolated? There is capacity within the hospitals for those still on treatment.  These workers are on zero hour contracts without PPE and training, unlike the nurses and staff in hospitals.

And what about district nurses? For me, this is the very worst. They are also visiting around thirty people daily without proper PPE. When they visit, although offered the use of the bathroom to wash their hands, they do not. The last three district nurses who kindly administered my injections didn’t.  They are not advised to by the NHS.

If one was to try and access an NHS hospital you won’t be allowed, there are security men on the door and nurses in full PPE doing triage outside. If you try and access the GP it’s over the phone.

So what is the strategy? The gov has been asked and continues to declare that they have followed the advice giving to them by the leading scientists.

This is what UK gov says in response when asked who has been advising them…They were really pushed for names but some advisers don’t want us to know them. Why? From gov pages;

Names of participants who provided input as experts at one or more meetings, including public servants who acted in an expert capacity.

These meetings are also regularly attended by officials from Her Majesty’s Government. These attendees have not been named.

Permission to publish names was requested from all participants. Those who did not give permission have not been named.

What does seem evident is that the people involved in advising our UK gov have few scruples. But what about their next move? For now the population is staying calm, aware we are under attack but not knowing exactly who or what is attacking us. We are dying in thousands not hundreds…these figures are the most depressing in the world.

Heralded as a country of hope and safety we are fast becoming an emblem of despair.

The news that an estimated 379,000 people moved to the country from outside of the EU in the 12 months to September 2019, the highest number since records began in 1975 is only more worrying as the NHS were starting to get shirty about who they would and wouldn’t treat.

The news today that the lock down will continue is welcome, under current circumstances, but I live near one the roads into and out of London and can tell you that it’s business as usual out there. Lots of traffic and lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather. People have accepted the social distancing message but they won’t stay in their homes anymore.

In the case of my friend the health care worker…she lives with her partner and two children in a mould infested, one bedroom social housing apartment. Her partner works at several airports as a pest controller. They both have symptoms. The children have symptoms. They have had symptoms since late last year…they have gotten used to living with it, no tests are ever taken when they attend GP. The children’s coughs got so bad they got rashes around their eyes…GP said it’s from the pressure of coughing. They’ve been on inhalers and cough suppressants since Sept last year – but no tests as they are under five. But both children were vaccinated against flu last year.

Staying locked down with two sickly children in an overcrowded, unsuitable environment is awful. But the news that other people are constantly housed in front of them ‘as they have higher priority’ just is rubbing salt in the wound. No doubt racial differences will be used to overlook them again.

These people are my heroes…they are overlooked time and time again. They watch as others are moved into the lovely new homes being built. They dream of having a garden. They dream of having a real double bed. They dream of the children having play room. They know it’s the price of living close to London, so many need housing – it doesn’t make it any easier. They know as one being British and other Bulgarian they and their children are bottom of the list for healthcare and housing. But you cannot expect them to stay locked down in their apartment on their days off and their holiday without some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

The media here in England has not been helpful with their message that lockdown will be lifted on Monday.  This was reported by The Sun on the 6th May 2020 is probably why so many are currently outside now.

I’m a cynic..I’m thinking that the gov is still in major league with the pharma companies and looking for that ‘gold standard’ vaccine… They don’t care about us. They care about their stock and shares in these companies. I’ve been stung before, I have a ‘gold standard’ medical device in me. They cannot be trusted.

Officially the gov is funding commercial enterprises to find a vaccine. They are currently piloting several vaccine programs. These programs were set up early on in the situation.

All of these programs rely on something….in order to work the patients must come into contact with the virus – Most of us would imagine that doctors would expose the patients to the virus in a lab condition but no…these patients (on the drugs trials) have been told to go home… This brings me back to my initial question, “What are they building the vaccine against?”

In these pilot studies..how could they possibly know if they come into contact with the virus? I’m assuming that the action of the vaccine works in the usual way – they give a little of it to a patient along with the magic adjuvant and immunity occurs.

So many people have now have definitely got a dose of corona virus and what happens when they come into contact with the population?  England is a big testing environment where the community is the laboratory. Lab rats get treated in safer conditions. These are live viruses they are messing around with…unknowns.

We are assured participants will be following social distancing rules… if they did this they wouldn’t come into contact with the virus (according to our gov strategy).

*scratching your head? Me too.  I am not alone amongst my fellow citizens. But we are resigned to the situation. ‘It is what is it is’ – being constantly said to me. ‘What will be, will be’, another popular saying.

We are a country reeling, from Brexit and from Corona virus, we will know we will find our feet, our fear is that that the rug isn’t pulled out from beneath us.

Like I said originally, I didn’t want to write this…I just felt I should.

Stay safe and stay well.


Capt. Tom – NHS Hero – Song +Article


What a guy!!!We’re all saying it in the UK…

One hundred years old..

He started a fund to help the NHS with costs, originally to raise £1,000, during the Covid19 outbreak. However, such was the emotional upsurge for him that he has raised over £12,000,000 .

There are calls for him to be made a Knight. He would become Sir Thomas Moore…Let’s hope he gets that.

In order to raise the funds Capt Tom was sponsored to walk around his garden 100 times. No mean feat when you are told that he is about to turn one hundred years old and walks with the aid of a zimmer frame.

This is my ode to Capt Tom. I’m hoping the David Bowie estate won’t mind me borrowing one of his tunes – it’s only a bit of fun in appreciation of what Capt Tom has achieved.