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Scarborough Fayre / Fair & Canticle – The REAL Full Version – Song and Article.

I looked, I honestly did, but couldn’t find the full version absolutely anywhere which led me to do the song myself, however, as soon as someone records a better version, let me know so I can remove my croaky offering, cheers. My version is okay and I noticed my Devonshire accent escaping occasionally over my London drone.

This is for my old maths and music teacher – Mr Roberts, sadly killed in a ferry accident in the 1980’s. He taught at Derby Middle School in West Germany where myself and many other happy children attended a combined forces education facility. There were problems but generally it was a great school with fantastic teachers. He was an amazing teacher but I could not get the canticle part of this song…it bugs me. I digress…

All ten verses are here, original as I can find them. You will notice some changes from the successful version made by Simon and Garfunkel in the 1970’s popular music scene but I reckon you’ll love the original. Please let me know what you think in the comments or by contact. I did a video with the words so one can sing along underneath,

Scarborough Fayre

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Remember me to one who lives there

For once she was a true lover of mine


Tell her to make me a cambric shirt

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Without a seam or needlework

Then she shall be a true lover of mine


Tell her to wash it in yonder well

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Where never spring water or rain ever fell

Then she shall be a true lover of mine


Tell her to dry it on yonder thorn

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Which never bore blossom since Adam was born

Then she shall be a true lover of mine


Now he has asked me questions three

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

I hope he’ll answer as many for me

Before he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to buy me an acre of land

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Between the salt water and the sea sand

Then he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to plough it with a ram’s horn

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

And sow it all over with one pepper corn

And he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to sheer’t with a sickle of leather

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

And bind it up with a peacock feather

And he shall be a true lover of mine


Tell him to thrash it on yonder wall

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

And never let one corn of it fall

Then he shall be a true lover of mine


When he has done and finished his work

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Oh tell him to come and he’ll have his shirt

And he shall be a true lover of mine.


**then repeat the last line or just finish….


Below is how it sounds being sung by me…it’s copyright free. Paul Simon took this song and made it his but he does not own the copyright. No one owns copyright on Traditional British Songs…they are our culture. Anyone can perform them.


Enjoy…me singing the Scarborough Fayre song…without the canticle.

As you can see it is not about two lovers…it is an unsuccessful attempt.

There is a canticle to this song too…it slides in on certain lines FOR A REASON…I’m unable to sing the canticle at the same time of the main song as they occupy the same space in time but I’m looking at some software which would allow me to do this at home – even more reason for someone with sweeter vocals to take the reigns…

The canticle is written like this…

On the side of a hill in the deep forest green

Tracing a sparrow on snow crested ground

Blankets and bedclothes the child of the mountains

Sleeps unaware of the clarion call.

On the side of a hill a sprinkling of leaves

Washes the graves with silvery tears ( I feel there is a word or two missing from this line…)

A soldier cleans and polishes a gun (these next four lines are dubious and don’t fit the flow, I cannot find original yet)

War bellows, blazing in scarlet battalions

Generals order their soldiers to kill

And to fight for a cause they will long ago have forgotten (- this line feels right, but doesn’t flow from the previous)

*****************here is their version for your remembering

So, I feel the canticle was extended by Simon and Garfunkel. I could be wrong but the first six lines of the canticle say it all, without the following four…I think they just wanted to make ten lines to attempt to make an enchanting song over an already spellbinding song that they butchered and lost the meaning to.

Simon and Garfunkel even missed the chance to remedy the situation in the extended version of Scarborough Fair, at over ten minutes long, but they did not include all ten original verses and changed words and lines. However, without them actually performing the song it may have been forgotten to time, who knows? So, I thank them.

As you can see there are a lot of signs and symbols within the song of Scarborough Fayre/Fair with nod to other icons in our ancient history. It is important to understand the small changes and hold on to the original value.

This song is full of female empowerment. It tells this man, this chancer, that as he is looking for a free ride, he can bugger off but in nice way. He is looking for something for nothing and she is telling him no chance.

The sparrow is a very complicated icon, seen on the Pyramids but rarely taken much notice of. It is a native british bird, currently under major threat of demise in England over the last few decades with numbers increasing a little last year but no where near the figures of birds we used to have.

There is mention of the Holly tree… and more and I could go on and on but I mainly wanted to sing the full version for your entertainment, I hope you enjoyed the song’s clever banter, as that is what being a Brit is all about.

Thank you reading, always grateful.

What Gives Them the Right?????

This is not good…don’t come to a pagan country and tell us we are bad for not believing the same rubbish as you do…leave us alone.

People are suggesting that the current unrest is because Chinese communists want to take over us…no, I don’t believe this is the case. Or, another suggestion is that Russian intervention is responsible for our troubles. Perhaps these explanations are correct, it may be some time before we really know, if ever, the truth.

I think, and I feel that this is the far religious right and the far religious left doing their utmost to gain a better foothold in Western Countries.

Well, we don’t like religion as religion leads to slavery and disempowerment. It doesn’t mean we are communists, unbelievers or beasts. We are human beings with more empathy in our little fingers than most religious folk have in their little fingers.

They come down on Druidism and paganism because our guidance empowers.

We show people how to heal and stop themselves becoming sick with herbal remedies and life style changes rather than packets from the pharmacy. We believe in modern medicine, especially when the body is broken and needs repairing like surgical procedures and setting broken bones…

We prefer natural to synthetic but understand that things of synthetic nature did, at one point start from nature…some are safe, others are not depending on location of use and the situation of administration.

We understand the movement of the skies and the bodies within it, for farming and for food production and the purpose of the insects, animals and birds in this process.

We believe in living and let live as long as no harm is being done.

No harm. That is our mantra…live and do no harm. What is the real mantra of Christianity that goes on the street and chastises innocents walking home from an evening out socially?

What is currently happening in the UK is harmful to us, you are ruining our culture. It is not for your gods and demons (you brought satan to our shores) to judge us. We are fine as be. We fine worshipping stones and trees.

This so called The Big White Judgement I keep hearing about in comments (youtube) is just silly and I’m assuming you are either paid for PR personal or just stupid. The fact that I had to pay premium youtube, even though I am a producer of content, in order to comment on videos is outrageous btw. But I’m glad that I did.

We will continue to look after the bees and the land that you take and ruin. We will continue to soothe and protect our children from religious judgements and abuse. We will continue to love you regardless of your persecutions and we will win against your hatred.

I beg you, I plead with you to look back at real history and understand where these judgements without evidence lead us.

Blessed be.


Humans Write Words – Poem

Jesus said,
To the blind man
“Look and you will see.”

Look to the sky,
Where are the words
You live by?

Look to the ground,
Where are the words
You’ve found?

Our souls are home
Your gods took
Earth from me

Keep false idols as memories
You need history to see
The journey from there to thee

Let the Truth be known
Mother Nature
Sits on the throne

You will find
Are genuinely kind

The End
23rd June 2020


As always, thanks for reading.

This is my comment on bad education.

The photo is from a book called The Handbook of Country Crafts. It is a library book available to school children and adults.

As you can see it tells a dirty great lie about ‘Phrygians’ – gypsies to most of us.

When you are educated into disgust that is called state manipulation or brain washing.

There is currently, 23rd June 2020, NO EVIDENCE SHOWING ritualistic CANNABALISM, in the whole world. Did you know that????



Equality In Housing Allocation In UK

I have been trying to get this story out for a while but my emails are returned to me from the police and from the special fraud squad.

I highlighted inequality in our housing system towards disabled women and women as they are both protected groups under UN convention.

The housing trusts are Homegroup, Watford Community Housing Trust and Tamil Housing. These are the only ones I looked at. But all three broke the rules on housing allocation.

At what point will the government deal with this problem?

Building more private housing on over populated pieces of common land is against our laws.

There are huge areas of england available for building projects- to keep building on the same spot of land is not sustainable and against our laws.

Perhaps someone could send me the address of special fraud squad because I’m tired of my emails being returned.

Dear Charlie, We Don’t Have Cladding.



Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions regarding the retrofitting of fire sprinklers in Munden View in Watford, the block I live in. There is no gas allowed in the block, so it is all electric with decent RCD cover. It has no cladding.

I would like to take WCHT up on the offer of thermal imagining to ensure that the system that the fire bridgade has suggested is suitable for my flat in regards to the temperature trigger of 58 degrees.  It does get exceptionally hot up here. It’s one of the reasons I love it and most normal people would hate it.

The imaging is a great suggestion and the next two mondays I’m back at hospital but otherwise I am usually around and can be reached on all the contact details they have at the office for me or on this email.

Two inspection staff from WCHT come up this week. One of those unannounced visits that feels like a drugs bust they did a flat audit, to make sure I wasn’t subletting.

What a coincidence that the police just popped by the day before – just to see how I’m doing. It would be so easy to lose objectiveness when you feel you are being bullied. Especially having mental health issues. It would be so easy to become paranoid.

The threat of legal action and costs really helped. I do feel suitably comforted into allowing you to enter my legally let property and fit a fire sprinkler system that I do not want or think necessary as this tower block does not have cladding.

As WCHT inspection staff were here, checking my id and looking around, they saw the ceilings and understood my concerns.  So perhaps things are being dealt with. With the water damage from the roof we do need to ensure these bonded ceilings can take the continual load of the weight sitting in the system pipes.

The stay put policy, during a fire, is one I’m quite happy with. I was more than happy to move into the block. My professional experience has given me the knowledge that should the compartmentation be solid a building can have an extremely safe record of withstanding fires. It should be remembered that this is an extemely safe tower block and does not have cladding.

It is good to know that the fire brigade are so involved as it is them who need to control water supply. It has put my mind at rest that they had such a large input in the choice of the design for the fire protection these large tower blocks.

I spent some time removing access cabling from the flat when I moved in last year. I was concerned that should the cables fall they would block my only exit. I did have similiar concerns with the pipes for the fire sprinklers, as I am in a wheelchair.  I see that these things are all going to be looked into which is good to know.

You tell me that the fire sprinklers will not cost the tenants anything on our service charges – thank you, this is reassuring.

Your suggestion that I leave the flat whilst the fire sprinklers are fitted is an obvious one and I thank you.

I’m not sure where I would go for such a long time. Three days.  I’m hoping that the WCHT staff who came up yesterday could see that my situation is such I would not be medically facilitated for in most places, or indeed comfortable. I’m very aware, that with my conditions, being here would be impossible while it’s being fitted without heavy ear defenders for the diamond drilling at the very least. I believe human health and safety requirements demand that much.

Your answer regarding the appearance of the installment of the fire sprinklers is not yet answered. The actual installment looks very different from the show flat installment which some tenants saw but others who requested to see were not able. So, although I did promise not to continue to ask more questions I feel that requesting that you respond to this is not a new question but one already asked so I request, respectfully, that it is answered

I would still like the main fire doors between the floors fixed properly, as they blow open in the wind from the ‘air’ window in the communal area. It is very likely that this would fail in a fire. This is the only exit route. It is important. It is also a primary measure as mentioned in the fire report which ought to be done before secondary measures like fire sprinklers.

It should also be pointed out that several tenants pointed out the danger of what was happening when the cladding was put on Grenfell. They were bullied into accepting it. The tower block did have good fire safety record before it was refitted by the council. I asked you for the name of the system being installed in Munden View. You sent me..

Code of practice BS 9251:2014 gives recommendations for the design, installation, components, water supplies and backflow protection, commissioning, maintenance and testing of fire sprinkler systems in domestic and residential occupancies. These systems are primarily intended for the protection of life in case of fire and have additional benefits for property protection, environmental protection, sustainability of buildings and continuity of use, and firefighter safety

I copied and pasted it here, directly as it was in your email.  I’d like to highlight another point. You say that this ‘system’ has additional benefits, one of the listed is environmental protection – but the system you are installing is plastic conduit, boxed in with large amounts of untreated MDF.  Should the system fail, the environmental impact of the burn, fueled with the polyethene fillers would increase the environmental impact considerably.

Should the water supply fail to the block – as it has several times, and a fire take hold – the holes, plastic tubing, MDF and broken compartmentation would facilitate the burn up through the riser to every floor.

With access to the building becoming a problem most days – the traffic from the hundreds of new houses making it hard for ambulances to attend the tower blocks. This is something I have raised and have been told to be patient about.  I am failing to understand how the fire brigade would deal with a fire here or turn the sprinklers off should they be accidently, maliciously or purposefully triggered.

I am yet decided as to whether to include the name of the fire sprinkler system supplier. I suppose that will depend on what the job looks like and whether the installation in my flat leaks. I’ve heard others do presently.

Thank you for pointing out how important my flat is to the schedule of works. However, there are residents who have taken time off and arranged with your office to let the operatives into their homes so that they can fit these fire sprinklers.

One resident has done this three times now, and the workers haven’t shown up on the day arranged. These residents are just as important and shouldn’t have their time wasted in such a manner. It does seem silly to keep knocking on my door with no appointment when the operatives are not attending the confirmed appointments they have.

There are no questions in this email other than the one regarding the look of the installation. As you and David Wright made it very clear you do not want emails going to and fro. I leave this with you. As I say please do get in contact regarding an appointment for the thermal imagining detector.

Kindest regards,