Begum Bucket – Poem

There is a woman like a bulldog but meaner

She is so ugly no one could see her

Travelling far, against the law of place, disgraced

She went and married an Islamic believer.

Now, this believer was an achiever

Realising she was so displeasing on the eye

He blew himself up in order to leave her

The proud widow then married a train of men

One after the other the husbands came

Her legs were bandy from the game

They too sacrificed themselves to the god in the sky

Rather than look her daily by ‘n’ by

Three blessed children died one by one

Starved by her or her many husbands

No remorse does she feel

God told her not to feed them

Many know her as Shamina Begum.


By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris

Regarding the brown british (unfortunately) terrorist islamic fighter Shamina Begum who will be facing trial soon I hope but not in my country. She should go back to Bangladesh – she is not a Brit.

Too many stabbings and attacks on white folk in my country to allow this any more, sorry.

I’m in a stinking mood. It’s almost out of my system.