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A Viral Plead – Poem

A Viral Plead – Poem written April/May 2020 England.


Please don’t take my sight from me!

This beautiful world I’d long for

All this wonder and depravity

The green canopy

Horizons of misty blue hue

Occassional days of misty grey

The three valleys garden floor

Lines of brown roofs and doors

Green crowns and temple mounds

Huge white cubes blast through

Straight roads

Straight rows

Cars file endlessly along

Occasional rebels look front on

Dominating the space they belong

In each little window

One can imagine you sit

I’d fight with you all,

Just to see it.

Seagulls guard my town

Circling in thermals, up and down

Bullying the Kytes

They chase and play around our skies

A freedom unknown to you and I.

We know where they go, not what they see

How reliant those birds are

Tweeting on the cables near the school yards

I see the flies, yep they see me

Buzzing high above the world

Listening to the noises from the ground unfurl

Flying erratically,

However, easy to herd

Back to safety

Back out into the world.

I understand now what darkness is

The spaces between

Darkness is not being blind.

Blind can walk in a light that’s bright

One we cannot perceive

The lack of sun

Already begun.

We are neither from Venus or Mars

That earthy we are, in every way

Otoliths hold us, to our dying day.

We can feel the mud between our toes

Sense that nature’s tides grow

Though I cannot like the lessons learnt

I fear and understand them.

Gulls flutter like ribbons

Crows squawk loudly

Their defence mechanisms

Proud to show their tribes heroism.

In tune to ways I never knew

Historical cyclops

Coming through.


By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris


This poem is fairly self explanatory so I’ll keep it short today:

I got a virus in my eyes in March and then again in April this year. It took a little of my sight but without antiviral treatment it would have taken more.

I was lucky and I feel proper grateful to modern medicine that I didn’t have to make a poultice of garlic or anything else antiviral I may have had lying about in the kitchen. Shoving that on my eyes and hoping for the best would have been the ‘go to’ for medieval wenches.

I didn’t end up as cyclops, but I scribbled this poem when I was fearful of losing my sight and feeling quite poorly. Recently found whilst I was clearing up my piles of paperwork; along with the drawing, I tend to draw when I can’t write or do much else.

Docs told me, over the phone, it was shingles…those pesky viruses eh?

If it’s not one virus out to get you it’s another! Watch yourself and stay safe from covid19 or any other virus which is around.

As usual, thank you for reading.


Recovered To Discover The World on Lockdown Because of CoVid19

Blimey gov!!! What on earth happened? I get a little sick and then come out of hibernation to discover the rest of the world has gone into hibernation for their health.

It seems that the corona virus has taken the whole world by storm and we will be feeling the affects one way or another for some time. I’d like to say welcome to my world…but I wouldn’t really mean it. My world is hard. As you will soon see, staying at home all the time isn’t all that great.

Bored…? You have no idea. But perhaps you have. Regardless, this is my little rant and moan about my own personal situation over the last couple of months which stopped me from really blogging. I did do something productive but I’ll share that another time.

In December 2019/January 2020 I got what my GP called a nova virus…I was vomiting, with a high temperature, sore throat and had problems breathing with pain in my chest. I was prescribed antibiotics but was unable to take them as the ones the GP had prescribed were a type I was allergic too and I decided to ride it out.

Just left with a cough and chest pain I then carried on going to my hospital appointments. I had some terrible urodynamic tests at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital. They are looking into my TVT mesh bladder and groin problems. The nature of the tests gave me a bladder infection which I was trying to fight off without antibiotics.

At around the same time my gout started playing up in my toes and my GP put me on Allopurinol. However, the pain increased into my left hip and leg..so the GP gave me Naproxen.  I felt worse and eventually started vomiting again with increased chest pain and bladder pain.

After days of vomiting,  a district nurse came out to give me an anti-sickness jab – unfortunately it had to go into the painful hip. In the nurses defence I don’t have any other site other than my buttocks where there is enough flesh to jab without hitting bone. Perhaps I should have forgone the injection as I continued to vomit regardless.

Then I came out in a small but nasty looking rash over the injection site. It was red and raised and very painful. It was diagnosed as Shingles by a GP the next working day.

There is a known reaction to the drug Allopurinol. It’s called an Allopurinol rash…it mainly affects black and south asian people according to the pharma leaflet. It is a red rash which blisters and can go over the eyes. Apparently docs should be careful giving it to people with immune response problems. However, I am white with Ehlers Danlos and mesh immune issues which are denied by NHS so Shingles it is.

The rash was just on my left buttock. It blistered within 48 hours. I was started on anti viral medication that day – to which I am very thankful for. The next day a rash appeared over my right eye and gave me trouble for a few days. The GP called me and explained that should it get worse I would have to go into hospital…I made up my mind not to call the GP again.

There was two days when my sight was blurred and I admit to be slightly worried but I sat in darkness and didn’t do anything too stressful on the eyes to rest them.

Last week it cleared up enough for me to think about restocking my empty kitchen…as having shingles in my eye I wasn’t allowed out or have any vulnerable visitors. I generally do all my shopping online as I am a wheelchair user and find shopping very difficult, especially when you have a lot to get.

I head to my trusty Sainsbury’s grocery online account…there are no delivery slots. I complained and asked what the purpose of my delivery pass at £20 a month was.

Sainsbury’s responded to me and said I would be able to shop today… as I was to be given priority…only when I attempted to do this it wasn’t possible and the helpline just told me it’s too busy to help.

This is a shame as I not only do my shopping online but I also do my neighbour’s, who is also disabled and housebound. I wasn’t concerned too much but now I am starting to get concerned. There is much lip service to disabled people but I can see no actual help or assistance.

On top of this I have to get my PIP form into the government this week – the government is looking to stop my disabled payments. Although it’s not due to run out until June they wanted to know in January if anything had changed….I was too ill to fill it in then so I asked for an extension…then I got shingles…now I’m out of time.

I’ve checked online and they’ve (gov) said they really need this form so I’m hoping someone will be able to pop it in the post for me as I’m supposed to stay in…you’d think the government would give disabled people a break during a time like this and allow us to photograph it and send it via email or do it over the phone but no.

So here we are. The grandchildren are sill poorly and both still on cough suppressants. My daughter has been diagnosed with pleurisy but is a healthcare worker so is already back at work after five days off. They didn’t test any of us for anything.

Good luck to everyone, especially those caring for the sick or keeping the country they live in running in another way, I salute you, and I hope to be back writing, regular like, soon.