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Please Fix The Door

Please fix the door Make it like it used to Working, like it used to We could have a fire We ought to raise the roof Seventeen floors of families Need this fire escape Our government didnt learn anything from Grenfel Please fix it before its too late It’s a year since it broke I’m […]

womens rights

Are Women’s Rights in England being Torn Apart by Cultural Sensitivities?

These important equality laws that demand female and male be given the same rights are being broken. It seems that ‘cultural sensitivities’ are allowed to navigate around them.

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Moved from the Pretty Brick Cage

Funny how a house can feel like a prison to one person and a dream home to another. So I just moved out from my three bedroomed, end of terrace house in a small close to a two bedroomed flat at the top of a tower block. When speaking to people about the move, and […]