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South African Women Be Careful

We know the media do their own things these days and news isn’t what it was. The mesh scandal was quickly swallowed up by covid19 news here in the UK.

The TVT polypropylene – the vaginal sort. It is dangerous and pharma are now going to push it at other countries. In order to make you want it they may tell you it’s worked really well here, it hasn’t.

And I found this…


The ban is in place for a reason. You are not being denied something that is good. It was not licenced in your country because it isn’t safe. PR companies will be writing articles saying how wonderful it is. Terms like ‘gold standard’ will be used and they will claim only a tiny percentage suffer side effects.

We have fought long and hard to be listened to in our countries. Many of us are maimed and more of us cannot have sex comfortably, if at all. Plus, we still have the wee problem.

The same firm who makes them, Johnson and Johnson, advertise constantly on our TVs to sell us the pads to clear up after our bladders. Ironic.

However, we organised, we’ve realised that many of us had untreated bugs in our bladder before the operations and that was partly responsible for the loss of control.

Rather than sort this out they claim it’s our physiological makeup and surgically attempt to fix us.

It is always down to the individual but a life without sex is pretty grim. The Gynaes here have dismissed us for decades with comment like “you can still do anal”. (Not everyone likes anal).

Stay safe and please do not believe everything the pharma tells you. Look to traditional methods.

There is an old surgical method which was used for centuries which doesn’t involve shoving plastic in your pelvic region. A couple of stitches in the right place. Could be done with cameras etc still. Do not let them put plastic inside you. It makes you feel ill.

Thanks for reading.

End of today’s rant.

ANC Fraud or Political Conspiracy?

Corruption at the highest level in South Africa.

The thing about corruption is that everyone and anyone could be capable.

Those at the highest level ought to scrutinized as they have access to grants and funding. This story goes beyond South Africa with the involvement of the Gupta brothers with their vast international alliances and properties in Britain, United Arab Emerits, Dubai, India and America.

Personally, the Gupta Brothers namely Ajay, Atul, Rajesh and their patronage for rewards in political policy does need further scrutiny. Not just for the South African tax payers but there is a possibility the fraud could be connected to other countries across the world. Atul Gupta alone is reportedly worth $800 million.

Politically motivated killings are on the increase in South Africa, opposition candidates have their lives threatened when they try to stand against corruption.

This from Wiki.

In 2017 it was discovered that British PR company Bell Pottinger, acting on behalf of Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments, had deliberately manipulated and inflamed racial tensions, stirred up racial hatred, and made accusations of “white monopoly capital“,[17] using a large number of fake Twitter and other accounts online, as part of a campaign portraying Oakbay and those connected to it as victims, apparently intended to deflect corruption claims.[22][23] Bell Pottinger subsequently collapsed in the wake of the scandal.[24]

It’s amazing what some people will do to stop themselves from being caught!!!

Let’s hope Zuma, Gupta brothers and this fraud is investigated thoroughly. I wish the South African judiciary service the very best of luck with these slippery men and women.