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Please Fix The Door

Please fix the door Make it like it used to Working, like it used to We could have a fire We ought to raise the roof Seventeen floors of families Need this fire escape Our government didnt learn anything from Grenfel Please fix it before its too late It’s a year since it broke I’m […]

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My Social Landlord – Poem

  My Social Landlord I’ve moved my bed twice this year I no longer wanted to peer At the stain coming through my ceiling It’s rather unappealing And then there is the noise Not just a distraction, it really annoys It starts with the wind Whistling through the building, it begins To bang the faulty […]

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Home – A Gentle Poem

I watch the clouds Shapes form and drown The sunlight glistens through Formations of winged worlds Make and break On my horizon, true Tick tock of time Measures each view In beat with the train as it chugs through Listening to the gusty wind Watching lights flash orange Yellow, green, red, no blue Tail lights […]

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The Foxes Rise Again – Life Article

The Foxes Rise Again – As viewed from tower block in Greater London. Against all the odds the vixen I’ve been watching for the last year has another two cubs and is sunning herself in the field opposite my home. She has brand new cubs, just two, this year. I watched the family over the […]

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Dear Charlie, We Don’t Have Cladding.

The stay put policy, during a fire, is one I’m quite happy with. I was more than happy to move into the block. My professional experience has given me the knowledge that should the compartmentation be solid a building can have an extremely safe record of withstanding fires.

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How Does a Social Housing Estate Work in Herts County Council?

Disabled people are protected under UN convention under Anti-Discrimination and Equality Laws. These laws state that any organisation over fifteen people must provide access to facilities and services for certain protected group, including tenants.