Three Tears of Pain – craft poem

Three tears of pain

I give to gain

The power of three

I give them of my own accord

To help with history’s discord

A golden apple seed

The tears belonged to me

Disperse the atoms of hurt

From those who pain want to see

Understand this land

Remains protected

By Natures’s charm

I invoke the power of three

Protect and bring harmony

Gained in tears already paid

Upon this land

With love laid

Thank you for all that I can visilize

And for the beautiful land beyond my eyes

Blessed be the power of three.

The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris

Peace Pipe Shepherding Poetry


Native American people culturally liked a smoke

It seems to me, that a little peace and calm

Really wouldn’t do the world any harm

To have taken something so simple as smoke

And alleviated it to its current dominion, is somewhat short of a joke.

The smoke (and mirrors) we now do see

Are nothing short of mediocrity

Of the world that was

Could be again, should we decide to love our men

And respect our women and our land

Surely, that should be the plan?

But yet, here we are again

Some fighting to be herd

Some fighting to be led, controlled by something we do not know

Fighting against the written realities as real as John Snow

So easy to draw a line for access to the divine

So, smokers far and wide

Bear in mind that true joy is yours to find

Give, with each toke, do not thee frown

Think sweet, peaceful thoughts as you exhale

Breathe out peace to all around

Each little atom will carry your message to the world

And be found.


The End.

By Samantha Harris. 1st October 2019. After reading the amount of health benefits to natural tobacco that hasn’t been grown with pesticides and then stuffed with preservatives. Earth heals us, give it a chance to.

Persecution Poetry

Quick Quick

Where do I run?

If they don’t follow the father

They follow the sun

I don’t mind devotion

Devotion is great

A more meatier experience is not mine to forsake

I wish to lie in sciences’s arms

And to feel man’s biological charms

Why should I give a toast

When it gives away the roast?

I understand it’s crude to you

But what you do to me, saying

I’ve no right to be

Painting me as a

Devil worshipper, an eater of flesh

Ah yes, of this only

You would know best

Yes, I am human and was meek

For me, the place to worship and seek

Is freedom

At the foot of man, earth and beast

That is where I’ll run to be

Yes, that is where you’ll find me.

The End.

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris

written 26th September 2019. Poem is self explanatory.

However, I will have a little rant…why not sharing is caring!!!

Some interesting links for any UK born non believers.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NOT A VIDEO FOR LOOKING FOR SIGNS OF RELIGIOUS HATRED AND BIAS IN PAGAN HOUSEHOLDS. There is little risk of a child being raised into hatred within a pagan home.

The rest of the rubbish made up about pagans is, quite frankly, dangerous, and bordering on racist. It allows our children and adults to be targeted without impunity.


Some other interesting links collected within minutes on an internet search on UK and paganism – how people react to it and what they call us.

Look up word ‘pagan’.

This is what a religious education will get you…ignorance.

As always, thank you so much for reading. For me life is about passing on a good favour – if you learnt something today don’t keep it to yourself!

Blessings to all of you.

I have a right to defend myself…witches are still burn’t today.